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Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.
Dr. Schwartz's Weblog

On Hearing Voices

Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D. Updated: Jun 22nd 2007

A mental health worker recently wrote to me seeking information about the auditory hallucinations experienced by people diagnosed with schizophrenia and some of the other psychotic disorders. In writing a response it occurred to me that this is a fascinating topic that can be difficult for people to fully understand.

During the late 80's and 90's I spent a lot of time working in psychiatric day hospitals and continuing day treatment programs with people suffering from severe, chronic schizophrenic disorders. I came to respect and understand these people as the wonderful individuals they are. I also came to understand that they are not all wonderful people but, instead, are just people who, underneath their mental illness are good, not so good and fairly obnoxious people, just like everyone else.

The things that frighten, fascinate and confuse people about the psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, are those symptoms referred to as hallucinations and delusions. The average person tends to mistakenly believe that hallucinations and delusions are just weird ways of thinking. Therefore, let’s define terms and understand what a person with schizophrenia really experiences.Hallucinations are bizarre symptoms that can affect any and all of the five senses. In other words, people can have hallucinatory experiences that affect hearing, tasking, smelling, seeing and feeling. By far the most common type of hallucination is the one that affects hearing. These are called auditory hallucinations and usually come in the form of hearing voices. In cold reality, there is no other person there but the patient hears either one or more people talking. The patient can respond to these voices by speaking to them and by even doing what the voices urge them to do.

There is a subtlety that eludes most people in attempting to understand hallucinations and it is this:

Patients do not believe they are hearing voices. Patients do not imagine they are hearing voices. Instead, patients know they are hearing voices for the simple reason that they are hearing voices.

Early in our training many of us made the mistake of asking patients in the hospital psychiatric emergency room if they were hearing voices of people who are not there. Some of us thought the patients were lying when they told us that they were not hearing voices, whether of someone there or not there. You see, for these patients, they were not hearing voices but were carrying on conversations with someone else. Again, these patients were not imagining a conversation but were really, really having a conversation. Therefore, they were not "hearing voices" but were being spoken to. The same applies to each of the other types of hallucinations affecting each of the other sense organs.

Delusions are bizarre and distorted ways of thinking that usually fit with the types of hallucinations being experienced. The most common type of delusion is what is referred to as paranoid delusional thinking. In this, the patient has an elaborate way of thinking having to do with others plotting against him. I have actually heard one patient discuss with full conviction or belief that the FBI was following him in order to carry out his execution. Behind this delusion was a complex type of thinking as to the reasons why the FBI was out to "get him."

Delusions are firmly believed and no amount of logic or discourse will shake a patient’s belief in his or her delusional beliefs. In fact, with the use of anti psychotic medications hallucinations will often vanish while the delusions remain.

Recovery from the symptoms of schizophrenia depends upon many factors. Most people respond well to anti psychotic medications but some do not and remain with their symptoms. A lot seems to depend upon nature of the psychotic illness and the extent to which brain cells have been affected. A lot also depends upon when the onset of these illnesses began. Most commonly, the symptoms of schizophrenia begin during late adolescence or into the early 20 s. For those patients there is an advantage that stems from the later onset of the illness in that they can remember a time when they did not experience hallucinations and delusions. However, some people begin childhood with schizophrenia and are experiencing hallucinations from the beginning of their lives. Therefore, they have nothing to compare their hallucinatory experiences to and cannot remember a time when they did not hear voices. The later onset of the illness improves the chances that a patient will understand that their hallucinations are in their head and, therefore not real. This improves the chances for recovery.

Very often hallucinations are experienced as frightening because voices are not saying nice things and are often either threatening or accusatory of other people. I have known a few cases in which hallucinations were not threatening and were even friendly in nature. While this is rare it can and does happen. I knew of one patient from many years ago who responded well to medication and was at peace with his illness finding the voices to be non threatening and able to be at the day hospital without any tension or discomfort.

In order that the reader fully understand what these patients cope with it is important to mention the fact that the psychotic medications have side effects that are very uncomfortable. Everything from extreme tiredness to hand shaking, tremors and drooling can result from these medications which are one reason why compliance is sometimes difficult. There is one medication which is particularly effective but carries a risk of developing a fatal blood disease. Weekly blood tests must be taken to keep these patients safe. That medication is used sparingly, usually for people who do not respond to any of the other medications.

One final point to make is that even patients who respond well to medications and greatly improve in their ability to function must keep their levels as low as possible or run the risk of relapse.

There is still a lot that is not known about the human brain and why it malfunctions as in cases where people experience schizophrenia. It has been said that someday we will know that schizophrenia is not one illness but is an umbrella term for many different types and varieties of the illness.

Your comments and questions are welcome and encouraged

Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D.

Readers who live in the Boulder, Colorado metro area, or in Southwest Florida may contact Dr. Schwartz for face-to-face consultation. He is also available for psychotherapy through Skype video for those who are not in Florida or Colorado. He can be reached via email at for details.

Reader Comments
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I think that having imaginary friends help me - - Mar 9th 2015

I'm 16 years old who has autism and I always constantly hear voices in my head but I can always see them in my mind and sometimes I can feel them put a hand on my shoulder or a hug. They always help me get rid of loneliness and always help me when I'm sad or upset. The only thing that bugs me is that if my sisters or my mom hears me, they always say: "Who are you talking to?" and would think in their mind that "Is she going crazy?". No I'm not, in my opinion. I still have real friends, but my imaginary friends always accept me for who I am and I don't want anyone to change me.

Hearing things, not voices - Ashley - Nov 29th 2014

Hi, I have been diagnosed with bipolar,  treated with severe clinical depression for many years.....  I have been for a very long time, hearing things in the middle of the night (and not house creeking or normal sounds) they wake me up, I hear children running around, I hear people walking around, to the point I get up (and I take serequel and lithium at night ) and look around with a bat or ready to beat an intruder, but there is never any one there, I feel that horrible feeling of 'someone walking on my grave' the kind that makes the hair stand up on your I have never told my p-doc, or gp, out of embarrassment..... i do feel many times that my family is against me, and plotting to hurt me..... and it is very real,  HELP   thanks so much

Conversations - Rosie - Nov 24th 2014

7When I was young I pretended I had friends I understand that children do go through that. But I am 52 years of age I do have friends but when I am alone i still have those imaginary friends but some are made up. I can't see their faces but sometimes I talk to people like singers or people I know. And they answer me back am I going. Crazy. I was diagnosed to have post traumatic stress disorder. Does that have anything to do with that 

What to do?? - - Oct 15th 2014

Our son (34) is living with my husband and myself.  I have heard him talking when he was younger; usually in the bathroom.  We now can hear his arguing sometimes loudly in his room or the bathroom.  He has never admitted hearing voices, but we are sure that he does and also carries on conversations.  Most of the conversations are angry ones.  Should we encourage him to see a psychiatrist?

Yener - Maddie - Oct 8th 2014

You should tell yourself always that YOU are Yener. But always remember your name. Dont forget who you are. If you do this, he will go away. Tell yourself you dont need yener. You need your own name and opinions. Do not talk to yener. You can do it! I had a person in my head named Doc. I know he is me now. He is gone, and i am happy. I thought i needed him, but i dont. You are stronger than Yener. No matter how much he tells you not to do it, DO IT! if you think about it, he makes your life miserable. Think how you want to think. I promise it will be okay without him. There are people out there who care for you. You are not alone! now theres a catch. Yener is a manifestation of your lonelyness. And yener is used by you to not be lonely. Do not be lonely. If you look at all these posts, You are not alone. 

My brain talks back to me - Tugrul Kala - Oct 2nd 2014

I dont just hear voices, I have a conversation with my brain all the time, my brain is actually talking back to me, or replying to my thoughts. This started about 4 years now, my brain has a life of its own, I dont even know whats going to come next, sometimes I argue with him, and sometimes a laugh with him, I know when he is smiling because it makes me smile when he does, I guess our brain is linked thats why I smile when he does. I can pick up on his thoughts aswell when he is just thinking and not talking to me. He tells me that he is my brain that has come alive, he loves to tell me what to do, I do what he tells me to do mostly, but not all the time, for example he always tells me to masturbate, which Im sick of, he is really horny. I knew my brain had a life of its own especially when I heard him say Indeed or the word I shall, these are words I have never used before. He\\\'s name is Yener we can also show each other pictures and or clips of pictures in motion. Yener told me to reply to this post. Yener doesnt like it when I go to sleep because he goes to sleep the moment I do

Schizophrenic ideas from one to another - Madison - Sep 29th 2014

Hello everyone! My name is maddie! i'm 16 years old and currently im dealing with schizophrenia. Guess what? I know how to help in a way. The first thing you must do is recognize that you do in fact have schizophrenia. Its the beginning of the process. Very important! The second is to create a special plan to stop yourself from tricking yourself. The voices im afraid are not real, I know this because how could everyone else who has schizophrenia have voices too, yet they are never the same? Its because it is ourselves! There is a simple home remedy to make you feel comforted. Step 1: grab a hat. Step 2: put it on. Because it makes your head feel secure from the voices. It works for me! Now, whatever you do, DO NOT!!! Talk to the voices (yourself). Whenever a voice is negative, it is not real. If you think somone is talking to you and they are being negative, ignore them. Even if it was real you should ignore negativity. Now whenever you do hear a voice, say one posotive thing about yourself each time they say a negative. Because your soooo worth it! I promise. Taking baths is nice to because warmth is good on the head. Make sure your head always feels comfy. When you feel paranoia (the feeling like someone is watching you) shake it off and say, so what. Theyre not going to do anything because guess what again? Your still alive. Your a survivour. how amazing is that! I like to call my "delusions" tricks. its a more cooler word. I wish the best for all of you dealing with this and hope this helps!!!

Can antidpressants mixed with antipsychotics make symptoms worse? - Donna - Sep 29th 2014

When our daughter was 12 she changed from being an honor roll student to not going to school at all. She thought everyone was talking about her and that every stranger was a child abuser. PICTURES on the wall could read her mind and so could anyone in close proximity. Her only close confidant was a make believe friend she talked to constantly. She is a brilliant child and is always trying to find out the meaning of life. She studies mythologies and religions constantly. However, this ends up giving her delusions. She thought I was shape shifting into the greek god Loki. Now she is 16 and has been diagnosed with many different things: AdHd Innatentive, shizo affective, bipolar1 with psychosis, asphbegers, schizophrenia, autism. She has also tried many antipsychotics and antidepresants over the past 5 years. Think she only has 2 left to try now. The final diagnosis after seeing a neuro psych for hours of testing is "Shizo spectrum disorder and autism spectrum disorder with high anxiety and ocd". Wondering if anyone else has had the voices or hallucinations get worse when doses get higher with the antidepressants like Lexpro?

to: a day in my life - Alma - Sep 14th 2014

Maybe this sounds odd but you sound to me like you may have a gift, a gift of feeling/seeing things that others cannot. Perhaps you are sensitive to things others can't see or hear but that are actually are all around us? I don't mean to go 6th sense here but I think you have something rather interesting happening to you.

As horrible as the not sleeping sounds, maybe try just letting it flow? 

a day in my life - - Sep 2nd 2014

When I opened my eyes yesterday morning three voices one female at least one male told me three times "I'm going to kill you." I have heard this often for years. Or I hear I'm going to die or be murdered. I am 36, I have heard voices or seen images since 19. At 20 or 21 I stayed awake two years. I was seeing mutilated bodies everywhere I looked almost 24 hours a day in that time. I had never told anyone and last year after having insomnia for three months I went to a sleep doctor who seem to talk over me and tell me I was never awake three years ( I left out the part about mutilated bodies), it put me off like all doctors do and I never went back. I was awake two whole years I didn't exaggerate. I have declined going into treatment places, I tried to kill myself at 21 and was locked in the psych ward at the hospital and could not handle that I can't stand to be locked into anywhere. I'm not violent at all so I don't need to be but I am horribly abused daily with hallucinations, visions and voices and emotions. Meds were horrible. I won't take them. It's torturous. 

seekinh help or advise please - madson mayodi - Aug 30th 2014

my bother 24yrs old by name robert lost his memories 5yrs ago and we have tried to treat him without sucsess, for now he can be  sent answer your greeting but he claim sometimes tha people are coming to kill him,sometimes he is okay.

 my brother was one of the best students in class.

 please i need your assistance and directions on how to deal with the situation to bring him back to his normal staturs.

 thank you doctor and friend in advance

hearing voices - Andrea Turner - Jul 15th 2014

hi im 46 was diagnosed with schitzoaffective disorder when i was 39 it was a very scary time in my life.voices were mean and i reacted to them.with a knife box cutter yelling at them.i thouht my nieghbors were calling me names.and people up stairs were bothering me and it was an attic.thank god for my family noticing my odd behaior and a good psychiatrist im back too normal.but there needs to be more help for people with mental disorder housing boy friend was diagnosed with bipolar shitzoaffective disorder and is on the street alone due to his 26 year old suffers from social anxity...thank you andrea




Need advice - Scott - Jul 9th 2014

My 44 yearl old girlfriend has suddenly claimed that she is having regular conversations with God and her dead loved ones... She truly believes this and is growing increasingly aggrevated with me that I am obviously skeptical. How should I approach her? I don't want to lose her, and I want her to be healthy.

shizo bf - cali - Jul 3rd 2014

I am 22 and my boyfriend is in a psych ward the past week and was just diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder out of the blue, he was always such a calm, loving, caring, together, hard working man, and one day he just started an episode and it didn't stop, was thinking he was talking to god, talking super rapidly, crying for no reason, thinking he understands all about life and is enlightened, and unfortunately during his first psychotic break, he went from telling me on the phone "I love you so much baby you don't even understand" to smacking me across the face to trying to get me to go to this romantic pier with him which is our spot, to breaking up with me without any logical reason given whatsoever besides his nonsense ramblings about GOD and kicking me out of the house and shouting "Get the f**k out, just LEAVE!" with absolutely no empathy. He threatened to hurt himself the next day which ended up making his family call 911 and is now in the psych ward. He was just diagnosed and the docs are trying to find meds for him now but I am so emotionally drained, scared, alone, confused, lost, sad, and I think his family is starting to shut me out and I don't know what to do. It came out of nowhere, my completely sane calm, relaxed man just flipped a switch out of nowhere into a person I don't even know.  I am so emotionally heartbroken, I thought I was going to marry this man, we were planning on moving out in our own apartment in a couple months and now everything is just so messed up. Please help.

Antidepressant caused psychosis - - Jun 24th 2014

I'm hoping that my input could help someone out there. I was prescribed one antidepressant and took it for about 6 months. My Dr. switched me to another because I wasn't feeling quite right. What Dr. forgot to mention, was that I needed a slow taper from one to the next. Without having prior experience with antidepressants, I mistakenly switched "cold turkey". After about 2 days, things started going terrible. It began with smelling things. Everyone smelled weird to me. Than, I began to hear things. The cartoons my kids we watching began to saw horrible things. Then, in a flash, peoples faces would morph on TV. I was so scared. I went back to the Dr, who tried a taper between the two meds, but I think it was too late. The hallucinations got worse. I ended up being hospitalized for a week. I'm so thankful that I lived through this, as I feel that I got close to death. I hope my experience can show, it is possible to recover. I have now tapered off all meds and have been med free and healthy for 8 months. While in the hospital going through the worst, hearing voices was strange. It seemed completely real at the time. It felt like everyone around me was talking about me. They knew my life story and they all hated me. They would only talk about me the second I would turn my head. Then they would stop when I looked at them. Single most confusing scary time of my life.

need help on hearing voice - - Jun 21st 2014

My sister is suffering from hearing voice. She is a dentist, actually she is depressed a lot due to several reasons- lack of proper friendship, and also she is not able to study well. So she is depressed, now days she says I can hear several voices. Pls advice how to save her.

doing it for the children - sonny - May 27th 2014

I fell 30 ' a few months ago and had a near death experience.  Now I hear God, Picasso.Einstein and a few more famous people talking to me.  I have started spending large amounts of money at garage sales thrift stores and dollar stores on stuff.  Also I have 50 old used tires and every piece of trash my neighbors threw away.  I even go through our home trash to see what my wife might throw away.  My voices are telling me to make art out of this stuff to sell to help children all over the world.  I've spent many dollars on paint glitter etc.  I am planning a party to show and sell these pieces. I want to invite famous people who have money.  I have promised my wife $1000 after the party proceeds. To pay for my supplies. All my friends and family think I'm just and becoming a junk boarder. Do I need mental help?


Astral projection? - Alicia - Nov 9th 2013

I was reading more about astral projection because its the only thing that comes close to my experience  first when i was about 17 i was lieing in bed one night and i just closed my eyes and just as i was just going to fall alseep but still aware and awake i heard a mans voice i didnt reconize he was talking in what sounded to me egyptian if i were to guess and it was only a short sentence it was stern yet a louder whisper enough to set in my mind so well i woke up and was able to move i kept repeating the sounding of the words as i remember and wrote it down on a piece of paper . Now through moving and what not im really upset i couldnt find that paper and never got a chance to translate or find out what exactly the language was. 

Years later i was living in another state, it was about 7 years later i was 24 and lieing in bed one late night same thing happened i was just about to fall alseep and i heard the same voice i remember his voice and he spoke in the same tone and this time he said in plain english \\\\\\\\

My son hears and see things - Gill Hodgson - Aug 31st 2013

My son who is now 14 has been seeing and hearing things for a while now, he describes them as the devil, sometimes there's hundreds of them and he can feel them touching him, they say bad things to him and say he deserves to die, he triex to drown himself in the bath, he sees dead bodies hanging from trees and floating in the lake, he's been on loads of medication but has reacted to them all, I'm at my wits end it's Taken over our life, I can't bare to see him suffer like this, I'm sure he's always seen things he used to talk to a man when he was very small, I really scared for his future and what is going to happen.

Hallucinations may be more "real" than you realize ... - Bob D. - Apr 27th 2013

When a mental health patient approaches a psychologist or psychiatrist, and declares that they are hearing voices, seeing things, and feel like they are experiencing odd touch sensations, has their ever been a case history where the doctor actually tried to see if these strange sensations could be real, and detectable electronically?  For example, monitoring the patients vital signs, EEG, EMG, and situating microphones, piezoelectric transducers nearby the patient during an episode while video recording the patient during?

If not, I highly recommend that mental health professionals consider this approach to dianosis -- you might be in for a mindbending new insight.

Best regards


THey're getting really bad - Jesse - Apr 23rd 2013

these voices i hear have been getting worse and worse and i dont knnow what to do...i first heard them in the 7th grade i was doing my work and then i heard them i didnt think much of it cuz it was just saying \\

Thank You for clarifying my suspicions - The_Avenger - Apr 13th 2013

See people around here have been tellingme I am hearing voices for 4 years now. But see its only when they are in the room. So for years I have een suspicious that they were the ones doing this. I never hear voices by myself. I only hear them when my mother is in the room or when someone else is. LOL its because they are all to scared to say anything to me and this proves it. I never had a conversation with a voice nor did I ever have any of this you speak of. Just when they are in the rom they say hurtful stuff and then pass it off so they can play innocent. I know one thing people like this need to commit suicide. Im sorry to everyone who actualy hears voices I hope you find peace. For me I dont think I can find peace more like comfort in misery.

I hear voices for years now - Daniel Crespo - Apr 7th 2013

I hear voices that say i'm going to have a certain amount of time left on earth.The voices say things like lets give him a year to live or a month. They say i'm not a christian and i'm going to hell. Because I did an unforgiveable  sin (blasphamy agenst the holy spirit). I need help I don't know what to do I afraid I'm going to hell! The Lost sheep!

My 9 year old son - Dallis - Feb 12th 2013

Hi, I need more info please!!

My son has been hearing voices and seeing thing for awhile. I'm sure he heared voices when he was little but it has gotten really bad!! He sees himself choking himself things he's looking at change into knives. He get's so scared you can see it on his face. We need help more so he needs help for us to understand. He is on three meds but still hears and sees things.

Thank you :(

PTSD - steve - Dec 14th 2012


The voices - Spenser - Nov 28th 2012

When I was younger I had these voices in my head and I would have a normal conversation with it everyday whenever it was there, but now some of the voices have gotten meaner and one day I was walking across the road with my boyfriend and one voice told me to stop and get hit by a car. Somehow it actually made me go unconsious for a few seconds and it made me stop. If my boyfriend was not there I would've really died. Also sometimes the voices tell me to harm myself, like one time when my knee hurt the voices told me to find a hammer and shatter my own knee cap. I almost did, but they couldn't find a hammer. I don't know how to keep the voices from taking control of me. Please, I need help.

hi - priyasha - Sep 25th 2012

I have been hearing humming sound from 5 yrs....its not very clear and it comes frm outside the door, sumtimes from fan n sumtimes frm this normal?

paranormal ,i dont know? - hector - Aug 4th 2012

well my whole family is a witness & dont know if im commenting at the right place. Dont really know how to word this but i have been going through a very weird even horrific experiance. I began hearing my name in music i would be listening too, then it proceeded to my door knob moving with no one on the other side. But just the other day i had a something really weirs happen to me  to the point were i cannot sleep at ease now & now my whole family has been hearing a womans voice calling my dads name. but it was i who first started hearing these voices and my dad and i have the same first name. so i dont know whats happening every one thats been to my home has also heard this. i'm not one to believe in "ghost" but this is really strange

God Schizophrenia - Jack Dorsey - Jul 14th 2012

So I've been having what I like to call a Socratic Dialogue within my mind, one consciousness being my own, as far as I can remember, and the other being somewhat of a subconscious, which I used to interpret as God, or the manifestation of God through my brain.  But now I have become afraid that this may be a mental disorder, but I still want to have a faith in God.  But when I try to pray, my subconscious speaks as God again.  I really have no idea how to solve this.

my illness - lynda - Jun 11th 2012

I suffer from this i'm on meds for this but it does not help me I still feel things touching me tht i can not see I still hear thing see things move IE: my bed being pulled way from the wall, I feel some thing touching my hair as if is playing wiv it I realise tht this is not normail but i need more answers any one plzzzzzz it hurts me!!!!!! plus in pic's of me ya can see light orbes i can't spell proper sorry! & my kids all have had the same thing when it cmes to strange shaped lights in there pic's I some time see what i call a man in black IE: a man in a long black rope I have never been able to see his face hands or feet is frigetens me to death I had this sense I was the age of 11 or 12 I'm now 31 yrs old but never before has it hurt me. I must have dne some thing wrong in lfe to devse this to happen to me. there is a reason for every thing.

Elderly Mother, hard to diagnose. - Sandra - Jun 5th 2012

My 75 yr. old mother started having delusions apprx. 9 months ago. Shortly after the hallucinations began and now she is hearing voices and talks to them through ceiling fans, light fixtures and walls. She beleives that people are shocking her through remote devices and shooting gasses at her. She is physically almost perfect. We are having a really hard time getting her diagnosed because when she is presented to doctors she changes and appears normal or they test her for alzheimer's, passes the tests and is sent home. My fear is that these voices will escalate and cause her to do harm to herself or others. She has threatened harm to me and others more than once. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my sisters keeper - carol - May 23rd 2012

Just this month my sister had to be put into a facility for hearing voices and doing what they told her to do it was not pretty, a very scary time for us all thank God we have family members that have worked at these places so thats who we called and found my sister help her problem was EXTREME STRESS that had went on for almost two years all of us had tried to get her to change her living situation but nothing happened until this moment we knew it was going to happen but not to this extreme I just implore anyone if a home situation is not healthy move on she is doing great and should be getting out soon but the doctors let us know that sometimes they have a relapse but not always so we hope for the best!




A concerned mother... - Brittany - May 11th 2012

My father suffered from Schizophrenia and im not sure if it can be passed down or not but my son has been acting different. Im not sure if this is normal for his age or not... he is 3 years old soon to be 4 and everyday mostly at night when he is laying down in bed we can hear him talking to someone or something. He carrys a whole conversation with himself for example tonight he was laying in bed saying 1...2...3. and then he answered himself back in a different high pitched voice saying  NO 1...2...3!  Im not sure what to do about this or if there is even a reason for concern but I have never heard of a child doing this and it happens alot and its always the same high pitched voice that he uses when answering himself back. If anyone can please point me in the right direction of someone I can speek to or take him to it would really ease my mind about this I just want to know what I can do to help my son. Thank you... Brittany

interesting and informative but - - May 6th 2012

There's a tiny error where the word Tasking appears in place of where Tasting should be. as Tasking is not part of the five senses.

well what do you think... - Tanya - Apr 19th 2012

 Iam  stuck with  hearing theses silly dumb voices.. people keep saying voices.. but really i am not quit sure.. if these are voices or really  dumb people here just trying to bug.. all i can say is all people around me are nuts.. and all trying  to make me look like a nut to put in a instuited... I think thats all there trying to do... I know i have never heard voices to this nut place ... i know why they put me in this home to make it sound like i hear voices but there not voices...

"On Hearing Voices" - Michelle - Mar 28th 2012


How old are you and when did you begin to hear them?  Also, are there certain times or circumstances when you hear them.  Lastly, Can you understand any specific detail to what they are saying?

MY VOICES ARE REAL - Joseph - Mar 26th 2012

I have been hearing voices for awhile at first I did not no how to accept or handle it. They can be multiple conversations at one time. Over the yars it has become so strong, that I am now encountering a secon d ability. my problem is why! and is there anyone else like me thes are 100% real. please help

schizoaffective disorder - Juan - Mar 25th 2012

hi, my name is juan and i'm a diagnozed schizoaffective. My problems actually began in childhood. My child hood problem was that i would go into trances for months at a time. Months adding to years. I believe what they call the trance like state is psychosis or part of the psychosis but under that trance like state you don't see, smell, taste, hear, touch feel so basically you don't exist. it's like a time machine. one day your getting punched in the face in kindergarden then your in second grade getting told by your teacher that your going to get held back. I didn't hear voices as a child. But i did have a hallucination when i was 13 of a dog playing the key board while listening to one head light from the wall flowers.  later at age 14 i did hear my dad telling me to go home and i thought it was some dogs barking impersonating the voice of my dad. It was after all that time travel that i landed in jail in the state of wyoming that i finally started hearing voices every day when i was at the age of 23. they told me i was a prophet and i was going to be the one to bring down the mormon church. they even gave me a prophecy that i could use which happened to be in the old testament. But i had visions of christ and totally thought this was from god. To make a long story short. I didn't figure out that i was being hypnotized till i was 26 and that's because of the voices. The voices actually used that word. Hypnotized. but before that they gave me clues like my hair grew.  and visions of the hypnotic spiral. but it wasn't until they actually said the word hypnotized that i actually started think about my past and the time lapses in my life and it just unravelled. hypnosis or trances or what they call part of psychosis. To tell you the truth it's like fast forward but since i now take invega and no other medication worked. invega has stopped the trances. now i'm just at play. I'm glad i take my medication even though i resisted for the longest time. by resist i just mean i didn't want it but would take it anyway.  I just wanted to leave a comment cause who knows who i could help by saying this.  time lapses in life is a big deal and there seems to be a pattern like if you are going to move to a different house or birthdays or joining the military things like that seems to wake you from the trance, hypnosis, or what doctors call psychosis.  I've been basically trance free for about two years now. Thanks to doctors who knew medicine was part of the solution. 

im hearing voices - - Mar 6th 2012


 my name is Sarah and i have been hearing voices since the 7th grade. I havent told anymore cause i thought it was normal but then when i started answering my self i knew something was reallly wrong. It has gotten 10 times worse ever since i left my home town they have been getting clearer and scarrier! Now i can do more then just hear i can see what they want me to do and i can feel it. I have been blacking out half the time. The first time i blacked out i was happy then something ticked me off and i blacked out the only thing i remember is looking in the mirror then looking down and blood all over my stumic and a razor in my hand... It was my own blood.. i told my mom i cut my self cause i knew i did but i didnt want her to think im crazy... Then i blacked out a few days again all i remember is doing dishes im home alone and im looking at this cup for like 10 mins the next thing i know is its on the ground and im on the ground idk how i got there but i did... then i remember a cut on my hand im bleeding again.. after that i relized it wasnt normal... What do i have? Is there a way for me to get better? Am i crazy?  i dont wanna live with this anymore i wanna get better!

incident - - Jan 9th 2012

Hi, I realise your article was written well over two years ago, but an anonymous professional opinion would be appreciated. I used to smoke cannabis quite often, and during a bout of withdrawal I had a very uncomfortable night. I won't go into any details but I had some psychotic symptoms, namely paranoid/delusional thinking and visual hallucinations. This was an isolated event, although I am a 'reformed' (inasmuch as one can be) child OCD sufferer with a paranoid schizophrenic aunty. So my question is, can a single psychotic episode be a one-off, or should I expect problems in later years? I'm 21.

Help - Sam - Nov 21st 2011

I found this article on google trying to find solution for my problem. Some may know in schizophrenia there is a issues on speeding up? I currently have it. all of the sudden every thing gets so fast and loud. Like they are about to explode. It triggers just like that. My head feels like its gonna explode. I hear background sound and see them so fast. I am feeling it right now as I type this. I know I am typing this super slow but I feel like I am breaking the keyboard. Chewing gum feels like im gonna break my jaw. Please help I donno what do, I have this for ages comes and goes. This is the 4th time of this year. Thanks,


Voices - - Nov 7th 2011

Hi Brittainy,

Some people find the voices comforting and many others find them threatening and extremely upsetting. My suggestion for you, because you want to be rid of them is that you make an appointment with a psychiatrist who can prescribe medications that will either eliminate or reduce the voices.

Yes, hearing voices are usually symptomatic  of a mental illness for which there is lots of help.

Dr. Schwartz

blessing or curse? - brittany simone - Nov 7th 2011

i hear voices all the time they arent threatening they just tell me of events that will happen in my life and they seem to happen i dont know if this is a gift or schiztofrenia im not sure but i do argue with the voices about a marriage porposal. alot im not sure if it is insanity or my parinioa of ending up alone that causes this voice to tell me who im going to marry i honestly dont like it and they only quiet when i go to sleep and when i wake up in the morning they continue again until i agree with what they are saying. i really want to rmove these voices because i really get stressed when we argue. they only quiet when i expose them to a person  but i have no problem sleeping i honestly dont know what it is they tell me i need them to help me with my life but theyve been helpful so far but i really want them gone what do i do?

my voices - Eliot - Oct 24th 2011

I live in w.a and im fostered i know that my birth parents tryed to offer me to the gods. and that their both in grey lands for lots of mental reason inculding high schizophrenia. i just wondering if ive got it too i have lots of horrible dreams such as beening hold down bye something but its not there and its inpossible to move or speak thats the most common one and many others but different types i hear voices. it tells me that im worthless and exspendable and that know one cares or love me  to do strange things that i dont wont to do . like scratch myslef in the same spot till my skin comes away and it wont stop till i do it  even to the point when i see a pice of rope it will tell me to tie it around my neck. even going to the beach it say go swim in to the rip no one will miss you or swimming pools telling me to hold my  breath till i passout . have been gone through the foster care system i have seen stuff that i wont forget.ive also run away from 2 foster home because the voice told me to ive only cut myslef 2 times because i simply didnt wont to hear the voices anymore

im now 18 and have manage to keep it to myslef till now but when i was younger the things the voices were telling me to do  were know where near as written above

please write back

Hearing things - Melissa - Oct 9th 2011

I know doctors always talk about hearing "voices". I had a question, about the last year or so, I dont necessary hear a bunch of voices. But I will get startled quite often with either like someone yelling my name or think im hearing someone yell my name. But ill be out in barn with horses at night which noone is any where in site. I have laid down to go to bed, to hear the same thing, someone yelling my name or someone saying something, as if they were right there. Sometimes more distinct then others. And is very startling when no one is there. I am 40 years old, very beautiful., hard working and have the best 22 year old daughter. But its kind of scary to be hearing things like this or just last night it sounded and very clearly as if someone was clearing their throat like right next to me and I was home alone. It actually made me get up and search the house. But I knew no one was there, or for another reason, I am sure my dog that was laying right underneath me would of freaked out. Im not understanding why this would be happening. But I believe really highly in spirits good and bad, and then get startled when this happens thinking maybe not everyone is delusional or not hearing things. Maybe there are things out there that some individuals are actually hearing or even seeing same by touch possibly and its not all about malfunction of the brain. I mean there's so many people out there that go through this, maybe its not all about the brain, maybe theres something more and thats why all these medications dont work as well. Some people just cant respond to them, or your just making them like a vegtable so they cant feel or respond to these other things out there. Theres demons and angels. Well maybe these severe cases are dealing with demons and thats why they come up with these bad things and then some are more mild cases. I dont know, but I have always been fascinating by it and now I am the one honestly hearing these things and dont really want to tell anyone. Im sure everyone will think I am or are going crazy. But its scary when you hear something so vivid and loud and real but "know" your the only one there. Can you just live with this or do you "need" to tell ya a doctor???


I appreciate any response. (Professional response)Thank You


Melissa Davis

confused - - Sep 23rd 2011

what does it mean to rember your mum and dad shouting all time so that you hear it as a memory but dont have the memory as visual and hear other people shouting your name but its like memories not crazyness

Getting to no the other side too - Bob - Sep 18th 2011

I have been this way for over 40 years now 62 and I honestly cant imagine life without my other side that watches out for me and adds notifying me of threats and danger. To me its copanionship that is in constant communication with me. It does not sleep. To medicate me would put to sleep my other side that has given me life not stole it. I would be brain dead with medication a complete zombee . If I get scared I have problems but as long as im in a relaxed situation I feel ok but always on guard. Its been a total fight my whole life on what side is stronger than the other. but im whole beside being paranoid is a heightened awareness of things which a Doc. told me is good,

State of Confusion - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Aug 23rd 2011

Confidentiality is absolute between doctor or psychotherapist and patient with two exceptions: 1) If a patient is intent on committing suicide and 2) If a patient is intent on commiting murder.

However, health insurance always is a gray area. Of course the rules of confidentiality rule them as well as all doctors. Yet, most people would agree that once your health record is on the computer, is your privacy guaranteed?

A troubling question, nevertheless, it makes sense to get help with your problem.


A state of confusion. - Anonymous - Aug 23rd 2011

First thank you for your article and responses to others that are concerned. 

I have seen things / heard things ever sense I was young. I have always logically induced they were not real by intrinsic evidence, even though at the time of seeing / hearing believing that they were fully real. I currently hold a doctorate degree in a field that I could lose / be subject to discipline if I seek anothers help. I am just begining in this field, and would ask what if any real protections does the doctor / patient confidentiality provde? I know what they told us in school I would like to know what is true. I may / hypothetically be hearing voices / conversations that do not involve me and seeing paronidiod images/things, this has been happening sense a young age but has worsend sense my early 20s. I do occasionally drink, but I do not do any drugs. Usually these things go away if I am concentrating / working but seem to be at there worse when I am relaxing / waking up / going to sleep. The images are always out of the corner of my eye and the voices and conversations are always at a wisphere. I know what the medical books say but I tend to be a skeptic. After all the sky is not filled with Aether. (I am pretty sure they are not pavor nocturnus orginally diagnosed by my GF who holds a degree, they began at night when I was young but have been getting worse / more common in the day.) I also have been a life long sleep walker and come from generations of sleep walkers.


Thank you in advance for any response. I appreciate any facts relating to confidentiality and most likely will seek help.

Another consideration - - Jun 23rd 2011

Consider rebuking these entitites in Jesus name and see if these voices and shadow people leave. They are forced to leave in Jesus name as we have authority. I am not dismissing chemical issues within the brain of people with hallucinations and dillusions but what many humans forget is that we are dealing with a spiritual world with many dimensions. This goes far back and is discussed much within the Bible. So..... please do not rely only on psychiatric help but also spiritual help.

We have not even touched the topic of Project Bluebird and Mk-Ultra and I would suggest every american do so!

May the healing of Jesus Christ touch everyone who has commented here and these demins be rubuked under the authority of Jesus christ AMEN!


10 year old daughter - concerned mom - Mar 19th 2011

My daughter has always been an excellent student and child. I have no complaints.  This week she woke up in a night terror and said "mommy, please make them stop scaring me. They keep telling me they are going to cut off my head."  The next night she told me she didn't want them to talk to her tonight again.  I asked if she was able to talk back to them. She said no.  I asked if they talked to her during the day.  She said no.  I asked if it was a boy or girl.  She said boy.  And that it was scary and she didn't want to hear the voices anymore she doensn't want them to cut her head off.  I have had to hold her tight each night to fall asleep and she is ok.  I am worried.  She does not watch scary movies either.  Now her dad just called me as it is his weekend with her and said she started crying and said she doesn't want to be in the dark because the voices talk to her and say they are going to cut her head off.  What can I do to help?

Concerned mom.

Dr. Dombeck's Note: These may possibly be auditory halluctinations.  I would suggest taking your daughter to a child psychiatrist for diagnosis, and treatment and education regarding the nature of the situation as appropriate.  Though not without side effects, medication-based treatments can be effective in suppressing halluctinations.  Seeing the doctor and getting a diagnosis (whatever form that might take) can also help to frame the problem and place it in context, which can possibly help your daugher and yourself feel less anxious and fearful regarding the presently unknown situation. 

hearing voices since my mom left. - Olivia - Mar 1st 2011


Well I'm 14 and my mom left in November to be helped with drugs i have never heard voices until she left. The voices in my head don't seem to be mean or nice they just say my name. And Lately i have been staring off at this shadow of a man with a top hat on. My boyfriend asked me one day who i was whispering to and i said i wasn't but i was and i dont remember ever doing it. and i'm scared to tell my family or any one. I just need someone who understands and knows how to help me, Sorry to say but i dont need doctors commenting back because honestly no matter how much you have studied you dont really know whats going on with us (i mean us by people who hear voices) i know I'm schizophrenic. I haven't done any drugs or anything. My mom use to smoke (weed) with me in the house but i dont think that would do anything to me. But plz email me and help me. 

Thank You So Much.


I hear voices when tired only - Dave - Feb 10th 2011

This was a helpful page, and very well written and symptahetic.  I hear voices when tired only, I have a diagnosed condition though not schizophrebia...but have been hearing voices when tired for an increasing amount of time..started two years ago very occaisionally when tired, now happens almost all the time when laying down, or sleepy. The voices vary... sometimes they are random conversations, sometimes a little bit critical..usually quite eloquent occaisionlly hostile...they dont really disturb me when normally awake...but they are beginning to stop me from I wake and listen to them for a moment.... I am not sure if this is a worsening of my condition or just excessive tiredness... but they do seem to be a daily occurance now as opposed to infrequently a few years back. In any case, thank you for the article, very useful indeed and so glad your approach to MH issues is so understanding. Dave.

Hearing Voices - alexandra - Jan 29th 2011

Thank you for this page. I am so unhappy with the voices I wonder if it is rage? It started when I tried to become enlightened with spaced-out meditation thinking I was with 'Masters' of the spiritual realm who could help me. I ended up on medication having tried to kill myself with razor cuts; so unlike the sensible me, the solicitor I used to be. I am enlightened, but in a different way than I thought. The voices are drowning out my pain, my sorrow for this life. With them haranguing me I can't think straight at all and live only to reid myself of them without work or pleasure. it's not life as I had hoped. I have had an eating disorder, mainly anorexia for 34 years and have been thinner and not heard voices, but it seems the only way to stop them is to eat then i will have the energy to enjoy life and focus again on it; I trust. If there is time. I have tried all kinds of support but no one seems to know how to help. Love is the key and it's hard to love yourself when your life hasn't turned out as you expected. Emotional support is very helpful when you can get it. Thank you.

sorry to hear your story - jimwell - Jan 17th 2011

hello. i am sorry to hear your story, that certainly is very sad.

Please use eft for your illness. Please click the link below.

after click that link above, try to contact an eft master. just explore there. and try to learn eft urself. you can look for the manual here...

heres my email

Dr. Dombeck's Note: To my knowledge (which I'm not trying to represent as complete), there is not any form of psychotherapy (EFT included) which all by itself can "cure" schizophrenia.  Please take what you read online with a grain of salt for some of it is not entirely accurate. 

Help - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Dec 20th 2010

Hi Ammanda,

I have no idea what is causing the experiences you are having. It could be something medical or something psychiatric. I'm sure its too late now because the time you sent this message might be long past. However, I urge you to speak to your MD and describe what is happening. Or, go to the hospital emergency room and explain what is happening to them. The point is that you need to get help. You are sounding quite frightened, see the doctor or go to the ER as soon as possible.

Dr. Schwartz


So. I was on a simple conversation on the phone with my boyfriend and everything is normal. Never any problems, mental problems, ive been with him for a year, so it isnt something new. JUST now all of a sudden at 12:01 i hear absolutly nothing. Just a big pause. i yell out his name, and its like hes lost. it doesnt even feel like its him. then all i hear him talk about is thats crazy, i cant explain this feeling i just had, i feel like im out of his body... then he talks of SOMEONE WATCHING US, ME DIEING, HIM HAVING MULTIPLE VOICES AROUND HIM, HE CANT GET UP, THE VOICES NOT WANTING ME TO TALK TO HIM, HOW THE 'VOICES' DONT WANT ME TALKING TO HIM. i dont understand. im not that religious but religion was deffinatly the first to come to mind. hes never done this before and it doesnt even respond like him self. SO FAR. this has been going on since 12-2:40, and i dont know what to do...REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. i just started to cry because ive never experienced this before...ive been in his house before and experienced some odd activity , (alot) and i dont know if thatt is what it is...i really need some help because i dont know what it is...hes not going to sleep yet hes wide awake and wont respond. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Help - Cynthia - Dec 9th 2010

Hi my name is Cynthia and im 16 ever since i was 9 ive seen dead people walking around following me and hearing voices but they where just whispers but i had a rough 7th grade year i was rapped and got involved in gang activity i hear voices that tell me to get in fights to hurt and now they talk louder they tell me to kill myself that im not worthy im really scarred because i get mood swings and when im mad i attack anyone who saids a rude comment to me what do i do? please e-mail me if you have any info

Help - - Dec 9th 2010

ok so i have been diagnosed with ocd. i am 13 yrs old. my dad has ocd so does his sister. he also has depression as well as my mom. and bipolar, cluster headaches, and a few docters beileved in schizophrenia ect. but was not confirmed. so, first 2 say i had a hard child hood which onset when i was about 6 to 7yr old many mental issues. well lately i go see a counseler ect. but it dosent really help. lately i am believing i may indeed have schizophrenia and that is what is causing my ocd. this is because i hear voices off and on and they are real yes there in my head but to me they are real and want stop and they are cruel and speak of horrid events that will happen to me or ones i am close to. this is the reason i constantly tap things count my steps ect. because i know if i dont do what they say they will hurt someone. i also always think some one is watching me and am always parinoied.they also tell me horrible things that will happen and they are loud like i cant hear anything else. and sometimes i see stuff as well and when i am alone it gets completely worse because the voices get louder and i start seeing stuff and then i have to tap and count and i literly go crazy and it is causing my family a lot of stress and i dont know what to do any advice would help thanks!

Can an 8 year old have Schizophrenia - charlene - Dec 3rd 2010
I have an 8 year old that has very werid behaviors. At five he started telling me his brain told him to do bad things so I passed it off as him being a child but as he gets older he is still hearing voices and he doesnt seem to be able to differencate between real and fantasy. Now he is seeing things as well. He is always saying people are trying to hurt or kill him. To me it seems he has a lot of the signs of Schizophrenia but can an 8 year old child really have Schizophrenia? He was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago but he also has obsessions with books and acts out different things from the pictures and he even prentends to take cars out of the books and gets in them and drive them and when he is done he puts them back into the book while the whole time nothing was there. I am to the point I dont think it is his imagination anymore he just lives in his own little world.

40 year old man - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Aug 13th 2010

Hello Jon,

You truly have experienced a very bad run of luck and I regret that. It seems to be happening everywhere.

I want to assure you that people are not hospitalized for hearing voices, not in the US or the UK. It is likely that you need medication that will lower or eliminate these auditory hallucinations.

Let me also assure you that you are not losing your mind. You were previously diagnosed with paranoia and depression. That means, most probably, that the voices are a result of the heavy stress you have experienced. Everyone reacts to stress differently, depending on their area of vulnerability.

Please go and get the help you need and deserve and you will feel better and have renewed energy to find work.

Dr. Schwartz

Hearing voices in my 40s - Jon - Aug 13th 2010

I am a UK male and I have just turned 43 and I have recently started hearing voices.

From what I have read, this is atypical for a male to start hearing voices at this age although it can affect women at a later age.  I have had a very stressful year in that I lost my job and then lost several thousand pounds worth of money when I failed to become a driving instructor.  I was going to get married to a woman I met in Thailand but that didn't happen and then I lost my apartment and had to go back and live with my Mother temporarily until I get a new job.  I don't have many friends and am socially isolated so I don't see many people.  I have had a few job interviews but so far not had any success which has added to the stress.  They say I am overqualified.

  I hear the voices telling me that I am useless and I am going to die and I can't sleep.  When I look out my bedroom window I feel that spies are watching me and I have dreams that Aliens are trying to abduct me.  If I drive anywhere I think that government agents are following me.  I don't eat much because I don't know if I am being poisoned. I don't watch TV because I think they are talking at me although I can watch DVDs just about.  I have started smoking heavily even though I quit a few years back.

 I was diagnosed as paranoid depressive 15 years ago when I had a mental breakdown but I managed to rebuild my life through hardwork and determination.  But this is much worse now because I didn't hear voices back then and I was more optimistic.

I am scared I am losing my mind but at the same time I am scared of going to a psychiatric hospital.  My perception, rightly or wrongly, is that if that happens I will be trapped in the world of mental illness forever. I have considered suicide but discounted it upto now, not because I am scared of Death, I am not, but because it would be very hard on my mother.  I feel trapped in this nightmare world and don't know what to do. I am taking venlafaxine for depression. Is this contributing to the problem, do I need to change my medication ?




Good advice for Schizophrenics. - Andries. - Aug 12th 2010

Good advice,

I also started hearing voices on 02/04/2010. You people must understand that you really do hear voices. In your head for sure but you hear them as if they are people standing next to you. You rapidly find out that other people cant hear them as well – it sounds exactly as if someone is talking to you. You perceive sound as coming from your ears and at first you think they are outside you. That is until you discover that you don’t have to speak for them to hear you. Yes, that’s right – the conversation is verbal in your head.


 The delusion would have to be exceptional to be so rational and orderly with sentient beings. The voices stuff you around to no end. No human being can function in this manner. You will never know who these entities are.


Here then is the lowdown. Go ask any Schizophrenic about this.

There is a voice that repeats all your thoughts to “other” entities. Call him the interpreter. The entities speak freely to you (you hear them). The entities use all your senses. It is a crazy, wild ride. They will lie to you.


 Suicide is a real danger in the beginning stages of a Schizophrenics life. It’s the only way to shut the voices up – denying them your body is probably the bravest thing you can imagine. That thought will retreat when you realize that meds will help you. They did me.


If you go to your local hospital the doctor there will prescribe Haloperidol. Haloperidol works but the side effects are horrendous. It will zombie you quicker than you can say “short attention span”. Zyprexa works much better (cuts the zombie factor way down) but at R2000–00 per month it is an expensive hobby. It does however, now have a state code. A motivation letter from a psychiatrist is required for the state doctor to prescribe it. My advice is to spend the money to get this letter. R1213-00 for the psychiatrists. 


Both these drugs will remove the voices by inhibiting Dopamine in your brain. A diet supplement of Glycine will do the same by a different mechanism. People on a Glycine supplement often stop taking those highly zombifying drugs.





schizophrenia - anonymous - Jul 21st 2010

I used to not have schizo but now I do, I cant even manage living my life, its like a rollercoaster, I hear voices and stuff like that, I have no friends, lost everything, I can relate to other people. I take meds, but living your life with this disorder really sucks, I think sometimes I do it to myself, but I have been hearing voices from a lot of people its weird. To other people I feel your pain. You feel so alone out there, most of this seems to be self induced and I need to get over it.

Schizoaffective Disorder - chaoco - Jun 26th 2010

A few symptoms that may go unnoticed by someone with a dormant schizoaffective disorder:

A slightly inclined body temperature over a long peroid of time, even as light as 99.(less than five degrees) naturally.

Sureity of some events that one could not be sure of, usually caused by caustic chemical inclusions of the neurological processes.

Amnesia of events, may or may not be traumatic and can be induced at any age.

Consistent chemical responsis of the brain to include others "thoughts" as one walks around at random. Only five percent is actually may be what can be assertained by body language or similar chemical thought proccesses.

Strong urges to disclude onself from confrontation or conversation, and at other times the exact opposite of these processes.

Mostly considered, a bacteria or any living organism will remain in a benifical state for as long as it can (and may go unnoticed for years). Mostly activating from dormancy at the age of twenty when the frontal lobe remutes and begins reactivates. The decomposing of the human body by bacteria may begin early and the activation process can also be undermined by being confrontational with these "invisible" tiny, chemical processes or coversations with, in some cases immediate amnesia can result after speaking to so called "voices"

Otic Hallucinations and the twelve cranial nerves - Chaoco - Jun 26th 2010

Please be advised, these "voices" can be percieved by biometric scanners and brain scan images that can "psychichally" induct images that show up on a computer monitor of the thoughts in the brain, though the technology is still in its infancy as far as what is used medically. Though the likely hood for these other "personalities" may be hoped to be illusionary, they are most likely bacteria or some form of protozoan that lives and affects the twelve cranial nerves "including the third eye" which act like antenna to recieve the information from the external world surrounding a human body. Though the shcizophrenia may act mostly like a computer hacker trying to gain control of a ody or host, and make use of it as characterized by "multiple personality syndrome" where other people than the main personality have use of the body and can make use of it as a tool for themselves. The use of trauma to intercede these relationships with these voices and amnesia used to dissassociate them in an earlier stage of life these types of nuerological processes are what cause memory loss and are in some cases related to parkinsons disease (tradive dyskensia, muslce spasms) or alzhemiers disease (memory loss, dissassociative amnesia) or brain damage as what is the choices also made by a hacker to damage the computer so it can gain control of or gain access to the more private parts or information. The concernment of the character god or devil are used by these delusional other characters to make a case for them being there for a proverbial reason more as white and gray matter filter damage.

Feeling of Being Watched - Allan N. Schwartz - Jun 10th 2010

Hi Anthony,

You are describing serious psychotic symptoms. Those symptoms: hearing voices, no accounting for or remembering of time going by, thoughts or feelings of being watched and fears of going outside, are affecting your ability to live and function in the world. Therefore, my suggestions is that you make an appointment to see a local psychiatrist, or a psychiatrist at a local mental health center, and have yourself evaluated. This is my opinion based on your comment.

With an evaluation, it can be determined what is causing your symptoms and the appropriate medications and psychotherapy can be prescribed, along with psychotherapy.

Dr. Schwartz

this weird feeling that im being watched - Anthony - Jun 9th 2010

I've been hearing voices in my head for quiet some time, and I don't use any drugs, it's been bothering me but I learned to live with them however, there is times i notice time slip away quick, like i dont recall hours go by, and i dont even remember what the hell i did i have no memories of the few hours that passed by, and i noticed that i written things on my computer that i dont remember writing, i thought this was because i wasnt getting enough sleep so idecided to sleep in longer and that doesnt help, i even changed my diet, but i keep hearing voices and lose track of time and have no memories of the time that passed me by. what do you think i should do, im afraid to go outside because i feel there is people after me, yet i dont think people are after me, i just have this weird feeling that im being watched and stalked by something that i cannot see like a shadow. atn ight time i think i start to see a strange darkness.

sudden symptoms - Pam - May 16th 2010

My mother is 89, lives alone and has always had a very sharp mind. About 3 weeks ago, she called to tell me that she suddenly realized that she couldn't hear. We took her to the ER and later a ENT, and learned that she is now deaf. There is no evidence of a stroke or anything like that. The ENT gave her a steroid, but took her off of it after 3 days because she started hallucinating. She's been off the steroid for more than 2 weeks, but the family has to stay with her around the clock because she is convinced that the voices she hears are trying to make her leave her house so they can move in. She formally introduced me to these "people" yesterday. My mom says she can't see them but she knows they are real no matter what "science says". (We had shown her an article about "musical ear syndrone") 

I am a QMHP and have worked with many adults with schizophrenia. I have never seen my mother behave this way however, and the emotional impact is devasting. It's ironic that she thinks the voices are trying to take her house when her reaction to the voices is really forcing her to lose her independence.

I'm aware that she is going through a major crisis losing her hearing, and that steroids can cause temporary psychosis, but so far she is getting worse, not better.  Do you have any advise or know of any resources that can help us?

I think my brother could be schizophrenic - Dee - May 7th 2010

Hi Dr. Scwartz,

My brother-in-law is developmentally disabled and in his mid thirties. He lives independently, works a part time job, and  maintains a relatively simple life.

Lately, he's been missing work, staying at home alone, and largely unsocial. We received a call from his job informing us that his missing work. Shortly after we learned that he's been walking around the apartment complex in the nude. Neighbors contacted us as they were very alarmed.

This was very weird for us to hear, Knowing his history as a polite, and charming young man. The neighbors decided not to call the police but rather contact us ASAP. They know he's disabled and they genuinely like him. He's really a nice person. But they were pretty disturbed by this observation for obvious reasons.

After speaking with him over the phone, we decided to check in on him as it was obvious something was very wrong.

We arranged for him to see a sleep specialist because he claimed he's hasn't slept in weeks. I agreed to stay with him at his apartment prior the appointment. I stayed with him for four days. It was then I learned there was a lot more going on.

i observed him having conversations with voices. He described the voices to be people he knew. He blamed the voices for his nude walks, claiming they hypnotized him. He really seems to not remember how he left his apartment that way(no cloths). He's pretty modest person to boot, but apparently the voices told him to do it. He's said he doesn't remember much of it. We think he could have been sleep walking.

He would often argue with the voices, claiming that he does not wish to be their puppet. He explained to me that the voices keep him up at night and when he does fall asleep he has traumatic nightmares about plane crashes and getting fired from his job.

He revealed to me his paranoia regarding the voices desire to control him. He thinks maybe the voices have cameras in the walls watching him at all times. Additonally he claims that a private investigator came to his job one time recently while he was working, to check and see if he's been using drugs. In short he's quite paranoid about people trying to sabotage his reputation lately. 

He recently had a drug test after visiting the doctor about 2 weeks ago and tested clean. Today he is visting the sleep specialist, but I feel he needs to see a therapist. 

Based on what I've read on Schizophrenia, I'm convinced that's may be in fact what he's suffering from. I'm not sure why it's showing up in his mid thirties. He's maintained a pretty level headed existence thus far, this is coming a big surprise for us. Mostly because he claims the voices just showed up as recent as April. 

What does sound like to you? I feel it could be psychosis brought on by depression. He's living pretty isolated right now. Alone, not hanging with friends, unmotivated, chronic fatigue, scatter brain, and unorganized at home. Cloths everywhere, dishes piling up, the window blinds all shut etc. He's missing work but luckily his job coach talked to his employer to explain his current state. Oh I forgot to mention he did have a recent anxiety attack, claiming his was feeling choked around the neck which ultimately made him vomit. 

Any feedback on this is much appreciated!

Thanks Dr. Schwartz!

Boyfriend just recently told me about hearing voices - Gina - Apr 22nd 2010

To start out my boyfriend's mother has very bad schizophrenia, she now has it under control with medication but he has experienced and seen some traumatic things that she has done, an example being her taking a knife to him when he was little. He has been diagnosed with bi-polar although I never really saw him as it he seems normal and has control over his emotions most of the time. He recently told me that he has been hearing voices. He can't understand them and they sound muffled, he said it started about 3 years ago (he is now 23) and only happened about 2-3 times a month. Now he says that it is happening more frequently about 2-3 times a week and he is scared. He has no insurance and no where to go and I don't know how to help him. I want him to keep track of when it occurs and what happens and how often it happens so we can track it but I dont know what else to do without insurance. Is there any advice you can give me on where to go? Thank you

hearing things, not voices - laura - Apr 16th 2010

I have a question.  My 9 year old Step son has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. Lately he has been saying that he has been hearing things. They are not voices. He says he hears someone scratching and banging on his bedroom door.  This morning I came out of my bedroom ready to take him to school and he was swearing that he heard a loud crash and then heard someone running down the stairs. Last month his father announced he had to go to the bank in front of both me and my step son. I was on the phone  and about 5 minutes after his father left, my step son comes charging in the room asking "where's my dad"? I said you just saw him leave 5 minutes ago.  He's not home yet. Then my step son said "Then why did i see the door fly open and then why did i hear him say he's back?" He proceeded to argue with me that he heard his father come home. He swore he heard and saw this.  My question is, what could this be? Its been getting worse and worse along with his temper tantrums and defiance.  He is currently not taking any meds. The master manipulated he is, did not like having to take medicine. He fought and fought us. he would lie and tell us he had taken his pill and we would check and he clearly hadnt. Then we we started having to literally watch him take his pill and then he suddenly would throw up at the same time in school. Ten minutes after dropping him off we would get a call to pick him up. Brought him to doctors and hospitals they all said nothing was wrong and that he needs to see a therapist. What could be going on in this kids mind?   

i am worried need some advice - pamala - Apr 13th 2010

I am a 28 year old woman from ontario canada, recently I began a relationship and we have been living together for a month. my boyfriend told me he is scitzophrenic I am  fine with that as I am not perfect i have been called bi polar by doctors and I have had paranoia when i was an early teenager I have suffered a lot of abuse and stress in my life in short I would say I am a survivor but lets get to the meat of he matter

it started out hearing poping noises when i was in bed at night like a pop bottle expanding my boyfriend could hear it too i thought nothing of it when my boyfriend is not home i dont hear anything he even went away for a few days but when hes home we  hear the odd noise

last night i woke up to hearing a male and a female having a conversation they were kinda loud and they were laughing as if they didnt care we were sleeping

i tried to wake up my boyfriend he woke up and i told him to listen i was like listen! can you hear them there are laughing and talking but i couldnt make out what they said i was just scared because i thought there was someone in the apartment my boyfriend takes zyprexa so he is a sloid sleeper its hard to wake him  for anything

i asked him this morning he doesnt remember me waking him up but i feel back alseep each time even telling them to shut up because i was trying to sleep am i going crazy

if i was falling backk asleep then i mus know they arent real or was i just to tired to care if you have some advic

please respond

Opinion - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Apr 8th 2010

Hi Sarah,

It is true that it's unusual to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as late in life as your mother.  Your question is interesting, do you mother always has schizophrenia or did she develop it three years ago?

You can certainly try asking her, but she may not be able to remember.

Allan Schwartz PhD

Hello, I would like your opinion! - Sara Anderson - Apr 8th 2010

I am writing a paper on schizophrenia. My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia almost three years ago and she is now 61. I have been told that it is very uncommon for her to be diagnosed  in late adulthood. Is that true? If so, I would like to interview my mother and ask if she had any schizophrenia symptoms in her early adulthood. She was hearing voices and talking to herself, until i noticed it and got her the treatment she needs. THANKS

Sara A

Voices - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Apr 7th 2010

BBS and Vanessa,

1. BBS, this is a mental health web site. Religion is not our issue but scientific and medical information are. Medically, those people who hear voices are experiencing auditory hallucinations. These hallucinations are caused by serious problems in the brain. That calls for medical, psychiatric treatment. It is true that sometimes voices can be comforting but that is rare. Usually, these hallucinations are threatening and very scary.

2. Vanessa, your boyfriend needs to be seen by his Medical Doctor so he can be evaluated. His MD will probably send him to a psychiatrist. Please be aware that, if your boyfriend is abusing drugs, they could induce hallucinations.

Dr. Schwartz

Good vs Bad Voices - bbs - Apr 7th 2010

I read a few comments below that suggested the voices that some people hear are angels or from those in the spirit world.

I have learned from many spiritual teachers that if you hear voices are talking about goodness, love, help and hope, then it's probably from an angel or spirit. These heavenly beings would NEVER tell anyone to hurt themselves or others.

Many childhood imaginary friends are spirits or angels. The reason most children outgrow the voices is they are trained to SHUT off their contact with the thinly veiled other realm. The higher beings (God, angels or whatever name you use) didn't stop talking to humans thousands of years ago, we just stopped listening.

If a voice is telling someone bad things, frightening things or encourages hurtful actions, this is a sign of mental illness.

Im really worried - Vanessa - Apr 5th 2010

Hi. I am not the one hearing voices, but i am very worried abot my boyfriend. He and I are 16 years old and yes teens go through many fazes but when he told me that he hears demonic voices telling him to do horrid things like hurt himself or others it really frightens me... He is suffereing quite a bit and i am the only person he has told and all i want to do is help him... if you have any advice for me PLEASE!!! lt me know.... thank you 

HELP - - Mar 31st 2010

Im hearing things and its scareing me there tellin me to do bad things im scared

Young people and voice-hearing: Support - Rachel - Mar 16th 2010


I hope it's ok for me to comment here.

I'm the manager of a UK based project that provides peer support groups for young people (aged 12-18) who hear voices or see things that others don't. We also provide training and support for parents & professionals. Even if you're based in teh US, our website ( might have some useful info that can help.

On a more personal note, I'm also someone who hears voices, sometimes sees things and has at times struggled with confusing realities that I have since found ways of coping with.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, as I've grown and began to make sense of my experiences (I'm only 32 now, but am getting there) I now realise that I experience these things in response to stress and some of the traumatic life experiences I've had to cope with as I've grown up. I now do not need medication and can cope with it.

For any parents out there, try not to worry. Research says that aroudn 8% of children and young people hear voices that no-one else can hear. Dr Escher (based in the Netherlands) has done some excellent research with children who hear voices and found that, over a 3 year period, around 60% of them recovered! Many more were able to cope with their experiences and were no longer distressed.

She believes that dealing with the emotions that are underneath the voices is key to recovery, and from my own experiences and those of the people I work with, this seems to be true. I've seen anxiety management strategies work wonders for people, as well as ones that help people to express emotions and create some sense of safety and security within themselves.

She also found that 85% of children/young poeople (aged between 8 and 18) that she studied has experienced some kind of difficult life experience that seemed linked to the content/onset/characteristics of the voices. This ranged from problems at school, to moving house or bereavement. Voices, for many, seem to be a response to the emotions surrounding these events.

So, my message is this: don't give up hope - the story is a positive one in most cases. Help your child find ways of dealing with thier emotions and get as much support as you can (for you and your child). Check out Sandra's research at (she also has a handy 'Don't Panic If Your Child Is Hearing Voices' leaflet on there.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

8 Yr. Old Hearing Voices - Patricia - Mar 12th 2010


I have an 8 year old girl, and she has said to me on several occassions that she hears voices, but the voices she hears are mine and my husbands.. she hears me call her, or yell for her, or something like that.. but she knows I'm not there so it cannot be.. but she has clarified she hears it in her ears not in her head.. is this something that should be checked out?  She notices it as 'not normal' in her opinion..



Can it be over? - Notnecessary - Feb 26th 2010

I developed a habit in my early tens of looking into the mirror when something "bad" would happen in my life. I am not sure when it began but by the time i was in my 20's it spoke back to the point where I didnt need a mirror. My alter ego had some definite input for quite a while and about a year ago, through some herculean efforts, my wife got through to me and I saw that a temendous amount of what I believed was not real.  She used holiday cards and photo albums etc. So I was able to put it behind me..have some curious missing pieces for some time in my life..not really an issue..but my question is..can it just be over..just like that..been a year and I feel like a new man on so many issues...just curious.

Hard Time and... - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Feb 19th 2010

To all of you who are asking for help,

If you have a child or teen who suffered a head injury or is hearing voices for other reasons, you need to bring your child to an MD and have him/her examined. Yes, a head injury could result in brain injury that could lead to voices. There are other possible causes. However, there is nothing we can do here. This is something that calls for medical intervention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment and as soon as possible.

Dr. Schwartz

having a hard time. - Tonya Jackson - Feb 18th 2010

please! contact me as soon as possible my son is having a hard time.His name is donte an he had trumma to the head which causes him to here voices.

My son is 12 and hearing voices - Leslie - Feb 16th 2010

My son told me recently that he is hearing a voice in his head whispering his name. I asked him if the voice ever says anything else and he said the only thing that he has ever heard it say outside of whispering his name is "no". He said it is very random when it does it. Even this morning he said he heard it. I wonder if it isn't from watching Paranormal Kids or something like that and just his imagination...but I just don't know.

My mother told me last year that when I was a child, they (doctors) did some break down of my brain so that I wouldn't be schizophrenic when I became an adult. Honestly, I'm not sure what that consisted of...but I do remember hearing voices when I was a child was normally yelling or like many people talking at once and jumbled and nothing I could make out. Now, I don't hear voices, but I can remember them.

My sons father has episodes himself...but not sure if they were from schizophrenia...he did say they had given him some type of medication that he could only take at the doctors office and it would make him drool for a week after. I'm guessing they were anti-psychotics... 

Can it be genetic I wonder?

Should I just keep a close eye on him and see if it happens more or should I go ahead and take him to the doctor to get checked out?

A response would be greatly appreciated.




My Grandma - anonymus - Feb 10th 2010

My grandma has been through a REALLY tough life. I don't know how she did it. Her dad was a drunk and her husband, my grandpa, was a cheater and a bad man. (she divorced him, but then he found another woman, who he is now married to, and she's still single.) She had four boys (my dad and uncles) and one girl but she died when she was a baby. She came to America and worked in a factory where people would call her bad names and they would be just absolutely terrible. (At least that's what i hear from the stories my dad tells me.) She is diagnosed with depression and takes her medicine but rarely she'll hear voices. I don't really know who the voice is or what it says but all I know is that she hears them. One day at my aunts house my grandma was watching t.v. in the living room while we were in the kitchen and all of a sudden you hear my grandma yelling saying (in spanish) "WHAT? YOU WON'T EVEN LET ME WATCH T.V. ANYMORE? CAN'T I JUST WATCH T.V. WITHOUT YOU BOTHERING ME?" My aunt went over to see what was wrong but she just pushed my aunt away. My dad told me this used to happen a lot more often before, but then my grandma went to church and God healed her. She takes medicine like I said and has been fine ever since (except for occasional episodes) but I just found out about what has been going on for longer than I have been born and I'm scared because I've never really been put in this kind of situation before...

Worried about a friend - Mark - Feb 4th 2010

Just visited a high school buddy, we were very close in back then.  He moved to California to pursue an acting career.  I just found out he is hearing voices, he lives with his fiance.  He is drinking heavily, stays out all night and sleeps till noon.  The drinking is robbing him of his aspirations to become an actor, but he try to go back to work for the Postal Service and make a decent living due to the acting aspirations.  My concern is he is verbaly and potentially physically abusive with his fiance, he make wild accusations to her.  I am not sure if this is the alcohol or the voices issue, or both.  He was not like this from what I could tell back in High School, so I dont think it is the alcohol, because we drank like donkeys back then too.

Is there help out there for him?  What can I do?  I live in Massachusetts, he is out in California.  I'm not sure his fiance can help hime either.  Im trying to work through her, but I am afraid, she is scared to take the necessary steps to help him.

i hear voices - veronica - Feb 3rd 2010

hi my name is veronica im in 10th grade im 15 years old and i hear voices.voices that i cant explain to people.

the voices my me do things.and i do the things because im afraid that if i dont do them they will hurt my.they take control of my body,and im like a ghost staring at myself hurting myself.i cant control mostly happens at night.

its been happening since i was in 7th grade at the age 12.i never told no one until now, and now i want in a foster home now away from the ad people and i am safe now .but there are time when i dont want to go anywhere i just perfer tostay in my fosterhome alone,because i dont want to be near no one .the voices make me hurt people and if i dont they hurt me.i dont know how but when ever i wake up i either have cuts or im in pain.i wish i can explain to people how i feel but the voices dont let me.

i black out alot and when i come back i always do something bad that i dont even remember that i've done it.people have to tell me what i did wrong. but to tell you the truth i didnt do anything,yeah people tell me i did but me myself know i didnt do it.

im sometimes scared that the people that are trying to help me will hospitalize me again.i've been hospitalized twice and i dont want to get hospitalize again. im also scared that one day i might end up  doing a crime while i'm am black out, or while the voices take over my body ,because ive done it before.

thank you,


Help! - Lanee - Feb 2nd 2010

Hello, I have a 27 year old sister with a chronic schizophrenia disorder, she hears voices,but not only that she also feels (hallucinations) touch as well. This has been going on for ten years. She have act outs like in punching things like my 57" televiosion in because she really hear the voices through the television I understand this is from the illness, but one could never understand the pain this is to watch a family member be attacted by such a mental illness unless they have wittness it first hand none of my friends or some family members can't relate because it's not happing in their life, I'm so tiered mentally, this has been a stressfull ten years. I don't no what to do or where to turn.

WHAT? - - Jan 27th 2010

Withdraws from pot? Never heard such a thing.....I have smoked off and on for years and never experienced any addiction to the substance or have I experienced any must be out of your mind to make such a claim....

real as hell - - Jan 15th 2010

about 15 months ago i was withdrawing from pot smoking and i heard voices outside the appartment i'd just moved to. they were out to get me and these people were on their mobile phones outside to their network of accomplices. now since i went into hospital to cure the problem i don't hear voices anymore although one thing that can't be explained is the fact that for about a week whilst i was in withdrawals, the people next door who were in cahoots with the network were smoking either crack or heroin and it was coming through my walls. i had to go and sleep in the tv room on the floor and still i was being choked by the fumes. i told my mother about this and she said that she knows the old lady that lives next door to me! i still can't believe it although i'm just going to move on mentally from that three months of hell as i haven't heard any voices since. it is a strange world isn't it.

shannen - lynnette - Jan 10th 2010

what makes you so certain that your mother doesnt really see and talk to an angel????Do you not believe that they help and guide us here?I truely believe your mother sees and talks to angels.Dont think she is crazy just because she can,and you cant.To many people like to chalk that up to being  crazy.

hearing voices - lynnette - Jan 10th 2010

I have been reading on your website at all these scenarios about hearing voices and how alot of you,even doctors are blaming this on mental illnesses.Well,i disagree.I dont think any of them need meds,maybe they need to come to terms with the fact they are hearing into the spirit world.You know,ghost who havent moved on.Maybe they have that gift and just dont know what to do with it or about it.Most of the time,they dont want to hurt you,they just are lonely or want you to help them with something.

Schizophrenia - jackie - Dec 15th 2009

Dr. Allan Schwartz,

How is Schizophrenia diagnosed?

I read online at another site that certain test should be done before a person is placed on pyscho-trophic drugs such a scan to make sure there is no brain tumor or other test to rule out any organic causes of pyschosis.

How is it         that civilians that are arrested for strange behavior  immediately diagnosed and put on medication and released back into society, without even any of the barrage of test recommended before a person on pyschiatric drugs?


I think it is inhuman that this kind of treatment of people happens.  It has happened to my daughter more than 7 times and NONE of the "doctors" that supposedly examined her can be reached.


With all of the side - effects of these medications I feel like there is a  conspiracy to do away with public misfits. 

I feel helpless and hopeless...we don't have money or good health insurance to help our daughter the way we want to.

my friends - person - Dec 12th 2009

I have a friend who started seeing things since he was very small, 7 to be exact.  He's had a very traumatic childhood includng moving to ghettos, abuse at home, and trouble with gangs.  He sees the ghosts and hears the voices when he's scared or just witnessed something and they tell him that he has to do something and usually it's dangerous.  But they also tell him to stand up to his father and in a way they protect him.  I have another friend who believes he lives in a haunted house because he sees ghosts and hears them.  His little sister and the other friend (mentioned above) see and hear them too.  Is that just 'hearing things'?  Is it just coincidence that all three (and yes, sometimes me) see and hear ghosts in that house and on our own?

my cousin hears demon and devil he is 14 - Samuel - Dec 1st 2009

Well my cousin he is not doing so good he is 14 he is saying that he hears demons and stuff.he says things like go away and what are you doing here and leave me alone and he acts kinda werid he punches and kicks the air and dose werid things and he takes pills that are for him it helps him for a while but makes him sleepy we have done alot things to help   any adivce?? please reply

My daughter is 20yrs old and hears voices - jackie - Nov 30th 2009

Thank you very much Dr. Schwartz for this weblog.

I read this weblog twice and feel that you know what you are talking about.

I didn't want to believe that my daughter hears voices that only she could hear and has to be on medication to control this.  It was hard for me to believe.  I really thought that a doctor had suggested that she was hearing voices and she fed into the power of suggestion.

I hate the fact that she has to take these strong medications that put her health at risk otherwise with all the side effects in order to help with the voices.

She is suffering from anemia now and severe hand tremors and I am not sure what else.  She keeps getting recurring urinary tract infections, not sure if its from the medication.

I feel like she is on a slow drip euthanasia solution and its killing me to see her this way.


Thank you for this website.

Voices - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Oct 30th 2009

Hi Emma,

While I understand your concern about your sister and her fiance, I also need to correct some misinformation you seem to have picked up:

1. Hearing voices is not something that is wrong or even dangerous. No one is arrested for hearing voices nor are they locked away. In fact, today, there is no such thing as being locked away unless someone has committed a crime and you do not need to hear voices to be a criminal.

2. The fiance, from what you say, is being medicated for his voices and that is a good thing. I have no way of knowing his diagnosis but, whatever your sister decides, it is up to her. Sometimes, people can hear voices after a terrible trauma, if they have that predisposition. Mostly, voices occur in those who have schizoprenia or some other psychotic illness. People with schizophrenia or psychosis or no more violent than the rest of us, maybe less so.

3. The only concern your sister might have is that she may be marrying someone with a chronic mental illness. That need not be a terrible thing if she is aware that he has a disability. However, that depends on what is causing the voices and if he does not have schizophrenia, there is less to be worried about.

4. Again, the only reason for worry is that it is never easy to be married to someone with a disability. However, when you love someone and have you eyes open, you enter a marriage knowing you will be helping this person with their handicap for a long time.

Hearing voices does not make him a person with schizophrenia nor does it make him a bad person.

Dr. Schwartz

concerned sister - emma - Oct 30th 2009

please reply !

my sisters fiance has just confessed to us that he has been hearing voices for sometime, worryingly telling him to kill my sister his children and himself, we are hugely concerned and have advised the approriate authoritys, and he is getting help, but only through medication.

he does realise these thoughts are wrong, and he is a loving father and partner too my sister, but he has also expressed that he no longer feels safe being alone with his children!.

is there anything else i can do for him? i feel that my family is at risk from this man. he suffered a great trauma earlier this year when his best friend commited suicide, which he has not gotten over. also he is not very close to his family who treat him like a bit of an outcast, even though before this he was a very good man. never in any kind of trouble, and always a good person.

i want to know potentially what type of precautions my sister should take, as she is young and naive she seems to think that as soon as he takes his medication that everything will be fine, but i am hugely concerned for there safety.

i know common sense would be to lock him away or get as far away from him as possible, but the hospital will not admit him just yet, but i dont want to wait till its too late.

Some of this is energy reception from other realities or levels of awareness. - Famous Psychic - Oct 12th 2009

Most humans hearing and seeing things probably have a mental illness, in that such things are not 'there'.


But some of it is indeed 'there', it is energy, and some humans are open to 'receiving' it.


While I myself do not see or hear things, I do astral travel in my dreams and my experiences are world famous, over 100K sites now about my 'vision's while I sleep.

There are levels of awareness that are pure energy and some humans may in fact be picking up forms of that energy and not interpreting it correctly.

What is the definition of 'death', no electrical charge to the brain. So energy is the paramount thing in being 'human', one cannot experience this reality, unless they can process energy to see and hear things.

Some may in fact be receiving 'energy' most humans cannot process, so apparitions and voices may be part of that 'experience'. Not all who hear or see things are 'crazy'.

Health and Light to all who are dealing with such things.


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