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Communication Approaches

Trust and affection are the glue that hold couples together. Healthy partners communicate these positive feelings towards each other via words and gestures in a cyclical manner that breeds more positive communication. Chronically conflicted couples lose trust between the partners, affection suffers and communication between partners takes on a more negative, defensive and demanding tone. Marital therapists teach conflicted couples communication skills designed to help them interrupt their negative communications and replace them with more positive (or at least neutral) ones.

  • "I" Statements. Chronically conflicted partners frequently find themselves in escalating verbal fights during which they accuse and curse each other. One attack leads to another in a vicious circle of undesired but seemingly unavoidable blows. In the midst of this violence par...


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What is important to know about communication skills in healthy relationships?

  • Healthy partners communicate the positive feelings of trust and affection towards each other via words and gestures in a cyclical manner that breeds more positive communication.
  • Knowing more about how to communicate clearly and with sensitivity can help you to avoid problems before they start.
  • Learn to recognize the types of situations that trigger your anger, and the types of characteristic angry thoughts that tend to occur to you when you are faced with those triggers.
  • There are a variety of ways that people can use to help clarify the emotional situation without getting into a quarrel.
  • Relationship strengthening approaches help couples to strengthen the bonds that hold them together in spite of conflicts.
  • Social skills involve actual skills, knowledge and beliefs about self and the world that come together to make people better able to manage relationships.
  • Learning to communicate open and freely with your significant other in a relationship is the key to a happy relationship.
  • Communication Disorders are problems of childhood that affect learning, language, and/or speech.

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