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Biography of Andrew Gibson, Ph.D.

Andrew Gibson, Ph.D. of GotAnAngryKid.comAndrew Gibson, Ph.D. was born in Detroit in 1945 toward the end of World War 11. He was the third of four children, the first three of whom arrived like falling dominos. His parents apparently thought better of their inclinations and resolved to have no others. The youngest brother was born five years later, the result of celebration and gaity over something long since forgotten. Gibson spent the rest of his formative years in the wholesome midwest brooding over his loss of status that happened with the arrival of his new brother.

Dr. Gibson was initially an indifferent scholar and, in fact did so poorly that he felt obliged to join the Navy for four years rather than be drafted into the Army for two. He has pondered the wisdom of that decision ever since. They gave him a marine uniform and told him to clean teeth. He did and he also learned to perform cadaver identifications via dental records while stationed in Viet Nam. Somebody had to do it.

Upon discharge in San Diego, Gibson chose to remain in California and, indeed, matriculated at San Diego State University. Full time fees at the time were about $75 a semester at SDSU and about $150 a semester at the University of California at San Diego so the decision to attend SDSU was an easy one.

He received his bachelors and masters degrees from SDSU and subsequently taught at Portland State University and the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He received his doctorate at the University of Connecticut in 1987 and spent the next ten years in various human service positions including several as a School Psychologist. He developed a parenting training program which has come to be known as P.A.C.T. He was invited by by the State of Connecticut to open a private practice using the program he founded which he did for twenty years, taking mostly State referrals in the process. Gibson wrote ' Got An Angry Kid? Parenting Spike- A Seriously Difficult Child” 2009.

Dr. Gibson currently conducts his parenting practice on the internet. He resides in a picture postcard New England village in Eastern Connecticut with his wife of many years. He has two sons: one a special education teacher and the other a bond broker. Gibson has an extensive formal perennial garden behind his Italianate house which is the site of annual charitable events.

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