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Today's leaders can and should draw on 'new' management knowledge accumulated, tested, and found to be true repeatedly since World War II. Though the current information-based economy is distinct from the manufacturing economy that preceded it, the management lessons learned since WWII continue to deliver results for 'new' leaders who apply them.

The strength of American industry during WWII was based on the tremendous scientific advances that had taken place during the preceding 50 years, and on the innovations of a generation of managers such as W. Edwards Deming who pioneered the use of statistical methods to maximize production while simultaneously improving quality controls. The American victory in WWII was to no small degree heavily influenced by America's strong industrial base and the innovative management knowledge that encouraged it to thrive.

After WWII when General Douglas MacArthur was struggling to rebuild Japan he remembered the miraculous transformati...


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What are the skills an effective leader should have?

  • To be great leader today, a person must continuously pursue excellence in ten areas of expertise.
  • A leader must look at the organization as a system, understand the importance of interdependencies and ensure that each unit properly contributes to the whole.
  • Leaders who fail to recognize the importance of variation often leap to conclusions with too little data.
  • Leading change is one of the biggest challenges for new leaders.
  • Effective modern leaders use focused work teams to solve business problems and to make business processes more efficient.
  • Leaders must carefully analyze performance problems in the context of the organizational system they occur in before attempting to remediate the problem.
  • New leaders should cultivate a vision statement articulating what the organization should look like and how it should function in the future.
  • Experts on leadership recognize four major decision-making approaches, all of which may lead to successful decision making in particular circumstances.
  • Effective leaders need to cultivate emotional competency (also called emotional intelligence).
  • The single best way leaders can improve their communication skills is for them to learn to listen actively.
  • Leaders know that to a great extent, the world is what you make of it and that different people can and will interpret the same events in very different lights and still be 'right'.

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