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Bob Livingstone, LCSWBob Livingstone, LCSW

When Is It Time to End a Relationship with a Lover, Friend or Family Member?

Feb 23rd 2015

We Need a New Treatment Program for Men Who Commit Domestic Violence

Oct 8th 2014

How Social Media and Texting Actually Help the Grief Process

Jul 18th 2014

Redemption for a Man who Hurt his Partner with Words - Part III

Jul 8th 2014

Redemption for a Man who Hurt his Partner with Words - Part II

Jun 12th 2014

Redemption for a Man who Hurt his Partner with Words

Jun 4th 2014

Facing Grief and Loss during the Holidays

Dec 18th 2013

We Were Married 41 Years Ago

Aug 26th 2013

10 Ways to Stick to an Exercise Program

Jul 22nd 2013

How Exercise can Change the World: Discovering your Hidden Self

Jun 25th 2013

It's Tough to be a Man in America

Jun 13th 2013

The Importance of Feeling Safe

Jun 3rd 2013

How Negative Energy Effects Adults, Teenagers and Children: What We Can Do To Change it

May 21st 2013

How Children Cope with High Conflict Divorce: How Are They Harmed and What Can Parents Do to Help Them

Apr 11th 2013

High Conflict Divorce - Understanding the Parent's Emotional Pain

Mar 7th 2013

Managing Anxiety by Accepting your Brain's Alarm System

Jan 23rd 2013

Bruce Springsteen in Concert: What Life Lessons Does He Teach Us?

Dec 19th 2012

Grieving my Father's Death: 46 Years Later

Dec 12th 2012

San Francisco Sheriff Reinstated: What Can He Do to End Domestic Violence?

Oct 30th 2012

Do Stress Can Kill You Articles Cause You to Worry More?

Oct 15th 2012

Why I Love Rock 'n' Roll: Healing Music for the Soul

Sep 24th 2012

Married for Forty Years: How Did We Make It?

Sep 10th 2012

We Must Manage Our Own Healthcare

Aug 14th 2012

Why do Teenagers Smoke so much Marijuana? Part One

Jun 11th 2012

The Game of Chess Teaches Children Important Life Skills

Jun 5th 2012

Is Hating Someone Because They are Different a Mental Illness?

May 16th 2012

The Benefits of Self-Questioning Part One

May 8th 2012

Lessons Learned from Almost Dying: A Personal Journey

Apr 25th 2012

Men are from Earth and so are Women

Apr 11th 2012

Follow Your Dreams

Mar 28th 2012

When Calmness is a Trigger for Fear and How to Change it

Mar 9th 2012

Why It is Important for Our Children to Have Friends

Dec 6th 2011

Do You Ever Recover from Emotional Pain? The Answer is Yes

Oct 17th 2011

Is it Love or Addiction?

Sep 23rd 2011

Play Therapy: A Healing Tool for Children

May 23rd 2011

Is Lady Gaga Destroying America or Is She Holding up a Mirror for us to Reflect?

Apr 25th 2011

The Myth of Closure: We Can Heal Without It

Apr 18th 2011

How Divorce Effects Children: What Parents Can Do About It

Apr 4th 2011

What Kind of Therapist am I?

Mar 8th 2011

The Childhood Anxiety Epidemic: What Parents Can Do About It

Feb 9th 2011

Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

Jan 19th 2011

Teenage Depression and Suicide: What are the Warning Signs and How Can We Prevent It?

Dec 21st 2010

Part 2: How Do Our Young People Communicate Today: What is the Downside and What Can We Do About It?

Dec 7th 2010

How Do Our Young People Communicate Today: What is the Downside and What Can We Do About It? Part One

Dec 1st 2010

A Man Honors the 44th Anniversary of His Father's Death

Nov 16th 2010

New Book Challenges Usage of Psychiatric Drugs

Nov 1st 2010

New Eminem-Rhianna Video - Does it Sanction Domestic Violence or Does it Speak Out against Battering? Part Three

Oct 25th 2010

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