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Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.
Dr. Schwartz's Weblog

I'm So Bored!

Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D. Updated: Jan 23rd 2008

Have you ever heard this plaintive cry or uttered it your self? This lament about boredom affects young or old alike. However, there is not a lot that is known about it except that boredom is very unpleasant. So, what is boredom, what seems to cause it and what can be done about it?

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, second edition, the word, bored "is a feeling of being weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in their current activity." Another definition of "bored" is that it is a "feeling" of having nothing to do. The reason that the word "feeling" in the last sentence is in quotes is that boredom is subjective an in the conscious experience of the individual person. In other words, if two people attend a lecture and one of them is bored and falls asleep but the other one is fascinated it means that they each have a different and subjective reaction to the same experience. Due to feeling bored, the one person is not able to focus their attention on the lecture and they gradually fall asleep. This is not unlike the political science class that I took in undergraduate school many years ago. Others in the class were fascinated but I could barely keep my eyes open.

What Causes Boredom?

It has never been made clear what causes boredom but there are many theories and explanations. Speculation has it that some people crave a lot of external stimulation to prevent themselves from becoming bored. The particular type of external stimulation will vary from one individual to the next. For instance, those people who are extroverted are very successful in finding people to speak to and avert becoming bored. The constant stimulation from the successful ways in which they interact with people is a constant source of stimulation for them. However, those people who are introverted may have more of a problem finding stimulation because socializing with people does not come so easily to them.

It is believed by some researchers that some people experience boredom out of an inability to know what they are feeling and what it is they really want. Alexithymia is the inability to know what one's feelings really are. People who experience alexithymia usually lack a fantasy and dream life or at least are unable to remember their dreams. If they do remember them they have no way of explaining or imagining what they might mean. One does not have to experience alexithymia in it full blown flatness but the inability to know one prefers to do is a similar type of thing. In other words, it is the inability to know what to do, or to know what might feel good, or to have any hobbies, interests or enjoyments is what leads to the feeling of being bored.

One theory of boredom comes from psychoanalysis. The theory states that boredom is anger and hostility that a person turns against the self resulting in the feeling of boredom. There are a few studies from the 1990's that seem to substantiate at least a correlation between boredom and anger plus hostility.

Many professionals in the field of substance abuse state that it is boredom that is one of the catalysts for drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that yearning or wanting along with bored feelings are what lead the alcoholic to drink. Using a similar explanation, it is thought that many teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol out of boredom felt at home and in school.

Many years ago it was suggested to me that so many adolescents feel bored because their metabolism operates more quickly than during adulthood. The supposed result is that young people experience time as passing very slowly. Supposedly, as we age, metabolism slows with the result that time seems to pass more quickly. Well, I do not know if a slowed metabolism is the reason why time seems to fly by so quickly for me but it certainly seems to move at an ever quickening pace and many of my peers agree.

It is also thought that boredom can be a symptom of depression and the lack of interest in anything is really the withdrawal from the world due feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Among small children a lack of stimulation in the environment can promote boredom because their natural curiosity and need to explore is not satisfied. This, too, can lead to a kind of depression.

Finally, in school, classes that are either too difficult or too easy for a child or adult can lead to feelings of boredom. Those who are extremely bright and have high IQ's can feel bored if the content of the lessons are not stimulating because they are too easy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, classes that are too challenging for a student can lead to boredom because what they are learning is beyond their ability or readiness to master the content.

What to do?

In the event that you are someone with a chronic sense of boredom or if you have a child who complains about boredom at home or school, you need to explore the possibility of depressing or of something else that is causing that uncomfortable feeling. If your child is bored in school they might not be placed in the correct class. While many children complain about school being boring it should not just be dismissed. In fact, many youngsters, unable or unwilling to talk about what is really bothering them, may being having problems in school due to a bully they are afraid to discuss or due to classes being too easy or hard and a fear of talking about that problem. "I am bored" can represent many things, especially when a child is constantly repeating it.

There is always the possibility of consulting a mental health professional for your self or your child if boredom continues unabated.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D.

Readers who live in the Boulder, Colorado metro area, or in Southwest Florida may contact Dr. Schwartz for face-to-face consultation. He is also available for psychotherapy through Skype video for those who are not in Florida or Colorado. He can be reached via email at for details.

Reader Comments
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Do I really have to? - - Dec 23rd 2014

There was a moment of comfort here, reading just how similar some people feel. We all know boredom, but to hear that other people are just as cheesed off is vaguely funny.

I'm not especially clever or intelligent, at least not academically, but I am bright and I'd say (over) imaginative, and I'm very alone. Not necessarily lonely, just alone.

I'm ok with that. Perhaps sort of suicidal, but I don't see that as a problem. It really doesn't matter.

Teen 18 get board and used canabiees - Sharon - Feb 16th 2014

Thanks for your info very use ful. But I couldnt find a good tip or sluotion to prevent the bordom for a teengar, Could you please kindly give me a tip.I'm a parents who thought she dedecated her life for kids however many years I gave up on my carreir . Just started my job again after 10 years . My son ended to hospital last week because of lungs collops and i did not have a clue that he might used canabiees untill the doctor gave me a hint. He is a very good and polite boy . He is very bright always no1 at study . He starting uni september and he told he started cannabeeis from oct . The reason was he gets board. I'm desprat to help him . He told he had cannabeeis for 3 times and he quit it now . My worries is he goes back to drug . Please give me a tip what should I do? Thanks for your time

36, female, bored to death - Anonymous - Jun 30th 2013

I'm 36 & female, never married.  No  children.

Have a great job, a great apartment, no debts.  Not rich, not poor.

Arrived here from a combination of luck and nothing better to do. Did skydiving, traveling, achievements. 

No relationships.  People are stressful and don't make sense. Dating is exhausting and unsatisfying. Friendships consist of me listening, while the other person talks and talks. 

Did  volunteering.  Was assigned to fold fundraising flyers & make cold fundraising calls.  Or fundraising spreadsheets.


What's the point? People tell me to put one foot in front of the other,  since that is all I  can do.  That I should distract myself with a hobby or a "passion". Eventually everything feels like "killing time".  I'm too old for this existential nonsense, but cannot deny that life feels meaningless.  I don't care about wealth, fame, legacy; those bring more problems upon oneself. 

Even tried church.  My lack of social skills resulted in pissing off the minister. 

I do not want to live another 30 or so years like this.  even my "great job" no longer excites me.  Currently taking 300mg of Effexor a day.  Visiting numerous therapists hasn't helped, they tell me to stop being so self-critical.  

is this all there is?

Im bored all the time - idk. - May 2nd 2013

well, i relate to all of the things on here. im only 15, and i do normal things. you kno, like go to school and stuff. i don't have much friends and i find it hard to make friends becuz i feel like they don't care about what i say and i get nervous easily. honestly, almost every person i've known has told me i am a boring person. even my "friends". they say im depressed and stuff. it kinda irritates me tht im always told tht but now i just don't care. i mean yea i smile and have fun sumtimes but im just always bored. everything i do makes me bored and if i get a hobby or sumthin i end up leaving it half way or sumtimes im just too scared to try any sports. i dnt know if this is depression and i havent really told anyone about this. i can't stand it sometimes. i am just a boring person and spend my time wondering what to do or stupid questions tht i ask myself.  i wonder what were here on the earth for and why do we exist? is it just for gods enjoyment? tht sounds mean but i really think tht. oh but no, i dnt ever think about killing myself. ive wondered wat it is like but i am actually afraid of death.

bordem is actuly usefull - - Jan 22nd 2013

being bored can seem like a punishment a curse maby but what ive noticed is that being bored means you are more likley to do things you may not nececerily want to do just for the sake of having something to do for example im 15 and doing my gcse's due to bordem i succesfully got my revision done even though i new that it was not going to be fun just to stop me string at the clock im not entirly sure if this attitude is shared by anyone but this is proberbly an attitude shared by people who may have asd and prefere to be on there own this can lead to bordem nd an experience with how to deal with?

Bored - Nanathi - Nov 22nd 2012

To be honest i agree with jesse. okay not agree but i relate to what he feels. I have a bad time growing up. I am weird as f**k and all the kids make fun of me for it. I used to write poetry but i suck at that too. I dont play sport because i suck. I dont have any special talents and there really isnt anything brilliant about me. I'd rather die than feel the way i feel. I tried talking to someone about it but my "friends" dont listen to me. My parents are always busy. and i dont want anybody there for me honestly. i realise people have their own issues to deal with. so why are we alive if we dont want to live anyway? i'm 17 and i seriously have nothing i want to do beyond this. i feel like this boredom makes me a bad person because i dont make my parents proud. but i really try to do something with my life.

Jesse!! - Ash - Jul 9th 2012

Jessie! Your comment saddened me! You are 16 for god sakes! Your rest of your life ahead of you! Come on man! Think about that at 16 you might look a little gawky! ( probably out grow that) I did! I was kind of unsightly at that age, now a hot mamma! In just a few years if you work hard, stay dedicated, go to college, you will make a life and a future for yourself! Ending is not the answer!thenyou will never know how it turns out!


Why Care? - - Jul 3rd 2012


I read your comment and we do so for many of the people who write to us. We cannot get to all of them. Why care? Because it's your life and you need to work on making it meaningful. At age 16 it has to do with planning for the future: what you want to do, become, where you want to go and other such things. Perhaps you feel depressed? That is common for teenagers and help is available. You need to find a counselor you can talk to either in school or in your community.

Good luck

why care? - Jesse - Jul 3rd 2012

Lately I just dont care anymor. I'm only 16 and Im so bored of everything sometimes i think dying might lead to something more fun. i have one friend where i live and my brother is always hanging out with him just to annoy the hell out of me. the only thing i found to make myself not think of suicide is drugs but my mom found out i do them so drug tests are weekly. i have no other friends outside of school and the one i do is always f***ing grounded because he just has to use chewing tabbaco to piss off his parents. its gotten so bad that i sit on the roof at night and think of jumping three storys down hoping i dont survive. no girl has ever liked me. one broke my heart then started dating someone i thought was my best friend. no ones probably going to read this anyway so f**k it.

re boredom - barbara - Mar 24th 2012

Wow - so many people experience boredom! It's fascinating and sad to read people's writings. This is the first time I've looked up boredom on the computer and to see what came up.

I do have boredom and depression and I find some people very judgemental about these conditions.

Yes, society frowns on suicide and yet I can perfectly understand that feeling having experienced it a lot in the past few years.

I ended a long-standing marriage thinking that it might be contributing since my ex and I seemed to be less connected.

I have no definitive answers. Yes, get help and try all the usual, commonsense stuff, and good for u if it works.

I'm on medication and seeing a therapist but this isn't enough to 'drive away the demons'.

Not sure what will happen.

I wasn't never into goals, still am not. Would like to think I can get out of this mental state (I do for short periods of time B4 returning to this slump).

Good luck to everyone out these. Clearly this is a big topic, and there are no simplistic quick fixes, or we wouldn't be here writing as we are.


Boredom even in a sunny location... - Reve - Oct 28th 2011

I had goals in my life and achieved most of them on time. Now, after moving to a new location, the past few years have been a tad boring. My life shifted from a "Me" perspective to "Everyone Else". I've been a caregiver to an elderly relative and put my life on pause. While I love my family very much, the internal strife and stress of giving up the life I used to know has torn down my self-esteem.  I try to remain positive each day with the idea that most of this is only temporary. However, it seems like everything around me drags on. While most people might define boredom as not having enough to do, I'm bored with doing too much with little time. I try to remain positive each day, but then the realization of having to sacrifice that dream job, to quit graduate school, and to eliminate a social life suddenly scares me. Again, deep down inside, there's always this inkling of hope. That's all we could every really want, right?

Bored easy - Mark - Sep 22nd 2011

I get bored easy. not much holds my attention for very long, even what I might consider a Hobby, only lasts a little while.

I don't know how long this has been going on but  a while now. take ebay for instance I buy things cheap so i can afford them. I buy things I like but when I get them, boredom sets in soon. I have 21 guitars. I get bored & buy another all under $200. alot under A Hundred. WHY ? I HATE this feeling.  I have Epilepsy I'm on meds 5 x d. plus back meds (pain). Plus High blood pressure pills. contribute ? no idea. I can't drive so I can't really go anywhere can't go out on the town to have some fun maybe meet someone. haven't had a GF in 10 years. My life sucks. I'm bored with everything. I have NO friends at all. I get treated different because of the epilepsy.  so no one wants me around. ahh f**k them anyway... who cares.. I stay at home 98% of the time. sometimes I get panic attanks and can't go outside.. so I force myself to & once I'm out I'm ok with it. I have to have a tv a computer and music or I would absolutely die. those 3 things are my last leg to stand on. I lose that and what the hell do I have to live for ? nothing... the feeling of fight to live drops dramatically from there. like I have no will anymore. I have no fight left I just don't GAF about anything anymore. no will to live. why bother? nothing to live for. no friends no family no Bitch no pets can't drive can't play. just fu**ing can't do anything. these are VERY real feelings when I think about losing the only thing that connects me with the outside world. I don't get on the WEb 24/7 sometimes only once in a day sometimes 10 to 15 times or hours it depends. WHY DO I GET BORED WITH everything so easy  ? ( I thought this was supposed to be short) oh well...

I tot I was alone. . . - Klaviatury - Aug 19th 2011

Background: Anxiety, Depression, Add

      Feel so so so terribly bored, dont think I am a boring person If I were to be judged by a third party but I cant seem to develop any pleasure in anything I do. Dont really think I have add since im not stupid or anything im just terribly bored, my work in finance requires me to focus at dozens of things at a time it is a very boring industry. Income is great, have a partner, I go out and socialize on weekends, church on sundays, everything a normal american does.

      I was so bored today that I googled "so bored I could cry" people suggested things to do but they seem to be things I already do on my daily routine.  Common search result was YouTube,  play video games, go outside (i spend all work day on youtube and I play WOW, BFBC, Dead Space, Doom3, Black Ops, Dragon Age, Portals 2 amongs others at home. As for walking this is texas its 108 degrees and what am I walking for? Sceney? Fresh Air? more like get mugged and heat stroke). Perhaphs im jaded, perhaph I have already explored everything there is to explore and there is nothing left for me. =.( 

     I just cant seem to get any pleasure from the small things in life. What is amazing to most is meh to me, people claim they call friends or hang out with them when they are bored, but like what pleasure is there in that?  I dont really care what they did today, dont really care what they are doing later, dont really care how they are either, what is it that people talk about that is so darn amusing. I have pleanty of associates I guess most people would call them friends that want to go out to eat or watch a movie, but whats the point the food is bland (anywhere choosen) and the movies are the same thing diffent title. Some people go to starbucks for entertainment, Free wifi? Sugary milk called coffee? Stale bread? whats the point.

     I have plenty of the latest video games I dont play becouse they bore me, I have several huge televisions around the house I dont watch since there is not a single thing on 800 channels that will entertain me. Seems music is the only thing that entertains me becouse it doesnt get in the way, but even then there are only so many times I can listen to tartini. I only go out becouse my girl friend insist on it, most of the time I just want another bottle so I can drown out all the posers in sheeps chothing with their lies and jersey shore attitude (thank god baseball bats are not allowed in bars). Sex with my partner is boring, not proformance issues I do what I am required to do and she is satisfied but to me its just a chore. At times I imagine myself as a zombie in one of those apocolypse movies just fell like im already dead inside or lack a soul, sometimes I feel like enlisting in the military to join the front lines for a chance and excitement or quit my line of work and become a cop or a bomb disposal technician or even a fricking dog catcher.

      Tried getting a hobby and whos steps to follow better than our lord Jesus Christ, so I picked up Carpentry I have a shop that rivals Bob Villas but yet I have no inspiration on using the tools think I only used the tools put other tools together. Tried getting back into painting but whats the point when I can take a photo and print it on the plotter, seems painting is useless when technology can produce a better effect in seconds vrs months.

      Considered doing some good in the world but it seems Charity is filed with horrible people and causes, no one wants help they just want your money and the causes that could use man power are causes I dont care to support.

I dont know, is this it? is this what I work hard for? food, drink, possesions is that all there is?

I've felt bored/angry/frustrated 24/7 for years - - Jul 1st 2011

I found it really interesting that psychoanalysis believes boredom is the internalisation of anger. A went to a psychotherapist for a bit (he wasn't very good so I left) and the one thing he got right is that I feel angry. I hadn't noticed it at all until I spoke to him. All I said to him was "I'm constantly bored, every day, and I have been since I left university".

I had put it down to the fact that I am quite academic and in uni I loved eveything I was doing. I wrote scripts, I wrote essays, I performed music, I did presentations, I saw films, I made films, I saw plays, I wrote plays! There was so much to do all the time there was never a reason to feel bored. But I was obsessive. By the end of my second year, I was working a part-time job and doing revision for the rest of the day. I didn't rest for 16 hours. It was just out of bed - work - into bed. I didn't feel bored, but I did burn out. I became very underweight and then one day I woke up and I had panic attacks so strong I couldn't go outside for three months. 

I understand now that all of that was to escape boredom. And if Freudian psychoanalysis is to be believed (I'm not totally sure about that all the time, there are other theories!) then this is because I feel angry. But what on Earth can I do about this? When I'm not bored, when something interests me, everything looks good. I feel like I have direction, I feel happy. When I'm bored, I can't see the point of anything. People keep telling me that this is just what being an adult is like. I told my boyfriend  that the thing that depresses me the most is that, unless I somehow become a scriptwriter, I'm going to spend eight hours a day, five days a week, doing something that makes me feel bored for the next 40 years (at least) and shortly afterwards I will die. If this is true? Then why bother? How can everybody else live like that? How are they ever happy if they are not doing anything?

I'm really not sure what to do to make myself feel better but I'm the opposite of what I once was. I came out of university with a produced play, a televised short film, straight firsts and a feeling of direction. Now I work in a boring job for very little money (but it's the best I can get) and I can't get myself to concentrate at all. I get behind, I lose money, and that's just more stress.

How do I get out of this?

Boredom Is Normal - Allan N. Schwartz, Phd - Apr 7th 2011


You and others make a good point when you say that everyone gets bored at time. I agree with that obervation. However, its a matter of how much and how often one feels bored that determines whether or not there is a problem. A chronic state of bored is a sign that something is wrong, perhaps depression. In that case, help needs to be sought.

Dr. Schwartz

Boredom is normal - Frank - Apr 5th 2011

Boredom is a word and feeling that everyone, in all age groups, and in all cultures, recognises. Therefore, it is a human condition. It is an element of humanism.

We must recognise that boredom is part of normal human behaviour. People who do not demonstrate boredom, ever, either have have an obsessional condition, a lot of money, or are not human.

I'm so bored too :( - emmabee - Feb 26th 2011

I'm 20, just moved back to Bolton, England and i don't have anyone to hang out with,there's 2 people left that i know from primary, one doesn't seem that bothered with me to be honest and the other he is always working :(. This feeling of bordom started after i got over this guy i really fancied, eventually it hurt too much to stay around him, was crying nearly all the time and learned that i cant force anyone to love me :(.

Was in a condifence boosting course when living in Scotland (which is no place for any oppurtunities whatsoever) when it ended i was so so depressed for a bit cos he was gone, nobody to make me feel that good again and now i have no idea what i want to do with my life, nothing can make me as near as happy as he did for a while, i don't get anyone to make me laugh that much, i have to get a job (just some shop job or in a supermarket) and i just don't feel that motivated to do that ether. I have this whole idea of doing a job that i love and i'm happy with that i'm not going to be depressed in but everyone keep telling me i cant do it, i cant have the job that i want, even my parents :(. I know that i have to work for it though but to be honest i cant even concentrate that much at college plus normal courses here are not a full year unless you do an aprentership. 

One thing i love is piano and been trying to learn from a guy on youtube (undername: Lypur) he's great :) he's got the sort of personality that enlightens me, i have a crush on him really haha. That is the other problem too, i might like someone but it's only ever that, i feel like nothing, not even a boyfriend is gonna make me that happy (even if a part of me does want one).I do workout, i swim but even trying to do that is like a huge chore for me, i've only been twice this week, feel so bored with doing the same thing, just working out and nothing else, piano is different when i do learn i guess but i get stuck and nobody bothers to help me at all, i'm a bit slow at getting things, they gotta help me idntead of leaving me frustrated like this, so annoying,

Bored Hah? - Manda - Dec 13th 2010

People, we are all bored at some's not a rare thing. We need something to stimulate our brains all the time and thats the most NORMAL thing in the world.

I agree with a coment someone posted earlier about people wanting a simple answer, "just take a pill"...WRONG!!!

Pills are not the answer at all. Go outside into the fresh air. Put your mind at ease and do some soul searching, some reflecting. Find out what kind of things make you happy, or used to make you happy and re-connect.    It's a  START!!.

Try different things, find a hobby, join a book club, do a short course. Try things that are commonly accessible and not expensive...

Exercise is FREE and it releases Serotonin in our brain. Low serotonin levels are believed to be the reason for many cases of mild to moderate depression. I find that  simply going outside into the light and sunshine improves my mood. Also eating well helps, a diet high in protein such as chicken and brown rice can help with your mood.

At the end of the day guys, you just gotta pull yourself out of the rut, snap out of it and think posetive.    Start making small changes in your life and you will see the benefit.

Set some realistic GOALS and take the necessary steps to move towards them. Will you fail? Maybe...but it's the minor set backs that make you more determine. You will succeed!!! The key to success is setting GOALS.

I used to be bored and depressed all the time. I didnt want to wake up, didnt want to see anyone, wasn't fussed if I ate or not... and now... I run a successfull business, I am in the millitary, I own an apartment and a nice car. I surround myself with posetive people and stay strong and posetive even when i think "what's the point?" Don't let yourself down. Keep your chin up!

I hope I have helped someone out there.


Manda from Australia

I don't enjoy anything anymore - - Dec 6th 2010


I have been so bored recently. It has been almost 3 months that I have been really bored like this all the time. I just don't enjoy anything anymore. I just don't see any hope in anything.

I don't like waking up in the morning.

I don't like driving.

I don't like working.

I don't like eating.

I don't like sleeping.

I just got out of college with a Bachelor's degree. Currently, I am working for this big accounting firm in DC. 

I get up at 7, am at work by 8:30, sit in front of the computer for 4 hrs, then lunch, then sit in front of the computer till 6. Although I have a lot of work to do, I am bored all the time. Then I sit in the traffic for an hour on my way home. I get home, and I am worn out by then. So basically, I don't do anything.

Weekends are all about chores. There is so much stuff to be done on the weekends that I just can't find time to do anything else.

I used to be such a jolly person. Now I am this depressed and sad person. I miss the old 'me'.

What on earth happened to me? I had such a great life before, where I could enjoy myself. 

And one day I wake up, and I feel like crap. It has been three months now. 


bored & lonely - - Dec 3rd 2010

I have been bored out of my mind for a long time even before wife left me and my son. no more friends because of wife and I also lost my job because of now I sit and wait for a job reply, read alittle bit on the internet. man this is a boring life.

I also have some problems that can not be fixed without big bucks hearing and teeth bad too. This is more to not make friends and hard to get work with the bad hearing and breath.

live your dreams - Rickie James - Nov 11th 2010

im a 20yr old, who had these problems hardcore as a teen... once in a while I get caught back in a slump, but I shake out of it and become stronger than ever...

 life goes on, u just gotta "WAKE UP" out of your zombie like life, and live life like its a movie and your the star! ;)

excersize your imagination and

live your dreams!

If anyone needs to talk to somebody, ill gladly listen.

I feel I got out of depression for a reason. Im here for any of you.


peace and love

Jmm - S.L. - K.T - Nov 1st 2010

its really really scary how much we are alike, i would really love to talk to you about how you feel about things in general (aimed at comment below "Jmm - S.L. ") so if you could comment on here and we can talk or if come to some other arrangement.

ive been trying to tackle this problem for so long now, and im only in early teens and its really hard, there are so many other things to it, things i do not wish to share with anyone because people would see them as negative and threating thoughts/ideas and beliefs.

but i just really need to speak to someone who i know will understand me, 

Jmm - S.L. - Oct 30th 2010

Hello, im so glad you explained this topic, cause ive been begining to think why im a so bored.

Im a first year college student....and plainly all i do through the day is to be alone, i dont socialize so much as i wish i did, i have friends but they are in other schedules, i have tons and tons of work to do and i dont motivate my self to do them cause im always so bored, ive had thoughts of death ive cried a lot and im worried, i have not been caring of the way i eat, i just feel so careless all the time it sickens me, it would be nice if i had someone to be with me all the time but its so hard for me, i have a very LOW self-asteem uhggg, and its sooo frustrating when im logged in facebook cause i dont do nothing there either.....just reading stupid and thoughtless status. If I am depressed how can I cure my self?

:'( - i have commented on this before, but its best not to leave my name now. - Oct 18th 2010

i nearly cried reading "steve in wonders"

im so fragile at the moment, ive lost my dream to my reality.
i despise my reality
im bored,i am
i hate it

just, take this pain away... please?

i think

im in need of a hug

got bored and wrote the story of my life ... - steve in wonders - Oct 1st 2010

well , I'm 17 and i live in Malta ( it's a small island under Sicily ) . so I'm a simple guy , love to laugh , party with friends get drunk get off with a couple of girls and ... what else ??? do you think that is a life with no boredom ? but as im alone at home im boared out of ...

 im bored because at 3:45am im not still tired enough to go sleep . im bored because i dropped out of collage and i don't know what to do with my own life !!! im bored because the only thing i love is very far away from me . i broke loads of hearts it's true but i never thought it was this painful to miss someone so much . im an easy loving boy just when i see the perfect girl for me , pretty girl , great character and simplicity . 

this is why im mostly bored right now , i got in love with a French girl which i met on a cruise . it was only two weeks with her but they were the best of my life . now that i cant feel her cosy lips kiss me im bored all the time . even if i think im rather love sick than bored i still felt like saying because no one of my closest friends know what im going through . they might havent even notice because i make my best to seem happy infront of them but when im hiding from everyone alone in my room my heart turns black and i feel like its going to burst out . i want to cry but my honour doent let me . 

im very sad and i dont know what to do . i can find loads of better girls than her because im a good looking guy , but i only love her =( ....

....and as im lonely here showing you just a fragment of my broken heart and my massive beak down , im trying to cry , but still no tear crosses my cheek , down to my mouth , between the teeth and finally to my tong  to taste that sweet bitter taste of her lips 

je t'aime plus que tout ma amour

(I love you more than anything my love)

I googeled to find out and found your comments - Liz - Sep 17th 2010

I googeled bordom to see if it was a symptom of depression. It seems that it is. I found these comments and I see people even 12 or 13 who felt the way I use to feel. Bored. I still feel bored. I think it's because I am not doing what I dreamed I'd be doing. I agree you have to find that passion, that secret thing you have always wanted to do or be that person you see yourself as in your head. I do think I am a little depressed.It takes alot these days to accomplish something. I like to laugh maybe it's a sense of humor thing. Need to laugh more.

reall - randomania - Jun 20th 2010

tat articals reall

Boredom? Different Types For Each Of Us - John - May 11th 2010

Actually im currently 13 the thing is this is not the kind of boredom that causes you too feel down not bored that you fall asleep. I know the difference . I need to have estimulaton as on adrenaline and i just can't get some because most my friends are not on that feeling. I wish i could do stupid stuff that when i was 7 i would call coo. But those stupid stuff are actually helpful but im too young for that and probably my mother would really disagree because she does not know how i feel and thats fine because shes not a mindreader. As to all im pretty sure each one has is own boredom that you understand and some don't. So even hobbies and games seem boring to me and i am 13 i should take advantage of me being young as all adults would say. Times go fast and sometimes slow. I Hate having the same thing all over again. Like my room i have to change it to a different style but i used all of them. so i wish i could move to another country or stuff. But i do understand these economical issues.

being bord is causing my depression - - Mar 3rd 2010

The depressing part is my that being bord is causing my depression.  I feel that I have the mental enery to move mountains but i do not have the physical energy and strength.  Anything I try, fails fast because of the lack of physical strenght, that then brings me down to the lovely emotional prison iam in.  I keep trying but its been many years of the same thing but a different day. 

@jake - Sam - Feb 4th 2010

jake other than the add what you say is exactly how i feel, in anycase if you find any answers please let me know

How To - - Feb 4th 2010

Boredom is a mental state of mind. The solution is to introduce a variation to the mental state. It doesn't matter what you do either. Overstimulation can be as boring as understimulation. I find day-dreaming to be the most effective way to combat boredom. Eventually it leads me to do something that isn't boring. An idea is not boring. An act can be boring. Sex can be boring. The idea of sex is never boring. Flying can be boring. The idea of flying is not boring. So really it's those ideas that keep the wheels moving.

My story - Steve - Jan 22nd 2010

Well, for me it started in middle school. Grades started slipping, everything went downhill. This continued throughout high school, and I managed to pass and get into a college. Now, with college, I thought I had a clean slate....nope, first semester was a im in my second and im having trouble sorting out all of my problems that I need to focus on. thing has made this better for me. ok, now listen, I know lots of you are against it, but I decided to medicate myself with marijuana. I just started a few weeks ago.

I have noticed that in school, I take better notes, I can complete homework better because I use it as a rewards system. If I complete something significant, then I can smoke and relax. The actual nature of marijuana makes you feel happy and good because it releases hormones...the things that most depressed people have an imbalance of....What I always wonder when im smoking is that....Do non depressed people feel this happy normally?

Im no doctor, but for me....marijuana is a life-saver

love has gone. - Kiera - Jan 5th 2010

im 14 i have the same syptoms as jake i never look forward to school, listening to music(which i love) doesnt make me feel how i used to ,all love for what i had has now gone , im always incredibly bored and only since just before christmas perhaps the 22nd .I can never find happyness or relief of boredom in anything. i have already looked at a couple of websites about all the symptoms including depression symptoms and i fit into it perfect. The things is , i feel like my life has no meaning and although i am scared to die i dont care if i die or not .,although i feel within me there is something that belives i will not die something protecting me from dying. thats a little off from boredom..
but i think it all twists together and concludes into one.
look i feel like there is something wrong with me .
is there anything i really must do? ,if not can i just leave it and hope it will all just blow over

Thank You. - Liz - Nov 30th 2009

Great article. My only concerns are the errors in this passage and grammatical errors.

Aliveness is the key to boredom - Joan N - Nov 10th 2009

Hi there bored...have you tried to do something that is interesting ... something that honors an important value that has been dormant?  What would have you stretch you out of your comfort zone...a walking pilgrimage through Spain, Hot air balloon ride, rock climbing...taking singing lessons...what is your secret passion?  Discover it, then go do it! Climb outside the box!

weekend boredom - Marj - Nov 1st 2009

I am female, early 50's, have a very successful career but weekends hit and I am completely bored.  You'd think I would enjoy the relaxation, but I don't.  I have filled my life on and off with all sorts of activities but I have hit a wall over the past 2 years.  Nothing interests me. I have a gym membership, taking a course, I have 2 dogs, husband but I am just plain bored.  Not sure what to do. I have so much, so can't figure out why I feel this way. Any suggestions?

in need of help - jake - Oct 29th 2009

i think i suffer from... somthing. im not sure what it is. but most days i suffer through school, only feeling ok when talking with my friends, or listening to music on the drive to and from school. i am an aspiring musician and a fairly good guitar player, what i want more than anything in life is to write and record music and play it live, and i know i could do it but it seems i have no inspiration. my life is emotionally void, except for seemingly random, short time periods, when i get a feeling of euphoria for an hour or so, but i cannot articulate my emotions into music or words... although i do write and record occasionally, its EXTREMELY slow compared to the rate at which other musicians seem to progress.

i seriously need help, when i get out of school or when i dont have school all i do is sit on the computer... play games, sit on facebook, but HATE every second of it.

i really do feel good when im talking with my friends, but i dont crave it at all when i am apart from them.

i do have sex often, but truthfully i find it very boring, and not emotionally stimulating in the least bit.

i have had a great girlfriend for about a year, and logically it is a very good relationship, but i cannot say i feel anything emotionally for her...

one of the only other times i feel ok is when i am in a moving vehicle listening to music. i love listening to music, and i love music above all else, but there is somthing incredibly emotionally riveting about listening to music in a moving vehicle to me.

i am diagnosed with ADD, but i dont believe i have it, as i can pay attention VERY well to things that i am interested in, such as my guitar lessons, but in school its almost impossible to remember anything the teacher says. my grades have been TERRIBLE since about 4th grade, but i have a very high IQ compared to my peers.

i am also 17, if that makes any difference.

i RARELY ever remember my dreams. i remember maybe 1 a month.

if you can give me any information about how to get rid of these symptoms i would be eternally in your debt.

Bored all the time - Becca - Oct 22nd 2009

I always feel bored, just like not feeling happy or sad, just nothing. I would like to go and do something but i don't know what, can't think of anything and can't really be bothered in trying. It's hard to discribe, i feel like i can't process anything in my head at the moment

bored - lucy - Oct 10th 2009

i've lived a lot, recently my son died. my husband hasn't even kissed me in 6 mths. i see no future, moved recently & have no friends. what can i do to relieve this boredom? hobbies are ok, but get old.

Boredom=Abuse? - Mina - Apr 16th 2009

Dr. SchwartzI've been married 2 years to a man who was everything that all the others weren't.  Including his temper.  When he's bored, not only does he get angry, he gets abusive.  He yells, swears at me, calls me names, criticizes me and last time, he broke the window of the storm door.  This happened on the first day of a week's vacation from work.  He lashes out like that only when he's bored and I don't get it.  I've advised him when he's bored, to seek activities to prevent boredom but he doesn't.I've also warned him if this continues, then our marriage won't survive.Why does this happen?

ADD - Allan N Schwartz - Feb 24th 2009

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for your comment. It appears that you do have ADD and that is why you feel so bored. You report that you were diagnosed with ADD a long time ago but I wonder if anything has ever been done to help you with it. I am not referring to medication but to a type of therapy that teaches you how to focus your attention and organize your life in ways that help you feel more in control. People with ADD often need a lot of stimulation in order to remain interested. I suggest that you get your parents to send you to a clinical psychologist who can coach you in ways to control your ADD. You are correct when you state that marijuana and alcohol do not help you focus. Good luck Brendan.

Dr. Schwartz

I am so bored - Brendan - Feb 23rd 2009

I am 16 and am a sophmore in high school. I have been diagnosed with ADD when I was very young. recently i have been very bored. i do football in the fall and take tae kwon do the rest of the year and in the off season i do lifting with the team. but durring school i feel very bored, even around my friends. when they come over they will play xbox while i search for stuff to do on the computer. i used to think i had depression but i think it may have just been for attention even though i never told anyone. i dont have a problem with talking to people in my classes but i am very shy or dont have alot to say. my grades are the best i have ever had. other days i will enjoy being around my friends more i will also have a better outlook in school. i dont think i have bipolar disorder eventhough it sounds like i do. other people know who i am but rarely talk to me. actually i think i have alexithymia because that describes my attitude the best. i always have mixed thoughts and emotions about what i want. my friends always come over to my house and some days i just want to be left alone and i always love it when my parents leave the house so i can be alone. i smoke marijauna and drink beer not because im bored but because everyone does it. i actually am trying to cut back on my consumption of drugs. and usually when i am bored i get a headache. thank you so much and if you have any suggestions please comment

Every day - Lara - Jan 15th 2009

I don't have much of a life at the moment. I used to be extremely social and outgoing, had friends but I never did get into sports or hobbies. I wish I had because now I find myself a junior in college spending the majority of my time at home alone with my two dogs. I had a lot of friends my freshman year but they were mostly men and when I got a serious boyfriend (2 years and we share a house) many of them turned out to be phonies. After the puppy love phase of our relationship wore off I found myself with no female friends I could relate to, no reason what so ever to leave the house, and wouldn't you know it I was getting fat. I don't think I'm depressed, but I am bored all the time now. I know I just need to get out of the house and do something but as I said earlier the prospect of leaving makes me anxious. The reason I don't think it's depression is because I habitually use marijuana and I'm kinda lazy. Recently (due to an abortion, but don't go blaming everything on that) I've descovered the devil incarnate- oxycotin. I guess I should stop using drugs eh? Half of me wants to but the other half just needs that easy escape from the boredom and repition of life. It's boring to try to make new friends, I can't think of things to talk about with people anymore. I think more so than life being boring, I'm just dull.    

14 years old and bored - Allan N Schwartz - Jan 9th 2009

Hi Lisa P,

I want to urge you to speak to your parents about feeling bored. It could be that you are depressed or that you are not in the right classes in school or that you have a small learning disability. You should also speak to your guidance counselor at school. There is help for this. Don't be alarmed. It is not unusual for young people your age to feel this way. However, these types of things can be helped and I hope you will speak to your parents and to your guidance counselor about finding out what is wrong and getting help so you feel better.

Dr. Schwartz

Oh My God! - Lisa P - Jan 8th 2009

  • I hate being bored.
  •  im 14. when im bored i think of killing and making people suffer.
  • school is COMPLETELY BORING!!!!!!
  • i cant stand school to me its useless i know i need to learn but they need to make thing a bit more exciting.
  • when in a home im bored but when me and my family go out to eat i get beer.
  • I want to drive so bad but it takes 5 years just to get at the right age!
  • Most of the time when im bored i just wanna kill myself.
  • This is all true. 

not having a balance lifestyle - - Jan 4th 2009

I believe depression, is a sense of not having a balance lifestyle. not having something to look forward to. try to appreciate, what you have and appreciate the life around you.

Irrelevent - 1)rako - Dec 15th 2008
I have what you may say is chronic boredom whenever i want to do something or am trying to just speculate a thought im afronted by the notion of how irrelevent my idea of the subject is and its led me to wonder why. ive come up with the theory that our world around us directs our lives in ways the average person could never comprehend and i believe in some cases that control is so strong that if one entity does not fit the mold depending on the degree of not being able to fit the mold it can create many feelings in our society and i believe along with not feeling like you belong, anxiety, and in some cases depression. I believe it can also lead to boredom due to not feeling the need search or explore thoughts or reasons becouse of the very fact that its been done to such a degree in our lives by the world around us unless you feel like devoting your life to a subject its inherintly imposible to truely make a discovery its created a world where learning isnt a difficult feat its more just applying your self to a subject and following through which makes us feel like or me at least that i dont feel the need or in most cases just dont care cousing that feeling that everything in a way is irrevelent and or boring

FLAT and bored - ds - Aug 28th 2008

I'm a bi-polar type 1. I know these feelings of flatness, boredom, depression are going to pass. Thats the only hope I can give.  however it sure sucks being stuck in the middle. nothing makes me happy, nothing makes my heart leap for joy. same ole same old tired routine. Yet many professionals will gladly put bi-polars on meds that keep you "level' actually what they do is keep you flat and boring. DULL.  I hate it.  What I found works for me is two anti-depressants, in large doses. NOT mood stabilizers like lithium and depakote. Prozac 60 mg, thats 20mg 3 times a day, it helps me loose weight and gives me energy again. and I take wellbutron, the max dose a day.  i ran out and thus im waiting on them to kick back in again.  plus it treats panic disorders as well.

A pill for your attitude? - - Aug 14th 2008

Diagnosing someone with depression doesn't necessarily lead to prescribing medication.  Cognitive behavioral therapy can be sufficient to give someone a strategy to get past bad thoughts.  

And as for the boredom, I find the only way to stop myself from falling asleep is to actually get up.  I usually pretend I'm going to the bathroom, then find somewhere quiet to walk about or maybe jump up and down a few times. 

Well.... - - Jul 10th 2008
I have been diagnosed by multiple doctors with major depressive disorder and have been on medication for a few years. This feeling of boredness is a big problem for me. When I get depressed I draw completely inward and block any thoughts of the future, or what is coming next. Trying to decide what to do is impossible because I mentally will not let myself think about the future, or plans for what to do with my time. This leads to a feeling of boredom, because I have "nothing to do". I also have a hard time with deciding what to do because I am afraid it will make other people mad. It is impossible to be happy because I feel like I always have to please other people. 

point - Dave - Jun 29th 2008

The article wasn't suggesting that everyone who is bored is depressed.  It simply mean that chronic bordem may be a symptom of depression.  The word "depression" is often missued, in the medical sence it is a REAL illness, caused by a chemical imbalence.  Simply feeling sad doesn't make one depressed.

Im Bored. - Sam - Jun 21st 2008

Well, i play PC Games alot.. and also go out and socialise, but the weater today is horrible so there is no point in going, so that just leaves me with my PC, and what i do mainly is play games.. and i have nothing that interests me.. im so bored, i dont know what to do... i cant find anything to play, and to be honest, it does make me feel depressed.. its just a dull day.

dont know - - Jun 17th 2008

well you obviously dont have depression then because it is a debilitating mental condition. when all you ever feel is sad and lonely and hopeless and bored, then yeah, i think thats a pretty damn good reason to be on medication

Why? - - May 2nd 2008

just because someone is bored does not mean that they are in depression america has become over ratted to the point where we think that a pill will fix our problems so everyone just calls it depression it is just a normal feeling

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