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Step Seven: Humbly Asked God to Remove our Shortcomings: The Buddhist Perspective

Michele Happe, MA, LADC Updated: Jun 15th 2011

Editor's Note: You can find the first 6 posts in this series at Michele's blog page.

As a Buddhist, humbly is the key in this step. People are turned off to the 12 steps because they are Christo-centric. It is fairly easy to plug in your own beliefs while practicing the 12 Steps. In Buddhism there is no "God" in the creational sense. Humility though is a core principle.

two glasses of alcoholHumility comes through contemplation of our Deities. Deities are no more than a manifestation of a principle in our OWN MIND. For instance Red Tara is a manifestation of magnetizing. We visualize and contemplate her when we are looking to magnetize or manifest something in our lives. All the deities are paragons of humility, so visualizing any will bring about humility, our own manifest humility, in time.

We have already discovered our shortcomings. In this step we learn to let go of our ATTACHMENT to them. We allow ourselves to let go of defining ourselves by them. We become open to allowing ourself to truly become a Boddhisattva. A Boddhisattva is someone who is totally dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings. All of our Deities are Boddhisattvas. In Buddhism humility comes from dedication to practice and effortfully allowing our own inner good to emerge. We also follow the Ten Virtues outlined in another blog. If we decide to be virtuous our character flaws will of course be extinguished. The process of removing shortcomings is one of personal responsibility and dedication rather then asking some outer authority which does not even exist in the Buddhist cosmology.

All humans have shortcomings until enlightenment is reached. Dedication and discipline, even by going to meetings but further by a committed spiritual practice, will allow these shortcomings to fall away resulting in the emergence of our own true nature.

That true nature is wisdom and compassion….

Be well….


Michele Happe, MA, LADCI am a licensed addictions therapist that specializes in addiction and codependency. I use Buddhist principles to aid in recovery and to help promote happiness. I also write and teach about these issues. I have a private practice in Minden, NV and Reno, NV and work nationally on the phone(775)230-1507 and through skype (mhappenow). My webpage is Join me on Facebook for lots of mini teachings.

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