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Please help us identify mental health blogs

Kathyrn Patricelli, MA Updated: Dec 11th 2008

Earlier this summer, Mental Help Net began adding a new type of link resource to our database - covering mental health blogs related to our topic centers. Blogs are a growing presence on the Internet, and a great source for a variety of information related to mental health, mental illness and wellness. Various blogs we have linked to offer informed news and investigative reporting, running commentary, and personal stories laid out in journal format detailing people's struggles with mental illness and life issues.

Though we have identified a number of relevant blogs on our own, the Internet is a big place, and it seems likely to us that we'll miss some gems unless we enlist your help.

If you read (or write) a blog that is related to one or more of our topic centers, we would very much appreciate it if you would let us know about that blog, by making a comment below. In your comment, please include the name of the blog you are submitting, the Mental Help Net topic center you think best fits this blog, and a very brief description of what the blog is about.

Reader Comments
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Son eating habit - Mr Smith - Sep 2nd 2012

My son is suffering from schizopherina for last 13 years now he 37years of age the first episode of schizopherina came when he was 24 years old.

Since then he was in the hospital three times I care for him at present he is only on amisulpride 200mg. But he is gaining weight rapidly at present he 16 stones which to much for his height he has a fatty liver he prefer to eat junk food and dairy products.

He gets agitated when some one tries to advice him on his eating habits. I have spoken to his doctor they have given him chart regarding healthy eating but he do not follow chart. I am worried for his physicial health. Can anybody advice how I can bring my son towards healthy eathing habits. 





Suggestion for new Blog - Kimmie Jordan - Feb 23rd 2011

I recently started a blog which may be of interest for your website under mental health

Excellent smart blog - - Oct 30th 2009

Excellent smart blog.

Hiii - sara - Oct 19th 2009

This is a terrific site! It has been very informative and useful to me. I have found several useful products. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. I find it really useful. Thank you so much for all the info. I received from your sites! 



Stigma No More: Greysteppenwolf's Singapore Mental Health blog - - Aug 26th 2009

For a new Singapore true to her creed thoughts on seeing a better Singapore and better world for the mentally ill in Singapore

All About Bipolar - atorturedsoul - Jul 25th 2009

All About Bipolar is a personal blog intended to demonstrate the day to day grind faced by a person dealing with bipolar disorder. It was named one of the best bipolar blogs on the web by


Psych Continuing Ed - Todd Finnerty - Apr 15th 2009

Thanks, I think a collection of blogs will be a great resource.  I write a blog focused on continuing education for psychologists and other mental health clinicians (though it focuses on APA accredited providers primarily). It is associated with a directory of online and independent study ce course providers I put together. In fact, any one who has taken an online or independent study course or is otherwise interested in psychology continuing education can register to be an author on the blog and post their experiences with courses and course providers on the blog (or give us a heads up if they found a discount code or something).  The blog is at have written other blogs in the past such as the one you can get to from my website at, but I will be launching a new one as well this coming month timed with the release of my new book on Depressive Personality Disorder at 

The Mouse Trap blog - Sandeep Gautam - Dec 12th 2008


I write the Mouse trap blog. Although it is a general cognitive psychology and neuroscience focussed blog, one of the focus area has been autism and psychosis (schizophrenia, bipolar etc). so you may like to include the blog in those categories.


Sandeep G 

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