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Free Public Forums on Mental Illness Occurring Across the Country

Natalie Staats Reiss, Ph.D. Updated: Sep 5th 2008

people holding hands across worldOn Sunday September 14, 48 free public forums will take place around the United States and Canada in an event called Healthy Minds Across America. At each forum, three or more of today's most prominent mental health researchers will discuss the state of mental health research and the breakthroughs that have occurred over the last 20 years.

NARSAD, the world's leading charity dedicated to mental health research, is the organizer of the event.  Sessions will take place at some of North America's most prominent universities and research centers (e.g., the University of California, the University of Texas, Yale, Harvard, the University of Pittsburgh, Duke, the University of Toronto and more). 

Sample forum topics include:

  * Genetics of mental illness: The role genes play in risk for depression, bipolar disorder  and schizophrenia. 

  * Adolescent mental health: Identifying teens at risk for anxiety, depression and schizophrenia

  * Autism: Possible causes of autism and personalized treatment approaches;

  * PTSD in our communities: The possibility of recovering from traumatic events

  * Depression: Risk factors for depression across the life cycle, the safety of antidepressant medications, and new therapies such as deep brain stimulation

  * The biological basis of addiction

  * Potential treatments for schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder

  * Developing more effective and safer drug treatments

  * Prospects for preventing and recovering from mental illness

All events are free and open to the public, reservations are recommended. To RSVP, visit, or call (800) 829-8289. For additional details on Healthy Minds Across America locations, starting times, presenters and topics, please go to:

Reader Comments
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have you wondered? - Gary Gomez - Feb 10th 2015

Is mental illness a disease or survival mechanism? a natural occuring one to stress/anxiety. If your leg gets broken, it has always been broke even after it heals. After it heals the leg may be physically weaker or psychologically you may show caution every time it has discomfort. Is it a disease because of the limitations, or are you still alive because it has reduced those things that you define as a "good" life.

A disease with no physical chemical test it seems, symptoms of fear in thoughts/behaviour


Disease or survival mechanism or a bit of both...

Brain Cell Overwork, Overwhelm - Marshall Burt - Oct 17th 2009

I would suggest that "Mental Illness" is a result of Brain Cell Overwork, Overwhelm. 

A reduction and/or alteration in the basic function of brain cells alters "mental functioning".

Bipolar Babe - Alexa Paquette - Jul 6th 2009

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