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Our Bipolar Topic Center has been Updated

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Dec 15th 2006

Our Bipolar Topic Center has been updated with an all new and comprehensive core document. Please check it out.

Reader Comments
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please - spock - Dec 18th 2008

stop your bitchin...don't be a charity case, life is never fair...

i deal with could be worse.  you could be john merrick.

I understand - Holly M. White - Jun 8th 2008

Dear readers,

if you get the chance to read this then you are one step closer to knowing that there are so many of us out there. I began to feel the full effects of bipolar disorder at the age of 12 but was never properly diagnosed until I was almost 22. A full 10 years I went without understanding why I felt the way I did. Praying that I would wake up tomorrow and might be normal. Doctors and shrinks telling my Mom that I was just a normal hostile teenager when the whole time there was a serious problem. I even went to see one shrink who took naps in his big comfy chair the whole hour he was supposed to be fixing me. Then he over medicated me. My Mom noticed that I had became a walking zombie and took away my meds. That swung into a depression that lasted 2 yrs. 2 YEARS. I didn't think there was any hope of being able to live life like other people, but then I met someone who told me a great thing. I met her at work. She asked me one day, "Are you bipolar?" "What's that?",I asked. "Well, it's kinda when you are sad alot. But you can be really really happy sometimes." "That just sounds like life to me.", I said. She laughed and gave me a number to the Doctor she had seen. I went to see him and he prescribed me some medicine. Zoloft and welbutrin. He said I wouldn't see any results immediately but to try and be patient. Before I left his office he looked at me and said, "There is hope." I cried then, because it was nice to know that this wasn't how life was supposed to feel. That it could get better. Then it was better. It took about 2 weeks for everything to finally click into place. I took my medicine every day, went for a walk as excersize and everything started getting alot better. I'm still taking my meds, getting my excersize with my two beautiful little girls, and feeling like there is always hope. Life is beautiful.

garden variety depressive - Steve M - Jun 8th 2007

  Fellow suffers, hear this. You are not alone. Well actually you are. We are great in number yet we still feel separated from others. Don't expect anyone else to understand what bipolar depression feels like when we ourselves struggle with an explanation.

 Take heart, I don't mean to squash any hope of ever feeling normal. When I feel right I always make the same mistake. I think I am cured and it was passed. Even though I am 54 years old and have had depression all my life, I still  maintain hope.

  There is a tiny little switch in our brains that is malfunctioning. Too much juice and we are manic, too little and we weep. Someday... someday, someone will discover that tiny switch and set it right.

  Tomorrow would be nice.



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