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by Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman
Jodere Group, 2004
Review by Shelly Marshall, B.S., CSAC on Apr 28th 2005

Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children (and Adult Indigos, Too!)

According to the authors over 80% of the children now born are Indigos and many of the parents and adults who pick up this book are Indigos too. Who and what are Indigos? Apparently there is a realm in the heavens, the highest realm, where old and wise souls live. They are now incarnating into the world to help us into a new and advanced age. They come in perfection, bathing in the light from their recent closeness to God.

But there's a problem with this lovely picture and it's us. It's earth. It's the evil forces and the way we've messed things up down here. These wise old souls are wounded and hurt comparing the life they had with a loving God figure and life on earth with how we've blown it. The contrast pierces these precious little souls; on the inside they retain their purity, all that is right and good and on the outside they experience all that is wrong and evil. And so they become troublemakers; they disrupt families, they are called ADD, ODD, and ADHD; and we are told in this book that they are not the trouble. Indeed, it is the world that is out of whack.

And so the authors have been guided by Guidance; (who else) to bring healing to the Indigos with a series of word/ritual games. We are told that these troublemakers are magnificent beings that their troublemaking is not their fault and that we must feel their pain and find a way to make these light beings comfortable in the world. And thus comes my dilemma.

Have we not heard this argument before? In our present my-childhood-made-me-do-it society, nobody who acts out; even when killing and raping, are responsible for their own actions. Aren't they just all victims of a bad upbringing and a selfish greedy culture? This is an argument where the bad guys are misunderstood and the ones trying to help are to be blamed for not creating a better world.

But wait, I thought the Indigos were coming here to help us because they are advanced spiritual beings; with a spiritual connection to God; But in order to help us, we must help them first? What is wrong with this picture? I have little patience with well-meaning individuals who blame everyone but the one causing trouble. If these kids are so close to the divine source, they would already be at peace, not causing more trouble for a troubled world. If they are so close to God, so spiritually advanced, then why are we healing them? They should be healing us.

The first section of the book deals with the definitions and understanding of what's going on with these divine troublemakers. And here you will find the 17 YOUMEE games that are designed to lock in the healings and make them permanent so your Indigo child can take up his or her rightful place as a disciple from God.

Apparently, there are 17 wounds manifested in the separation from God that you must heal. In addition, each wound has a corresponding body part that you will be focused on in the YOUMEE game of healing. For instance, Anger is centered in the right palm, Fear of being too small is located in the kidneys, and Despair is triggered by giving up the breath of God and located in the heart. The 17 YOUMEEs are said to release the pain and heal the child from the soul memory and cell memory; a kind of vague cellular bank of maelstrom emotions. You have to follow the script; or rather ritual, very closely or it won't work. This is done by creating a sacred space, performing an energy balance, doing an illumination, reciting an Intention; then playing the game, reciting a seal of Gratitude, and if your child is one of the special Platinum Indigos add an extra little ritual at the end.

Interestingly, if this doesn't work with your child (i.e., cure what ails them), then he or she is probably not an Indigo. There is no study on the effects of these YOUMEEs because no one would give them the money for research. All the proof comes from Guidance and anecdotal testimony.

The second section of the book is for the littlest Indigos from birth to age 7. Apparently Guidance originally forgot about the little guys and only gave guidance for ages 7 to 17. Gosh, the parents pleaded for some relief for the little ones and so Guidance relented and created GraceLight rituals to heal them.

The third section is for Adult Indigos. If you ever felt that you do not belong here, that those closest to you don't really know you, no one understands the real you, you think of yourself as a failure, you yearn for a place called home, then you might be an Adult Indigo still carrying the emotional wounds of childhood. The authors write "You try and try and try to go along and to get along but in your own eyes, almost every thing you do fails." Hey, I can see that most of the country's penitentiaries are filled with Adult Indigos. Now we know.

Honestly, I wanted to be drawn in. I possess just enough internal mysticism that the title intrigued me. I would love a panacea for troubled kids and their parents. Who wouldn't want to find a cure for ADD, ADHD, ODD in our kids as well as healing all manner of emotional challenges, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, rage, fears, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder (and physical ailments) arthritis, asthma, headaches, digestive disorders, cystic fibrosis, cancer, immune disorders, seizure disorders, and addictions.

I don't think married authors Dosick and Dosick are intentionally trying to con readers. They seem sincere and I believe they believe in Guidance. I have my own guidance from a higher source so this tongue-in-cheek review is not a question of sincerity on their part or agnosticism on mine. I don't know what really motivated them to write this book or work with the oppositional Indigos but my impression is that the YOUMEEs, GraceLight, and ritual for the adult healing are just the twentieth century enlightened version of the nineteenth century snake oil for anything that ails you.


2005 Shelly Marshall


Shelly Marshall, B.S., CSAC is an Adolescent Chemical Dependency Specialist and Researcher. You can visit her sites at and

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