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New Internet Addiction and Media Issues Center

Kathryn Patricelli, MA Updated: Jun 6th 2010

We wanted to make you aware that we have made a change to one of our centers and added a large amount of material.  Our new center is titled Internet Addiction and Media Issues (formerly Internet Addiction).

hand on a keyboardIn addition to the original material on Internet Addiction, we have also added a new chapter of material on Children and Media Issues.  This chapter contains over 20 documents of material that look at the usage and effects of media on children.

In this chapter, media refers to the vast web of communication and entertainment technologies and services that have become a commonplace and ever-present aspect of modern life. Books and magazines, movies and television programs, computer programs, and internet websites and services are all examples of media, as are the computers, mobile phones and specialty devices used to access these services.

This chapter of material is designed to provide parents with a look at the different forms of media children are currently exposed to and using in their daily lives. We look at the benefits and drawbacks to this media exposure.

We then provide materials to help parents educate themselves about the forms modern media take (including the newest Internet formats for obtaining and consuming media and for communicating), as well as how to monitor media consumptions, utilize media blocking technologies, and how to set and enforce clear rules and boundaries for balanced media use.

We hope that you will find this material beneficial and educational.  Thanks!

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she tells people she is being hurt (but isn't) - - Sep 14th 2010

I've never done this before, my 16 year old daughter has the internet problem.  She goes online and tells people that she is being hurt, and that she needs help.  People befriend her and call the State protection services.  They feel like they are helping. 

We have been seeing a Psyciaistrist for almost 8 years now.  We have tried all kind of drug cocktails etc. 

I was just wondering it there is someone else out there with the same problem?

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