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Internet Addiction and Media Issues
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Internet Addiction and Media Issues Introduction

Kathryn Patricelli, MA, edited by Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Apr 28th 2016

This center looks at the use of the internet and other forms of media in our lives.

hand on a keyboardIn the first chapter, we look at the topic of Internet Addiction. The DSM-5 does not currently recognize Internet gaming disorder as an official diagnosis. Instead, proposed criteria have been placed in Section III, which lists proposed diagnoses for future consideration and further study. Nevertheless, compulsive Internet use is a serious problem for many people, and there are methods that can be helpful in alleviating this problem. This chapter looks at the background of the addiction, symptoms, and possible treatment methods.

In the second chapter, we look at the usage and effects of media on children. As used in this center, media refers to the vast web of communication and entertainment technologies and services that have become a commonplace and ever-present aspect of modern life. Books and magazines, movies and television programs, computer programs, and internet websites and services are all examples of media, as are the computers, mobile phones and specialty devices used to access these services.

This chapter of material is designed to provide parents with a look at the different forms of media children are currently exposed to and using in their daily lives. We look at the benefits and drawbacks to this media exposure.

We then provide materials to help parents educate themselves about the forms modern media take (including the newest Internet formats for obtaining and consuming media and for communicating), as well as how to monitor media consumptions, utilize media blocking technologies, and how to set and enforce clear rules and boundaries for balanced media use.



Reader Comments
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internet creating porn addicts as young as 11 - Lindsay McKinnon - Apr 18th 2012

One of the fastest growing areas of internet addiction is Porn Addiction which is going into the DSM-V this year I believe.

The first exposure to Internet porn usually occurs around the age of 11 (I am currently coaching someone who became an addict at the age of 7). It affects mostly men and is a fast growing epidemic that is affecting the work place (the majority of porn sites are accessed between 9-5) and is resulting in millions of lost revenue. 25% of employees access porn in the workplace with hundreds of thousands of pages being child porn.

For the first time in recorded history, young men in their twenties are suffering ED as their earliest sexual experience has been with pixels and they are unable to respond to flesh and blood. The novelty of click - new image click - new image is causing a re-wiring of the neural pathways in the brain so that the genetic response to procreate with women, is being misdirected to only being stimulated by porn instead. Like any drug, the need for a stronger fix is always present, leading addicts to stronger, more violent, more degrading porn and child porn.

It is affecting marriages and is now cited in over 53% of divorce cases. A growing number of partners of porn addicts (over 70%) are showing signs of and getting treatment for PTSD as a direct result of the affects their partner's porn addiction has had on them.

Once it gets to the point of an addiction it requires total abstinence from all forms of porn, not just the internet variety. It can take years to recover and, like an alcoholic, it is something that the addict must remove from his life for good.

Lindsay McKinnon

Computer+net=tool - pljames - Jul 29th 2011

The computer plus the net equals knowledge tool. pljames

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