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Buck Black, LCSWBuck Black, LCSW
A Blog about Anger and Other Uncomfortable Emotions

Do Disrespectful People Make You Angry?

Buck Black, LCSW Updated: Mar 5th 2009

The feeling of being disrespected is one of those things that often enrages people. Who has any tolerance for being disrespected? I hope no one does, actually. Willingly subjecting yourself to disrespectful people can cause plenty of problems, such as poor self esteem and bottled up anger. However, jumping to conclusions that you are being disrespected (when you are not) can cause plenty more problems.

angry at workHere is my question: What does it mean to be disrespected. Many people have a variety of answers for this one. Therefore, I do not think there is any one consensus on this definition. It is a feeling that people get and they know it when they see it—at least that’s what they think. Since this feeling is rather subjective, I want to point out the great possibility that its the person's thinking that is causing them to feel disrespected. This is often the case when the other person means no disrespect. Therefore, I urge everyone to step back and ask why they are having these feelings.

A person often feels disrespected when, for example, their child does not do as they are told. However, does the child say, "I want to disrespect my parent by not doing as I am told."? I really doubt that. The problem here is the parent views the behavior as "disrespectful," instead of seeing that there may be many reasons the child does not do as he/she is told (because they simply don't want to do it, they have ADHD, they have some strong negative feeling and so on).

Another person might feel disrespected when she is cutoff in traffic. She might say, “I can’t believe how inconsiderate that idiot is!” This kind of thinking starts road rage incidents everyday. However, if she were to take a step back and think about the situation, there is a fair chance that he did not see her because of a blind spot in the mirror, or he was distracted by his young child. Yes, it is also possible that he cut her off on purpose, but this is rarely the case.

The number of explanations for “disrespectful” behaviors are numerous. I encourage everyone to look at the actions behind these behaviors. A lot of people behave in a "disrespectful" manner because they are scared, they are trying to look tough to cover insecurities, they are blind to their own behavior, or they are simply angry in general. If you immediately tell yourself that you are being disrespected when a person does not behave the way you want them to, remind yourself that you are jumping to conclusions. Think about the alternative reasons the person is acting this way. Few people make it a goal to disrespect others.

Here are some quick one-liners that a person can ask themselves in order to reduce anger:

* Will (whatever makes me angry) matter one year from now? Will it matter one week from now?
* What right do I have that is being violated?
* How would the average person respond to this?
* How is getting angry about this really going to change anything?
* Other than anger, what else am I feeling?
* What belief do I have that is making me angry? Is that belief reasonable.
* What is really causing this person to behave in a matter that makes me angry?


Buck Black, LCSW

Buck Black offers psychotherapy for anger issues through his practice in the Lafayette Indiana area ( via phone, email, and office visits. He also provides anger and stress management for truckers via phone, webcam, and email at You can also follow Buck on Twitter at @TruckerTherapy or @BuckBlack.

Reader Comments
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Disrespectful article - AD - Mar 8th 2015

I found the orignal article really disrespectful and most of the comments respectful. I cannot believe the therapist has any appreciation of this issue. I think he has it the wrong way around IMO.

disrespectful - - Feb 28th 2015

I thinked the people who disrespecting others in any way they don't have manners or any education.

!!!!! - mpl - Feb 24th 2015

this doesn't help...justifying people's disrespectful attitude....thanks anyway

Disrespect is not a verb - - Feb 22nd 2015

I get mad when people think I am so stupid as to believe that I would think that disrespect is a verb. "To treat someone with disrespect" is the correct construction!

who cares? - lisa - Feb 21st 2015

I don't care if people talk to me in disrespectful ways. Does that mean there is something wrong with me? I couldn't care less what people say to me, until they lay their hands on me that is. I have never understood people who always freak out if a stranger talks sh*t even when they have no idea who they are. Waste of energy to me. Pick your battles, sparingly.

What about actual disrespect? - - Jan 4th 2015

What about when you are actually, blatantly being disrespected when you have done nothing wrong, are innocent, are sensitive and deserve no ridicule or disrespect? What then? Thanks for nothing with regards to that.

The answer. - Alicia - Jun 29th 2014

Good comment Cheryl.  I believe that is a big part of the problem.  Children are not treated with respect by adults as they are growing up. When they grow up they in turn so not treat children with respect, raising another generation that BELIEVES DISRESPECT IS NORMAL. The problem goes on and on, generation after generation.  The answer of course is to break this vicious cycle.  People need to treat all others with respect, especially children.  Yes it is more work to treat children with respect, but the fact is they ARE people, and OUR FUTURE, and anyone who does not treat them with respect is only perpetuating the problem of disrespect.

He wants to be friends I dont - Nick C. - Sep 9th 2013

My friend wants to be friends again but I am not sure what to do. I find him ammature and arrogant. One time he said he was never gonna talk to me again over a game of Starcraft II. Recently he cussed and said he was going to beat me up because I got him Temporarily banned from a server for a week. On my side one time I got mad at him because I was playing a game with him and he told me not to kill him but then he would either kill me or spawn stuff in that will kill me and he wouldnt tell me how to turn on god mode ... so I raged and called him a hippocrit with a little bit of cussing not much because everytime I would kill him he would whine and tell me not to kill him.
He wants to be friends again but I dont know what to do because I dont know if it is me or not. Please reply and tell me wether or not if I should but I kind of dont want to since every month it gets worse.

BeenThere888 - - Sep 6th 2013

The key is to set disrespect straight without anger. I find disrespectful twits to be amusing. I enjoy teaching them a lesson.

Condolence words - Cathy Miller - Jul 23rd 2013

For someone who just loss a child, it is great to give condolence card and write there "I am very sorry about your loss, you have my deepest sympathy". It is respectful and it shows that you care and you are sorry for the loss since they need your support at times like this. 

why? - jay - May 28th 2013

i get angry because people in this world treat you like you are dumb and dont even try to hide their disrespect for you. i went for an interview and the man interviewing me asked me if i had any questions. well i had one question i wanted answered due to my past. in my past jobs i have had people inadequately train you and then yell at you for making a mistake. plus everyone hated their job so therefore tried to make your life a living hell. so i asked him two questions. 1 what are the people like here are they nice and easy to get along with and 2 what is the training like here. sure enough he seems to like me and i feel good like this is going to be a nice man to work for and so he tells me to go to the temp agency to let them know if im interested in the job. so i get to the temp agency, they call him up and he tells her that what i said raised red flags to him and he "would give me a try". so the lady and him kinda exchanged some banter between them like " yeh your going to have people who dont like the job anywhere you go" and making me out to be an idiot for asking the question. of course i know there are bad apples everywhere but i wanted to know what the MAJORITY of people working there were like as human beings. so why did they feel the need to treat me like that? why are bosses and temp agencies allowed to tell me what to do and make demands but if i give an opinion or ask a question they shoot me down for it? im sick of this society. everyone plays a fake social game constructed to put people in defined boxes and it pisses me off

Disrespect - - Aug 26th 2012

It really hurts me when friends who I used to go out with, turns down any requests for going out when I suggest a place. I have asked a friend who I used to go out with if she wanted to do various things for about 3 months and she is turning everything I suggest down giving me lame excuses why she can't go out with me. She is too tired, there might me bees, she is allergic to the sun, she doesn't feel like going, she has her wash to do, etc.  She then goes out with another girl. I brought this up to her and told her it hurts me when she always tells me no and then goes out with others. I asked her why and if I am doing anything that is preventing her from not wanting to go out. She then turns around and calls me Another girl does the same thing. Even when we had plans to go to the beach for a week ahead of time, she stiffed me 30 min before the time we were to leave.  I do not know why this is happening and can't get an answer from both these women. They undermine what I say when I address it and tell me I am being a baby or that I just want to argue. The second girl will turn me down and tell me she is going to the Fair with her sister, son, friend and does not want to go with me. It is hurtful and I can't get a straight answer from these girls. It seems that some of these people turn me down and end up going with others in their life and do not feel appreciated or respected and it hurts when I put so much time into being their friend and helping them out with things they needed help with. How do I address this? I do not know why this is happening or what to do?


My home was engulfed in flames and was a total loss.  I lived alone in that home for 11 years.  I was a good neighbor to all.  If I knew my neighbor's needed help, I was always the first one there.  Not to just offer my help, but to do for them what they needed to have done, without having to ask for help.

Not one neighbor came to check to see if I made it out of the fire alive.  No one brought me a change of clothes or helped me in any way.  How can people be so inconsiderate and so disrespectful of a perfect stranger in this awful situation...much less a good loyal neighbor for many years ?

I have a simple solution - H2 - Aug 30th 2011

I am reading all these posts and I know what everyone is going through. But then I began to laugh, not at everyone on here, I am laughing at the irony of all this madness. I too am a nice guy and will treat others as I expect to be treated. But suddelny, things have taken a 360 degree turn for me. I am not as tolerant of others ignorance and disrespect as I wasn't when I was a young teenager. I will give a person a chance and give them the upmost respect, but once I sense that an individual is trying me, I will turn EVIL and give it back to them in return. I suddenly don't give a @#%$ anymore, and I don't care if a person likes me or not. Screw all that philisophical BS, I will tell one in a heartbeat to @#$* OFF and eat a #$@&, whole. Then if they wanna throw down, we can do that too! I've got the muscle and know how to get down anytime an @#%$hole is ready. End of discussion. 


*Will (whatever makes me angry) matter one year from now? Will it matter one week from now?


* What right do I have that is being violated?

 Lied to, my husband comes and goes without telling me a thing and I have no clue where he is at.  He is drinking everyday when he is a recovering drug addict, so no he is an alcoholic in denial.  No time for me, I'm not invited anywhere with him now.  Friends are more important. 

* How would the average person respond to this?

  Someone please tell me this answer!!!

* How is getting angry about this really going to change anything? 

I don't think I can change it, it is up to him. 

* Other than anger, what else am I feeling?

Betrayed, lonely, empty, very very sad and hurt.  He says I am trying to control him because I don't want him to drink or hang with old friends that he done drugs with and lots of women. 

* What belief do I have that is making me angry? Is that belief reasonable.

He was told in rehab that he should never even sip a drink of beer, because this could cause a relasp and if not he will become a alcoholic.  This was his second rehab, by the way.

* What is really causing this person to behave in a matter that makes me angry? 

The hurt he is causing me and the family, when I have loved him with everything in me and he has had so many chances.. he is 41 now and its time to grow up, he was completly clean and the best husband for that couple of months.. The alcohol was a choice, he knew better.

I have asked him to choose between the alcohol or us and the family and he walked.  I am trying so hard to be strong and it is so hard.  Any answers???

Ignoring Your input - - Jan 29th 2011

Recently, i had an occasion that was really akward, and it really got under my skin! I have had horses all my life, worked for 6 years at an Equine Vet Center. and I know a bit about horses and the training of them. So my father in-laws brother was over and we were working with a horse, no matter what i said it was as if i was'nt even talking. i would say something then they would say almost what i said in different words, back to me as if they were instructing me on Horses and horsemanship. While i don't pretend to know everything about horses, they made me feel like i was a schoolboy in class.  while the whole time i could tell them everything on the subject and then some, yet I was just being ignored. it was very infuriating to me. i felt very disrespected. I believe i can learn from anyone them included in area's i'm sure. but don't tell a brain surgeon that the brain is located in the cranium, don't tell a guitarist that a guitar has strings. Don't tell an electrician ohms law.

who wrote this? - - Oct 27th 2010

somebody is showing disrespect to this article because I found the exact same one by another author. So who is the real author?

Dr. Dombeck's Note: Can you post the URL of the other article?  I'd like to investigate myself. 

do it back - ryan - Sep 15th 2010

i just try to give people back what they give to me. i start off giving everyone a chance, but if they mess it up by repeatetive ignorance or just being disrespectful over and over i take their logic and play it back to them from my side. if they are smart and catch on, it will make em realize what they are doing is just dumb. hopefully they will try and change their outlook on how to treat other people. i truely believe if you give others respect and try to keep a positive outlook you will be rewarded throughout your life.

Mooching, lieing roommate.. - Shane - Sep 11th 2010

I appreciate this article.. Here's my problem.

I live with a roommate that eats my food, drinks my drink, uses my personal items, (sneaks, by the way) after I've told him not too, and lies about it when confronted. He is obese, and I believe has an eating disorder. He is also cheap, and will not buy his own toothpaste or bath supplies. He cranks the ac way low, has not contributed to the massive electric bill, and is 10 days behind on the rent. I don't believe he has any respect or regard for anyone else. I don't want to move, and I can't get rid of him. What do I do? It's making me irate.


in other not to get anoyed even witht the nasty persistance of anoying acts, i just see the person as a mad person who has lost his mind and see no need arguing with a mad man. then i just keep quiet of walk off.

Disrespect - - Aug 2nd 2010

What really angers me, is coming to a person (or organization) and calmly talking about something that is wrong that they need to fix.  They pretend to listen, and essentially just "yeah, yeah, yeah" you, but nothing gets done about it.  

So you have to come back again, and again, and you then DO begin to get angry because they're obviously disrespecting you after you've taken the necessary steps to try and correct the issue and they refuse to listen and fix anything.  To me,that's the ultimate in disrespect.    

For example, my apartment complex began using a property company to collect the rent.  No more money orders or checks; it had to be done solely through MoneyGram.  

Problem is, every single month, there's a problem.  

I've talked to the apartment people....called on my cell phone when I saw someone in the office and they refused to pick up OR call me back.  

Called the property company, spoke with the customer service reps at Money Gram....noone seems to know why it isn't going through, but noone wants to help.  

The fact that this issue has been ongoing for the last 6+mos,ever since they went to this system, and it only appears to be happening to me, exclusively (everyone else's rent is going through) makes me angry.  

They put a 2 day time limit on me  (rent is due on the 1st, but you can't pay it until the 2nd, and after the 3rd, a $50 late fee is imposed).  It appears the more I talk,the more noone is listening.  Rent time has become "2 days of HELL time" for me.

Last month, I got angry and shouted at someone. That's not like me, but nothing is getting done!  What does it take for people to listen and address issues?    

When I feel like I'm not being heard and understood, that's when I lose it.  

Disrespect in general - Nikki - Jul 12th 2010

I got so angry at people's ignorance and disrespect. Their lack of following rules and not knowing right from wrong. There are few exceptions. I do not get mad at mentally challenged people or kids. And I don't always get mad when I am personally disrespected. I get mad when people disrespect famliy, friends, and strangers. Road rage is my worst problem. I hate when people disrespect the laws of the road. And it is not just when people cut me off or almost hit me. It's all drivers. If a car in front of me almost gets hit by someone swerving into the wrong lane I get extremely mad. I get so fed up with why this world has so many bad people in it. I wish it didn't bother me though...but I don't understand why I care so much and I don't know how to make the anger go away and not care about other people's safety and whether they are treated fairly.

Disrespect - Khalil - Jun 11th 2010

Before saying any thing let me tell you , that , you must answer to my question. Yes disrespect makes people angry, specially behaviou of your own 14 to 20 years children. If you are not a father of that old kids you are not entitled to say any thing as you dont have the practical experience. Yes , they know i am disrespecting as you have told them 100 times that this is misbehaviour. 2. I dont bother it matter me an hour or week , i am much concerned it ruins their own life we get angry for their future not for ourselves, to understand this you must have good knowledge of different cultures. Yes you are right there is nothing good or bad in the world it is thinking of man which make it so.. But.. for instance, if your saw your brother having sex with your wife or your daughter or your mom ~~will you still keep yourself cool ????? if you are human being i dont thik you can???atleast you will walk away and may not talk to parties for some time.... if you are saying i will just laugh and pass you are idiot and have some problem for sure. So there are things not acceptable in any culture and religion and in any society. If that happen you get angry naturally, yes if someone cut you on highway , you are not suppose to be angry most of the drivers in north America are drunk specially on weekend nights .. 70% of north Americans are hardly high school grarduates and even left the school before graduation,, i dont consider them educated people ,, a litrate person (uneducated) can do any thing strange and unexpected ,, you have to keep silence as he she is uneducated , if both of you are uneducated ,, you go ahead according to your own stretegy ~ without endangering others, or another educated person on road will call police. If you get angry on mibehaviour of a kid below 12 you are abnormal, you see psychiatrist ASAP.   

Why people are Disrespectful - George Handleman - Jun 4th 2010

Being disrespectful can be caused either by having a bad day or feeling tired. It does not mean that this disrespect will repeat itself every day. The only way to counter this is by a good's night sleep or overcoming the events that made this day in perticular a bad one.

Being bullied on my first day at work - Barbara - May 1st 2010

I am confused by the way i have been treated by people at work. I started a new job, The girl that was training me was very rude, i have an obesity problem due to being abused all my life. I have been fighting battles of trauma. Anyway i make it a point to be extra friendly and professional. The girl started to train me very fast like at the speed of a two hundred words per minute and speaking to me at the same rate. That may not be fast for some people but for me typing 50 wpm is my highest. I was temping, she started: this is what you do and this and this like this do this did you want to write it down i am very busy i said yes i will write it down. I was waiting for her to get a paper. Then she started going "just scan scan scan that's all you have to do. i was like ok, she didn't get me to write anything down. she gave me like a forty second training session. i did everything she told me. she left early that day, that why she was training me crapy, . the following week i come into work. and they make me do pick and packing work, searching for documents manually. i didn't mind i was unemployed and needed the job. Their computer system has always been slow. Suddenly i got the impression they were blaming me. Indirect communication. "The computer is slow" might be something to do with the scanning. I told them i did everything she told me to do. They didn't  rehire me, they said the work was finished. I go in the next day to hand in my time sheet and they hired another girl. i feel i have been treated unfairly. i didn't know what to do? i didn't want to make a big deal out of it. The same thing happened with another job. i was trained for call centre work. The girl that trained me was talking so fast, she made me feel stupid. again she trained me at 200 words per minute, talking at the speed of 150 i bit my tongue and continued to smile and pretend she wasn't getting on my nerves. i understand i am new, i told her that i had ten years experience in call centre work hoping she would treat me with a bit more respect. As i was on the key board practicing. i pressed one wrong button and she snapped at me it was a training system we were on. I told her its my first day i am learning. know one shows you once and then you remember everything. I wrote things down. She told me to write things down in my own words, she gave me no guidelines of words i needed to write down. The tension was bad, i almost told a supervisor to give me a new trainer, but i didn't want them to think bad of me so i just handled it. One of the other girls that started with me her trainer wrote each step down for her, incase she got stuck. But my trainer was being a real evil witch. I dont know what to do is anyone else having similar problems please let me know how i should respond thanks

Dealing with Bullies - Daniel McKinney - Dec 15th 2009

In High School I was dealing with Bullies with anger problems. Like being Ignorant makes others feel Uncomfortable and dont like being mess around. Its like a Joke when you pull on someone by making them mad. Other Peer Problems with Bullies is also the Jocks. The Jocks participated in SPORTS had also anger problems not talking to someone who is important to them. This guy during my senior year made me very angry when he is not speaking to anyone, like me and he is arrogant.

being disrespected by a man who will not return your phone calls. - - Dec 10th 2009

I was direspected by someone who showed interest in me for one week. When I was out with friends for fourty year old birthday party he had gotten angry because a friend of mine wanted to dance with me and kept coming up to me the whole night inwhich I could not controll. That person was the one who called me to meet with me that night and then he stopped talking to me.  I tried calling for an expaination and he never returned my phone calls. I feel that is hurtfull and direspectful. No one should be treated that way and deserve an explaination. I feel that when someone disrespects you that way that they do not respect themselves. Therefore they do not care for other peoples feelings and deserve to be told that they are not mature individuals and handled the situration poorly. I do not care what he thinks. People will talk about you even if you don not do anything wrong. I'd rather express my point to let them know that their actions are immature.

That's what I'd do - - Nov 28th 2009

Oh, you bet that disrespectful people anger me. I have quite a temper and I don't EVER want ANYONE to tick me off. I've been ticked off many times and it doesn't make me feel good.

Disrespectful people make me want to get back at them. What also angers me is people who state that there will always be disrespectful people. I wish that there never were any. In other words, I'd like to have a world where only their opposites remain.

To all of you who have been disrespected when you didn't deserve it, you have my sympathy. But don't let them get you down. Instead, get back at them and give them what they deserve by making themback down. That's what I'd do.

Disrespect simply makes others feel better abou themselves - - Nov 5th 2009

The worst from of disrespect is when someone continuously cuts you off while speaking and trys to speak over you. This form of disrepect enrages me. Especialy, which I believe due to my age, older people feel as though it is ok to make condesending remarks that belittle others.

Disrespectful people - - Nov 5th 2009

Yes disrespectful people do make me angry because i feel that if we don't disrespect them then they shouldn't have the right to disrespect us. I think that some people get over thier hands when tyhings happened and they feel that you made them angery then they have a right to disrespect you and they don't. Do you have a sulution for this because I am tired of getting disrespected by people when i dnt need the disrespect because i AM NOT GIVING THEM NOI DISRESPECT. I think people who disrespect people for no reason should have no respect.


Thank You for your Cooperstion.!@

Let me know if im wrong - - Oct 28th 2009
I just want to know why some guys have to portray the macho man image. I'm attending a technical school and for some reason some guy always seems to think that acting responsible and maturely is wrong. I'm always told bad things and when this guy hangs out with his friends he seems to think its cool to just flip me off for no particular reason. The reason I feel direspected is because I give this guy no reason for him to treat me bad. I want to know what might be making this guy act like this and what I can do to make this stop. Remember I go to a technical school and 90 percent of the students are immature. Telling him directly would only make him address the whole problem out loud for everyone to hear.


I must say that I have had it with so called friends that don't return phone calls for know reason. That is so hurtful. You call leting them know that your thinking about them and there families, only to get know response. Now wondering what the hell happened to them! Some people must think it ok to just dis you. But it rude and extremely disrespectful. Just tell people, "Sorry I'm to busy right now to hang with you". That would be polite and most people understand. Don't just not return calls because you have decided that a  person is not worth your time. All of us have feelings and deserve respect. So think twice before you just dis someone for know apparent reason. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO ALL SUCCESS IN ALL SITUATIONS. 

My friends problem with her husband - Reina - Aug 21st 2009

My mom's friend Sally has problems with  her   husband    he calls her a bitch and  he calls her a slut and a hoe  in front of her 11 year old child named jenna  me  and  jenna  are best friends and she  wants  to  get  divorced  and  she wants  to  move from him she is scared .He wants to sell the house and right now at this moment she is showing and expressing  her feelings right now.I love ssally and jenna like they were  related to me she  is the best thing that a person could ever wish for and i hope that she will read this . and her husband BOBBY i dont like him he always called me  his  chocolate yea right i hope u readers understand this problem and he is from trinidad  he  suffered from problems at least we think that  when he grew up his parents abused him but if were  right we hope he dosent take it out on his family which is jenna  and  sally  they  are  really  scared i felt really bad when she explained it.

Uninvited touching - - Jul 21st 2009

I read a long time ago that a man wants RESPECT and APPRECIATION. Being a man I am going to write about the respect issue. I work at a decent organization where we are able to assist in the education of youngsters. I am bald and short. It seems that people, men and women, have found it ok to touch my bald head. I hate it. It makes me feel like a dog being petted. A few years ago I was in a meeting with about 30 co-workers and we were doing a teambuilder and the fellow I was working with touched my head at the end of our presentation. I yelled out,"I don't believe you touched me on my head! Do I touch you in that way?" Needless to say, I was pissed and he was embarrassed and that never happened again. But this has happened to me more than once. Each time it has happened, I have told the person that either it was inappropriate or that I don't like being touched in that manner. But I want to know why someone would want to disrespect a person in that manner. I wonder if any other readers have had any similar experiences with being touched UNINVITED!

I wish people would think before they acted - - Apr 2nd 2009

AMEN. I attend college and I visit my girlfriend's college once a week. College students are so disrespectful it makes me sick. Tonight she and I were walking and a lone man (or should I say an 18-20 year old child/boy) from a group of students sitting at a bus stop came up to us and asked "Can I talk to you for a minute?" And I politely said "No thank you," and simply waved like "Okay, not interested." He then had the audacity to say, "I'm sorry, this is a dare from my friends. I just wanted to ask her 'how much?'" His friends thought it hilarious. I saw red and I wanted to hurt him. But then I started thinking that is wasn't worth it and it might cause her problems due to the fact we were in close proximity of her dorm. It wouldn't be a big deal but I feel like I'm disrespected all the time by rude college students living off of their parents with no appreciation for the things they've been given in their life. It's like, have some humility and respect strangers. Luckily for them I had a little restraint. I guess that's the reason i came to this site. Looking for answers as to if I was wrong to be so angry, but the sheer stupidity and selfishness and the implications of calling my girlfriend (who already has low self-esteem) a whore simply makes me think they were purposely being disrespectful. I know you say in this article that perhaps they don't mean to be and it's my own way of thinking that leads me to think I was disrespected, but I wish people would think before they acted and maybe it would cause people a lot less grief...

Yes it will matter - Cheryl - Mar 15th 2009

When you ask will this matter years from now, it may not hit you immediately but sometimes yes this will matter years from now. Look at the older person in a store that disprespects a child simply because they believe that the child is a child and they are the adult. Example a young boy holds a door open for a person, that person walks through never says thank you, several more people walk through and never say thank you, this is disrespect to this child and at the time it may not seem it but years from now that may mean something to the child, that child has been shown by example that respect is not always necessary. People need to go out of their way to show respect in order to be given respect, and they need to pay more attention on a daily basis. Remember the seeds of respect that are sewn today, will be what is grown tomorrow.

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