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Please help us identify mental health blogs

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Jun 17th 2008

a computer keyboard with the enter key labeled Recently Mental Help Net began adding a new type of link resource to our database - covering mental health blogs related to our topic centers. Blogs are a growing presence on the Internet, and a great source for a variety of information related to mental health, mental illness and wellness. Various blogs we have linked to offer informed news and investigative reporting, running commentary, and personal stories laid out in journal format detailing people's struggles with mental illness and life issues.

Though we have identified a number of relevant blogs on our own, the Internet is a big place, and it seems likely to us that we'll miss some gems unless we enlist your help.

If you read (or write) a blog that is related to one or more of our topic centers, we would very much appreciate it if you would let us know about that blog, by making a comment below. In your comment, please include the name of the blog you are submitting, the Mental Help Net topic center you think best fits this blog, and a very brief description of what the blog is about.

Please do not create live links in your comment submissions! Instead, please only post the relevant URLs as text. We make this request so that we have a chance to visit and review each blog before linking to them.

Thank you very much for your help!

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.
Director, Mental Help Net

Reader Comments
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Self Esteem/Stress Reduction/Self Help Tools - Ewa Schwarz - Aug 3rd 2009

Hi Mark,

I have recently started's Blog on my website

My Blog provides insights for people on how to change their thinking as well as their behaviors. It does this through teaching by example how to become more conscious of the subconscious thoguhts in your mind and how to use that self observation to make different choices.

Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your summer!



mental health sites - Mr Ian - Dec 6th 2008 - phobias and fears social network group and some online therapists all for free. Has a few links to other sites. - a uk mental health nurses site but has a good mix of practitioners and service users. Can get argumentative at times; but all caring and topical. A good list of useful blogs and sites are listed there too.

some of the best blogs are listed in mental nurse - and there's a weekly round up of who's talking about what. Mostly uk. Some good bloggers who go there:

thesecretlifeofamanicdepressive - (Seaneeen) recently featured on national uk radio/

thewifeofaschizophrenic - Mr Mans wife - a thinkers blogger. multi award winner.

Just peruse the list - there's a few. 


Good luck. Any more stuff you need - I'm on both those sites as Mr Ian. 

my blogs... - DeeAnna Merz Nagel - Jul 2nd 2008

Hi Mark-

Kate Anthony and I have a blog at Online Therapy Institute:

I have a blog on my site at

And finally, I blog here at

the first two blogs offer updates about issues related to online counseling and the impact of technology on mental health for other mental health practitioners.  The last blog is written for the consumer is has an interest in online counseling.

Thanks for gathering these blogs- this will be a great resource!!


Make Everybody Happy - Jon Pollard - Jun 26th 2008

Alzheimer's blog - Mary Yatti - Jun 24th 2008


I just put up a website this past month:  I posted an article on Alzheimer's that may be of interest.  My other articles involve human interest stories.


Therapy site - Bill Kenwright - Jun 19th 2008

I found this new community, does not have many users yet but it looks like a really helpful tool..

Interesting blogs on Asperger's syndrome - - Jun 19th 2008

Interesting blogs on Asperger's syndrome:

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