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Sarafin, author of the Asylum Squad web comicAsylum Squad
a comic about four characters who appear to be suffering from what looks like schizophrenia

Asylum Squad Comic Strip 20

Sarafin Updated: Jan 26th 2011

Asylum Squad Comic Strip 20

The second row of panels in this comic were recently redrawn. Since I was unwell at the time of at least the first 40-44 strips, a lot of the old work is really rough (my newer comics are also less wordy than these ones I've been posting - plus, art college has helped with the visual aspect). Because of the roughness of many, the ones that I feel are just too flawed to be acceptable are edited, and sometimes (such as in the case of strip # 21) they're redrawn entirely.

Also - I know there are going to be people who don't like that my belief in the influence of spirits is a major component to some of these comics. Certainly when I wrote the Liz Madder character, I had in mind a girl who is genuinely affected by a negative spirit, and who may also be schizophrenic. Ultimately though, the conditions of these characters are left open to individual interpretation. Some will say this is a comic about a bunch of schizophrenics, others will disagree. Without sounding too biased, I feel that some of what I went through, in my own life, went beyond the realm of just faulty brain chemistry, and this viewpoint will surface from time to time in the comics.




Sarafin is a Toronto-based artist and writer, a student of illustration, and a self-described psychiatric survivor. She currently writes and draws a webcomic entitled 'Asylum Squad', which exemplifies the psychotic experience, satirizes psychiatry, and parodies drug culture. You can now view all of The Psychosis Diaries strips at and of course the ongoing series is available at

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