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Introduction to Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders

Matthew D. Jacofsky, Psy.D., Melanie T. Santos, Psy.D., Sony Khemlani-Patel, Ph.D. & Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D. of the Bio Behavioral Institute, edited by C. E. Zupanick, Psy.D. Updated: Jan 2nd 2014

sad boyObsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders are a group of similar psychiatric disorders. These disorders are characterized by repetitive thoughts, distressing emotions, and compulsive behaviors. The specific types of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors vary according to each disorder. These disorders are:

1. obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD);
2. body dysmorphic disorder (BDD);
3. hoarding disorder;
4. hair-pulling disorder (trichotillomania); and,
5. skin-picking disorder (excoriation).

Obsessions are recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges, or images that are experienced as intrusive and unwanted. Common obsessional themes include concerns about contamination; harm happening to oneself or others; intrusive sexual thoughts; religious preoccupation and rituals; repeated and excessive doubts about safety and security; the need for symmetry and order; and perfectionism. Because obsessions are unwanted, they create anxiety and distress when they occur. To reduce this discomfort people perform compulsions.

Compulsions are behaviors or mental acts that a person feels "driven" to perform in response to an obsession. Common compulsions include excessive hand washing; re-ordering objects in a specific way; checking on safety and security (a door lock, an electric appliance); counting (aloud or silently); and the ritualistic repetition of prayers in one's mind. Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders share many similar features. However, there are also important differences. The following example illustrates the importance of these differences.


Matthew D. Jacofsky, Psy.D., Melanie T. Santos, Psy.D., Sony Khemlani-Patel, Ph.D. & Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D. of the Bio Behavioral Institute

Authors Statement: Established in 1979, the Bio Behavioral Institute is a psychological and psychiatric clinic dedicated to the treatment and research of anxiety and mood disorders. Based in Long Island, NY, USA, the institute serves both a local and international clientele. Our staff have over 40 years of experience treating anxiety and mood disorders and have been at the forefront of scientifically supported treatments for anxiety disorders for many years. We offer a variety of programs provided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. For more information, please visit us online at or view Bio Behavioral Institute and author biographical information on this website.

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i want to exersise - Cdo - Feb 7th 2015
Hello...I have some questions ...My loved one has OCD and he wants to exercise but is finding with Ocd has restricted him in doing so. with the restricted motions he is finding it very upsetting and wants so badly to get in to shape gain ...can any one out there help with some ideas ....thank you so very much ..... or just mention some sites that we can go to .

Your OCD is out of control - SF - Oct 6th 2014

I have suffered from extreme ocd at different periods throughout my life. It began in my teens... due in part to a genetic predisposition and a chaotic homelife. I came close to a complete nervous breakdown in my mid-twenties. I was working three jobs, had pms (I do think hormones can play a huge part in the severity of OCD in women) and was soon to be married. My main point is that I want to encourage you to get help as soon as possible. If you need medication for a while, take it! You do not have to be on it forever. Find a qualified psychiatrist (not a family pracitioner MD) and therapist and don't be afraid to seek out others if you don't feel comfortable w/ them. I have found that the following helps:

Exercise (SO important)

Healthy Diet

Stress Management (yoga, prayer, relaxation techniques)


Face change if necessary. For example, if your job or relationships or any life situation is contributing adversaly to your stress level, address it. Perhaps you need to get a new job. Perhaps you need to distance yourself from someone.

Activity. Anything that keeps your mind preocuppied, that takes concentration, particularly creative outlets. I wonder if some aspect of OCD is misplaced creative energy. Those who suffer are often very imaginative and can construct horrific scenarios in their minds. 

FUN! Have fun. You may want to isolate, but that is one of the worst things to do. Being engaged keeps your mind off of the worries.

Medication has been key for me. I needed it and I'm so glad that it's available. If you are undergoing an accute episode, it will pass. Help is out there and you can get better!

OCD HELP/HEALTH HELP - Mark - Oct 2nd 2014

For all who asked for help try this website, I got it from M.I.T. believe it or not. its free, informative, and if anyone wants to email me with OCD, bipolar, PTSD, depression questions go for it. My wife even suffered from post partum with bipolar so I have some info on that. this website though helped me a lot.

Pandas and Pans - Reaction to an infection can cause OCD in some people - - Oct 1st 2014

I just diagnosed with Panda/Pans. There are some cases of OCD that are caused by an autoimmune reaction to an infection. The body fights and infection (e.g., strept throat) and keeps fighting the body. Antibodies attack the basal ganglia in the brain. It has been treated sucessfully. Not every body with OCD has it and there are other symptoms.  Just thought I would mention it. It is really scarey this OCD. 

The great Remedy by yours truly! - Shabbir Khan Afridi - Sep 25th 2014

Dear All,

I am not an expert or an avid psychologist but I would like to share my personal remedies which would bring 50% change in the way you take your OCD. I promise, no rocket science, plain examples to get you through nicely.

Firstly, I think having OCD is pretty normal, we all have it lurking somewhere in our system. OCD is usually triggered like a spark and the spark can be caused by someone-something-a recurring event-a trauma-a habit-an accident or an injury. Those with accute OCD who have crossed the mid age barrier may have to fight a bit harder than the ones in their 20's or teens! But yes, everyone has to put a fight. You dont have to share it with anyone but following some rules may make you light hearted, relieved and stress free! Once you enter the phase of defeating your OCD, you'd feel pleased that you can defeat it anytime. And then it is subdued and becomes dormant. 

1- You need to change your environment, your friends, colleagues, work place, or the elm street that you have lived at. 

2- Find the trigger that makes an impact on your OCD, find the one who manipulates it for you. Dont let your handler take control of you. Some people start drinking or get into drug abuse to get over OCD. Sports and a physical hobby is the best way to drift away from an OCD

3- Travel and discover a new place, try to live there for 2-3 months to discover daily, check out plants, animals and once you start getting bored.. move on somewhere else. For those who find it hard to travel because of work or financial condition should give a retreat once every 6 months....plan a head.. make the most of it

4- spend more time with your family, mother father or kids/wife and dont let yourself to stay alone all the time!! most of the sh*t happens when you are alone especially when you start hearing the inner voices inside you!!

5- Start a charity drive, run a marathon to help reduce hunger!! help flood victims.. make your move, every little helps!

6- dont miss your prayers!! be it the 5 times a day for Muslims or Sunday sermons for Christians or the sabaths for Jews!! whatever form is it in, do pray and stay connected to your Creator!! Only HE is the one who created us and he has also given us a user manual of how to fix things!! we all have our own versions of User manuals!!--> Torah, Quran, Bible! they are meant to be read and not just kissed and placed on top shelves!

7- Stop WATCHING TV too much!! video games/ tv/iPad/Mobiles are mostly the cases why our minds start going numb!! because most of our senses arent used while watching tv. We dont think, we dont ponder and we dont calculate. we just watch and absorb useless info! What good is the info in the movies--> Oblivion, Bad boys, Man of Steel, Men in Black. No doubt great movies but the know how within these movies would not make any change in our lives or make anything better for us!! Useless!

I am an engineer but I have tried to speak to you guys from the bottom of my heart. Hope I can cause brightness in someone's life! keep me in your prayers


a Pakistani!

I Think We're All Connected and Suffering from Disconnection - Roxie - Sep 24th 2014

Nature, Meditation and Yoga.

That's what we need.

Not yelling disconnected parents. Parents who didn't know better. 

This is universally, seeming like our cry for help, all these "disorders" and symptoms that something is very very wrong. Humans were not meant to suffer on these levels and commit harm to themselves or others, or not enjoy our divine life.

So yes, believe you can get better, find the small things that make you happy, and if we need to be social creatures, then let's be social TOGETHER until we feel normal again. When we go back home I know immed the anxieties kick in again. Go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.

We are all in this together. Breathe. In. Breathe. Out.

Love love love to all.

repetition. i want to stop. but it keeps on numbing especially if i will not do it - kia realis - Apr 3rd 2014

everytime i feel like i need to do something because something might happen to my loved ones, or someone would die if i will not do it... and sometimes i can do unimaginable things if i wouldnt do it. the things or stuff i usually do are:

1, everytime i look at someone, like i am staring at my classmate for no reason.. then i look way.. my mind keeps on telling me to look back.. and i look back, then look away.. and look again then look away, and look back then look away.

but if that person i kept on staring knows me for so long or you know i know her she knows me relationships.. i would tell her why i was looking at her and that i counldnt stop it. and that if i will not it i would feel uneasy (like my knees will numb , my hand will get all sweaty. etc)

2. there are really many cases.. like when i clap i should claps four time in order for the first one to have a pair.... its like these first clap, doesnt have a pair so i should clap again . but this pair of clap doesnt have a pair so i need to clap two more inorder to have two pair/.... and if i am not sure of how many times i was clapping in to clap all the time until i got tire. so i wish i always sot tired easily.


3.etc like closing my eyes, turning my head, singing a song , typing my name, pinching my nose, combing my hair, laughing.. all those things should have a pair and if im not sure if they are already four i would spend time for it until i got tired..


im just so scared if time will come i would have no strength anymore to resist myself from hurting myself

i am lossing it - mark - Jan 9th 2014


where can i talk with poeple online like myself for my mind like:

1-depression, 2-self-hating, 3-don't eat, 4-can't go out anymore 5- energy, 6-phycial pain & very cold, leave it at this one 7- whats the point in just doing none but in misery.

I'll put this plea on other of this kind of websites. Sorry for so long

TKS GOD BLESS and sorry again.


Compulsion to go for toilet - Subhash - Jan 1st 2014

I am 19 year old boyWhenever I have to go outside, I need to go tiolet for stool. I took a long time but nothing happens. After a few minutes, again I have to go toilet. When I am in class I can't stop to go toilet, but again no stool. I am fade up of this. I think this will ruin my career.

many changes ( Donna) - - Feb 13th 2013

I have read some of these and want to share my OCD. I now in my early 40's have came a long way suffered with untreated OCD. I never wanted to tell anyone or see a Doctor cause I felt every one would think bad things about me. so later on in life it got worse an I was so tired suffering with it. later had children and still didn't want anyone to know so what I did then and what I still do to this day is I face my fears one at a time and it won't be easy... but all you do is change the patteren. when you have to touch sometime over and over refuse to do so. you feel the powerful uncontrolable need to do your OCD thing... BUT DON'T DO IT!! it may feel impossable but if your like me and don't want the world to know... even if they already know your different as we all are and that's okay.take the one OCD ritual one at a time. you may feel like a doomed or a scary feeling at first but you have to realize that this is a sickness that you can over come and you have to convience your mind that you can and you will over come this one step at a time and once you slowly change the ritual It will get easier coach your self mentally and tell your self this \\

Replie to Eboney 9th Jan 2013 - marie - Feb 11th 2013

Hi Ebony,

            Please dont worrie.I am just like you in every single way.I look up on the laptop alot about OCD and trust me you defo have it babe. I suffe with it too,as far back as Ican remember as a kid I have had it. I used to feel well warn out all the time with it too.And now am nearly 30 year old. Im well worne out with it. I still dont have the courage to tell anyone. Or even go to the docktors. I hate it and makes me hate myself. Please dont think your alone. But akthough Im saying this to you,I still feel alone.This is how it make you fee dosnt it. If youd like to chatt more please comment again on here. Id love to.x

Some help. - Sam - Feb 7th 2013

Dear all,

As far as I know, OCD is essentially the result of a huge amount of stress. It is a way that the body tries to get some relief from constant worry.

So OCD is not a thing to deal with on its own, but rather the underlying stress problem.

If you are a creative person for example (which you might not even realise that you are), school can be extremely boring and stressful, as you are forced to do things you don\\\'t want to and sit lots of tests etc. It is not appreciated enough the negative effect that school can have on people.

What can also sometimes happen (particularly if people have long term OCD) is that at an early age you have a very stressful experience, and the stress is so horrible, that you automatically start trying to get rid of the general stress feelings (darkness, panic etc.) themselves, rather than deal with the original thing. This process of trying to get rid of it all causes worry and OCD to continue for years and years even when there is no clear reason why.

From my own experience, dealing with stress is not so much about \\\'doing less\\\', but more about participating in activities that you find enjoyable. When you start to do some activities on a regular basis that are enjoyable, your mind naturally starts to focus more on these things, and less on worry, and eventually you start to feel better and the OCD naturally lessons/ drops. Plus as a bonus you will learn a lot more about yourself and where your talents and interests lie..

Learning at a young age to be your own boss a little bit and find things you want to do which aren\\\'t handed to you by school, parents or your community, will really help with your self esteem in general and set you up for life.

You could go to a drawing class, or circus school, or do some volunteering that seems cool. Meeting new people outside of school can be really beneficial. Would one of your parents support this?

Or you could just take an interest in something and read lots and lots about it eg. at the public library. This is also a really popular way to deal with stress.

I also recommend emailing/ calling the samaritans if you want to talk to someone. They are really really helpful and practical, and really are open to all kinds of problems. You can have a back and forth conversation with them for as long as you want to.

I hope this helps,


lack of sleep - heafy - Jan 29th 2013

when im up during the day im fine...but when im about to go to bed and im so tired my body tells me i need to pass gas and i dont have any so i try everything i can to try and pass it but noting wont come out and then it keeps me up all night cause my brain keeps telling me i need to pass gas and then sometimes it keeps me up almost 2 days , help ??? it's been like this for almost 3 months now and i never had a full 7 hour sleep it's usually only 2-3 or sometimes no sleep at all! 

Stuck at a cross road - Ebony - Jan 9th 2013

Well for as long as I can remember I have been obsessive and had special rituals and compulsions, ie as a child I didn't really play with my toys they were just there to be looked at. Now I think this has lead to a serious problem as I'm now 14 almost 15 and I honestly think it takes over my life. Although I've never been diagnosed by a doctor or phsyciatris I know and my family know that I more than likely have OCD. I always have to go to the toilet right before I leave a place or go to bed, if I get held up it sends me into a panic as I have to keep going until I leave or go to sleep. I also have to make sure my bedroom is super clean and everything is in its proper place with no items on shelves touching and everything neatly folded , if not I won't be able to sleep. After I got to the toilet I have to wash my hands and have a drink. I have sleeping difficultys as I cannot sleep unless I have done everything and everything is perfect. I also do Wht I call touch woods where I tap the side of my head with my fists twicee 6times then one for luck which includes another 6more times, each must be perfect or I have to start again. Also anything I touch I touch 4 times and repeat in different orders ie I touch something wiv my finger I touch with all of them in all possible orders.

I also think my problem may be Asperger's syndrome as I show signs of that aswell; I cannot have eye contact with people, I make lists which I must complete, I always find myself arguing in my head with my brain which leads to lack of concentration, I talk to myself a lot in my head and I hate loud noises as I feel like someone is screeching in my ear! 

So could anyone give me any advice or help with what's wrong with me x please

never ending worry - that22 - Dec 18th 2012

im now 31since 13 ive been suicidle then after my grandmom died in my arms who raised me the 3 months later my father who raised me with my grandmom died i lost my home my mom said she couldnt handle me i was a cutter i d cut myself  to stop inside pain crazy i no so i was seperated from my sister at 15 and did 20 mounths in a juv correctional then at 16 i got a apt with my 18 year old sister all we had was eachother due to the loss of my family i became distant from my friends i tried to commit suicide i never wanted to go out side then i was raped at 19 then my now husband came in my lifebut i worry always have that something bad will happen since i was commited to mental institudes i would think my family was plotting to send me away ,i  always think something bad is going to happen to the people i love my mind cant shut off i worry about all the what ifs even things i know arent normal i have panic attack s all day that i am on meds for but the dont work my blood pressure gets high thinkin what if i now get upset if a have a appointment i stress cause i know i have to leave the house i tried to commit suicide so many times BUT NOW I BELIEVE I WAS SELFISH i have 2 little girls i have been through terrible things and was raped 4 years ago again and wound up pregnant from the rape i gave that child up for adoption i dont no how to stop the constant fear thinking someone is tring to hurt me or my kids or family will die I CANT MAKE major decions because i worry ill choose wrong im so tired of it its bad enough i have a painful musle disorder i have night terrs i JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I YELL AT THOSE I LOVE FRUSTRATED THEY DONT UNDERSTAND I FEEL LIKE i have no hope and wish i could just be with god IM NOT SUICIDLE ANYMORE BUT when i hear of people dying i think i wish me instead its painful my FAITH IN GOD is what keeps me going and my kids but i feel like a burden my pscyatrist of 13 years died and it very hard i donrt trust anyone and dont want to meet new people anyway if anyone know how to stop this racing fears please help

it is gone... - Daisy Ellison - Dec 16th 2012

I started when I was very young. I played games and then I couldn't stop. I started to call them puzzles. For YEARS I wanted them to stop. I cried all the time. I thought I was crazy. Everything would have to be even. I couldn't sleep in clothes that were creased in places. Whenever my mom cleaned my room and moved something even an inch out of place I would go crazy. I would have fits and try to get it to go back, but I couldn't. I never knew what it was. I didn't know anybody else did these things. I couldn't drive in a car with the windows open or have sound go into one ear and not the other(that was the worst). I tried to explain it to my mom once, but she didn't get it. I told her that I just wanted it to stop and I would do anything, like maybe medication. She took me to a mental health center. By thenm I had changed my mind. I didn't want to do it, but she madde me. I told the lady I had "compulsions". I had heard a student in my grade use it to describe his OCD (I was just learning about these things and I didn't get it then). I never went back and I never knew what was wrong with me. she said i might have anxiety. I'm pretty sure that I have anxiety and depression, and possibly ADHD. I worked so hard to get rid of it. It's pretty much gone now, but I feel like a part of me is missing. To get rid of it, i forced myself to endure the pain of my compulses. I'm posting this to tell those of you trying to get rid of this horrible thing that you should get help. I didn't know what to say when I tried to get help, so maybe now you will. Just try and explain what OCD is and get help, don't do it alone. It just makes thing worse.

OCD-Complex PTSD & ADDICTION - tiffany - Dec 13th 2012

I am a 42 year old female.  I come from an abusive childhood. That mixed with a sensitive temperment has left my life in an ongoing shambles.  

It started in the 1-5 years with an alcoholic stepfather that would beat me and my sister and mother.

At 15, I had my first memories of severe OCD, clinical, textbook OCD.  Fear of germs, the devil, running someone over in the road, that I would kill someone, that I was crazy, that I was going to be possessed.  I developed phobias around food poisoning and vomiting.  I began to restrict my eating (eating disorder).  

At 16, my mother, never validating depression or mental disease, kicked me out to live with my father (an ass) and was abused emotionally there.  I was doing rituals 7 hours out of the day.

At 21, I decided to seek help.  I was a suicidal mess.  I was misdiagnosed with everything from bipolar to nothing.  I tried every pyshiatric drug in the book.  I glommed onto a person and fought back.  I did behavioral therapy by myself to overcome my fears.  It took 15 years but I overcame them.

I thought I had won....I was wrong.  I knew my thinking was still a mess.  I had gotten rid of the compulsions but the obsessions and skewed thinking was still present.  I was all-or-nothing and tortured on a daily basis.  I overworked everything and was afraid of everyone.

In my 30's I became physically ill.  I developed 5 autoimmune diseases and had 6 surgeries plus countless tests and whatnot. Autoimmune diseases are when the body attacks itself.  I knew this was because I was a mental mess and that my mind/body/spirit connection was not right. I was misdiagnosed 8 times prior to those surgeries because of my mental health records.  

In my late 30's, after a life battle with severe OCD, panic attacks, agoraphobia, self-loathing, and a body that was going down (6 surgeries and 5 autoimmune diseases), I tried pain killers.  I became an addict.  Now I go to AA meetings, therapy once a week, accupuncture, psychiatry and other appointments just to stay alive.  Why I ask myself?  To what end?  For what reason?

Now I am 42.  I struggle on the daily to maintain a modicum of perceived normalcy and go to therapy once a week.  I have a Masters in art from a top notch school and cannot do the simplest of tasks.  My nervous system is shot, my pelvic floor is shot, my thyroid is shot (doctors words) and I cannot handle lifes stressors without a major meltdown and am still the same mess (just in different form) as I was when it all began at 15 with child abuse.

When will it end and why am I still here I wonder every day. The struggle to get through a day is many days, enough.  Meanwhile I see my friends advancing and going about their lives in a normal way.  I wish it were so with me.  I have tried everything in my power.  I have nothing and I am nothing.   


This is what OCD and abuse does to a person as they age.  GET the right help NOW!  before you end up like me..... a person with great potential but too many hills to climb.  


may you get well from this doubting disease.

Feel like I am crazy - - Oct 31st 2012

I got into a stupid ritual at the age of seven, and it was to play imaginary games at night. Now, at the age of twelve, I still have to do it or else I literally can't sleep. I know why it happens, sort of. I have a form of synesthesia where when, for example, I'm reading, I see it happen in my head like a movie because of how strong the colours are. I also have OCD, I think, because I obsess over the slightest things, and am just getting over a obsession to do everything 8 times. Please tell me I'm not crazy :( I just hate not sleeping, as I also get insomnia and depression which don't make it any more fun to stay up.

Severe OCD, but some how I am handling it - Atish - Feb 2nd 2012

I think it started when I was around 11 years old. As my family contains 4 members, I all the time worried about them. Whenever my mom, dad, brother goes out I use to constantly pray and use to do things in multiple of four for there safe return in home. My dad use to force me all the time to have top grades in school, and I get in to it severly. Later I also started reading, writting, mugging in multiple of four without focusing on what I am reading. And I never succeded in exams. Day by day at the age of 14 I was so depressed, I used to think about Universe why we are here on earth, wats purpose of life. Had a constant fear of death. Now I am at all 24 and what I can say, I suffered a lot, and I never shared this stuff with anyone. I used to thought that this is just nature and I am bit different than society. But 1 year before from some links I heard this is kind of disease and I get in to it. Now I do meditation, yoga talk about it with my brother. Now I dnt do lot og rituals, and also not that number calculations, somehow am bringing my life back on track and finding happiness in small parts of life. My friends most important thing is OCD is curable and if you think you have it start working on it, and start finding happiness in small small parts of life. My brother also had it, but i wasn't severe as much as of fine. I got it because I knew about it. Just start working on it, and if some obsessive thoughts came. tell your mind that it is not me it is my disease. May be some chemical imbalance in brain...

ocd - Ane - Jan 4th 2012

I'm a brazilian 20 year girl, and I have OCD since I was 10, at beginning, it didn't bother me, but at age of 17 I had many crises and until today I suffer this...I've improved over time, but a lot of things still trouble me. However I believe someday I will be healed...

I'd like understand more about OCD, I try to do it all the time, why it makes so much disturbances in my life, and how, I'd like to know exactly the causes of this, how it makes a unbelievable mess in my life.....

hope so......but i wnt give up.... - - Nov 21st 2011

i dnt knw wads wrng wid me....i m shocked to c soo many ppl sufferin d way me dng ryt nw i dnt knw everytym my thoughts confuses me n d most dangerous thought is harmin my mom who i luv d most...dnt knw but i hope God is der wid all of us n one day we will get relief from dis n even i felt like killin myself but dnt knw wad stopped me frm doing so....may be my mom....but guys dnt give up on any thought u we will fight this....but hope these confusing thoughts come to an end.....soon.....i wish peaceful life for all of us.....

OCD - NANCY - Sep 27th 2011



OCD- Mind doesn't work when the problem occurs - Nimesh Gupta - Sep 14th 2011

I have a strange type of problem, my mind is filled with the irreasonable thouths like whatever i am speaking or whatever i am thinkin, or doiing is right, my mind always has an sense of suspect that i am not able to do the things in the right way, my mind always tries to satisfy me. for example- as i am stepping in the room after putting off the shoes my mind will think that i am doing it on the right way as i first put off my shoes then step in the room. Mind will satisfy me that u r able to do the even common things in the right way for which a child of 2 or 3 yrs. even does not think any thing, and this is the feature which make me restless.

mild ocd terrible social anxiety - zingbag - Aug 11th 2011

i have mild ocd cause i can control my repeated thoughts sometimes but im painfully shy and i am not comportable being with others

My brother suffers from repretative obsessions - Katie - Mar 7th 2011

My brother had a nervous breakdown together with a serious drinking disorder about 10 years ago. He recovered but since then his life is messed up with a selection of repretative obsessions which all the family can recognise. He keeps wanting to have baths once or sometimes twice a day.He does not want to work.He gets into his car every day and drives to a town, drinks water in bars and comes home, eats, drives to another town or location, goes to other bars comes home again. This pattern can happen three or four times a day.He contantly talks about the economy over and over again saying the same things.He constantly eats biscuits and cakes. He goes around the house checking that all plugs are removed at night time.There are more examples.He lives with his mother.He is now in his 50's. How can we help him.

Tired of living this way, need help - Angele - Feb 22nd 2011

I have never been diagnosed with ocd, however, I know without a doubt I have it. I can almost remember it starting at a very young age maybe 6 or so, thinking "If i do this" or "if i count this" I won't get sick. Of course from there, it just escalated. Everything has a place, it would take me a year to mention every detail. If a sweater is hanging on my coat rack and I'm trying to sleep and I notice the string isn't perfectly to the side, or the sleeve is kind of tucked in or ANYTHING really, I have to repeatedly get up and fix it. When I have company that sits in my bedroom and they rearrange my stuff and even WORSE leave it that way when they leave (even though I know they don't know or understand what needs to be done) It makes me crazy!! I also have anxiety and panic attacks, bad temper where the slightest things enrage me and it feels like it takes sooo long for the feeling to go away. I always want to tell people off and generally don't really care about hurting people's feelings. Other than my family of course.

Do I sound crazy? I certainly feel crazy..... I'm 26yrs old and it already feels like it's been a life time of frustration and irritability from this.....I'll keep checking this site should anyone care to give their input/advice. Thanks in advance..... (ugh btw yes I must do 5 periods always :S)

this shouldn't be happening to me again... - Jamie L. - Feb 20th 2011

I never talk to people about my OCD though it was apparent. I have intesively studied mental disorders in classes; from these classes I realized that I really did have OCD...

this is when I taught myself to deal with my anxieties differently which was very hard for me but I overcame many stupid rituals I used to do. Years later after even having multiple nervous breakdowns and panic attacks I have overcame this disorder.

However, the past couple weeks I have been feeling esspecially anxious and having very bad compulsions that are harming me and I don't know what to do. I don't tell anyone because I refuse medication.

symmetry of my hair - Wendy - Feb 4th 2011

I'm plagued with checking for evenness of my's like something takes over in my mind although I can does bother me a great's stressing me.  When I compulse to fix it..which may be hardly any amount taken mind tells me that I shouldn't have done this and now I suffer from guilt.  It's a vicious cycle.  I'm not sure if this is ocd but it does affect my mood a great deal.  I can channel it but it goes back.  Eventually it subsides...with me to the point of not caring if it's uneven..or I tell myself that it's done purpously for the hairstyle.  In my attempt to correct it..I hurt myself by feelings of guilt afterwards..even if it's not noticeable.  I am thankful and very greatful when it does go away--the terrible feeling.  I'm in it right now and it's been here for 2 days.  It will probably stay for another few days to weeks.  I don't know why I feel it necessary to fix my hair.  It's always been with symmetry.  Fixing a picture on the wall would be much more welcoming!  I wish I understood why it bothers me so much esp. when sometimes hair can grow unevenly.  It doesn't happen everytime I get a haircut..but once in a while..if I notice so plagues me.  It's like a demon that I can't wait until it leaves.  I'm thankful I can function and do other things..but like I said..the thoughts in the back of my mind..and any free time I get..I will obsess and compulse to fix.  I take zoloft 50 mg..normally 25 on a daily basis..50 when I'm suffering.  It doesn't seem to be helping..I didn't have my zoloft for a day and I noticed the thought was's like it's the wrong medicine or something.  I wish there was a medicine that would block my obsessive thought all together.  After all, it's just hair and no hairdresser nor hair growth is perfect. 

repeat things - chen - Jan 17th 2011

how could i stop this ocd , i found my self with this kind of feelings that if i repeated what in my mind i repeated it until my mind say that nothing happen with my family, i have always think... for example thier is accident happen to them i always think that thier is nothing happen to them and i repeated it until i think that there is nothing happen to them, i repeat to dress, to eat, to type, to put up things i repeat and repeat al the time   

I can certainly say it isn't normal. - Spencer - Jan 10th 2011

I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but sometimes I worry about it. At the least, I can certainly say I'm not normal. Any time I do any activity that involves a repetitive pattern, such as scrubbing my hands while I wash them, I count to sixteen over and over. Sometimes, I can only move on the even numbers, and it makes me feel like a weird clockwork thing. I often can't shake the feeling that my left foot is 'crossing a line'. I can never do anything about it and it makes me very anxious. I obsessively repeat one certain pattern mentally and physically until I get it just exactly perfect. Do I have a disorder or am I just weird?

Seeing OCD as an energy problem not a thinking problem - Carl Harris - Jan 9th 2011

About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with complex OCD (I also had various phobias, panic attacks and the psychiatrist I went to see told me I had severe depression which I didn't know about).

By the time I started seeing the psychiatrist I had started to develop my own 'exposure therapy' programme (which is what CBT therapists tend to use, as far as I know but I couldn't get a CBT Therapist locally and had a person centred counsellor instead).  The psychiatrist wanted to put me on progressively stonger doses of Prozac and told me it would affect my work to the point I might end up leaving, which I wasn't happy about and asked him to hold off on that while I continued with my self-treatement.

I had struggled with the condition for over 20 years by the time I had asked for help but had got to a point where I was going to heal or die trying. I started to 'go in' to my most negative feelings and this caused my biology to react - my stomach acid changed; I had severe nightmares and woke up with the shakes in the middle of the night; my blood pressure went sky high and after a couple of months I got the 'disassociation response' which is the response mammals have to cut off from pain when a predator is about to eat them.

But I didn't stop 'going in' and I did it night and day.  Within a year I had removed 27 obsessions and 14 phobias.  My psychiatrist was amazed and I no longer see him or a doctor.  I do however see a counsellor for 'maintenance'.

The cause of my OCD was having a partner who fooled me into believing she wanted to have children with me and acted lovingly up until getting pregnant and then started dumping me because suddenly I wasn't 'good enough'.  I remained in the relationship long enough to see my child grow to teenage years but paid a price emotionally because her behaviour had me constantly on edge - she undermined my confidence every chance she could.  When I became ill I kept it to myself.

During my healing process (and I am still healing from the original emotional pain the led to my OCD but I'm 90% happy now) I realised if I focused on energy release rather than on fighting the thinking side of things I got results.

All emotional problems, including OCD, are caused by blocked emotional responses - if you feel your feelings deeply enough for long enough you eventually bring the feelings through (this makes you feel worse for a while) but once you see what you are releasing the energy at (usually protecting something you want to keep safe) you agree to full release and then the thinking part disappears of its own accord.  You remember having it in your thinking memories but you no longer have the intense emotional responses.

Emotional energy is the driving force; the only thing wrong in the brain is that we're blocking the emotional release process because it shuts normal conscous thinking down during the release process (it would usually take me several weeks to release a single emotional response but sometimes I could achieve it in 30 minutes).  Once I achieved a full release the symptoms did not return.

We are so used to 'thinking' the idea of 'feeling' a problem like this out may seem so strange at first but I found it was the only thing that worked for me.  It was slow, painful and frustrating but in a few years I've managed to get rid of all those 'mental problems' just by working with the energy trapped in my body.  Follow your feelings and feel them is the philosophy I now live by.

It's simply a matter of reversing what you've done previously.


dont know how to handle this... - Darren - Jan 5th 2011

since i was young i used to wash my hands over and over... before eating, after eating, before going to the toilet and after... it got to the point where it gave me bad dermitits from washing all the natural oils out of my skin... took years to work out what it was... went through 10 years of playing bass in a band... even then i always felt a NEED to have upgraded equipment, and learn the most technical playing possible.. booking gigs and playing took over my tht 10 years, i took loads of drugs to try deal with everyday problems, but it hasnt helped me now tho. during this time i worked on a uilding site as a telescopic forklift operator.. ive always been a perfectionist... i was so good at the job. several companies fought over me to get me to work for them... I raced motocross... and wanted to be the best...

for several years i stopped racing, and playing. but always thought about it. suddenly now. im in the army... always obsessing and worrying about my fitness and always working out to the point of injury. and then worrying more and more... i get loads of sleepless nights. and keep having a feeling of being in a huge open dark space tht keeps closing on me everytime i close my eyes to sleep... im still in the army. but recently re-started riding freeride mountain biking... and my wife is worried that its not a hobby, its an addiction. i am so obsessed with my bike and riding every weekend that we are always arguing. all i can think about is riding, and swapping parts on my bike as an up grade... when i lay in bed awake. all im constantly thinking is when can i ride, where can i ride, what can i change on my bike next... its absoloutly driving me crazy... im having more sleepless nights thinking about it. and its even started effecting both my marriage and my military career... i always feel anxious and cant settle. i cant stop my mind working. and my body cant keep up... i have a few times where i break down in tears. bur every time i try tak about it, i cant. i just get really wound up...

after all this. i am slowly working up the bottle to talk to our unit welfare officer, and seek medical advice as im due to go to afghan in september 2011. and keeping this locked way could get someone killed... I dont know how bad everyone is. but i think i may have a problem...


hope everyone gets it sorted.

The fear of being differant keeps you running - Jason - Jan 1st 2011

After losing everything in my life and living in a warehouse I am now finily ready to get help. It is such a daily task dealing with this problem that Im not even sure if I am who I am. A long spiral down while a mind talks shit to me. I sometimes think it sciso but I know its an over active imagenation. Ive herd that statement many times in the past but such is life that your momentom is so fast that stopping to see what that thing that just flew by my window was is a not happenen thing. At this moment my ocd with being loved or not being loved is telling me that I just have to find a women that is on this ship of fools and buy her a drink! So complicated yet not at all. I think the bigest challenge for someone in this state of mind is to see that our need to make life seem magical or filled with little reminders that there is a god and where not here just by chance becouse we live in constant fear and beleaving such things helps us just as our rituals do. This warehouse has been my destiny. To see is an option. Jason

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Problem - ocd boy - Dec 26th 2010

I hav OCD. Every time i go out of house,i have to pass stool,atleast 3 times. And I can't eat outside, as I get panic attacks and want to pass stool. I am suffering this from the age of 7. At that time it was only once i have to pass stool before going out. But from the age of 20, my case worsen, i can't go out without passing stool 3 times. And i can't eat anything outside,otherwise i will get panic attacks. Now I am 22 and started to get medication from a psychatsist.

first noticed problem when I was 8 years old - Sheila - Dec 26th 2010

First, I don't believe 'Jack' below was making fun of anyone. I have had similar stepping problems, where I had to step an even number of times, or my left foot has to go through the door first, or my left foot be first on a flight of stairs. I also count things (like stairs for instance) and I don't even try to. I have been doing it so long it happens automatically. I noticed a 'spelling compulsion' as a child and it continues to this day. (I am a grown woman with grown children) If I am driving and I see words on a bulletin board my mind automatically starts spelling them, but breaking them up into equal segments. If I spot the word 'ADVERTISE' for example, my mind breaks it up into equal parts spelling ADV-ERT-ISE over and over until it focuses on another word. This goes on constantly in my mind, 24 hours a day.  I also get songs stuck in my head for days on end. It is like a radio playing in my head that I can't turn off. I go to bed hearing the song and wake up to the song still playing. As a kid and teenager, if I brushed up against something on my right side, my left had to brush against it also. Or if one foot stepped on a rock and I felt it though my shoe, my other foot had to step on something also.  I could also feel 'lines' on the floor through my shoes and one foot could not step on a line without the other needing to do the same. Even now, if I let myself think about it, I have to fight these thoughts off.  I have had these and other 'touching' compulsions, along with checking to make sure the front door is locked 50 times or whatever, almost my whole life.  As I got older I tried to keep them under control myself, but now, in looking back, I see many things that were very wrong with what I was doing, and I was not aware of it back then.

I first noticed something was out of my control when I was eight years old. I had some little plastic bracelets and I began to think if I wore the green one all day I would have good luck, but if I wore the blue one I would have bad luck. It came to where I HAD to wear the green bracelet everyday or something horrible would happen.

I learned to keep these things hidden from others so nobody would know what was going on in my head. Only now, after my kids are grown and I have time to research, do I realize that I probably have OCD and treatment may help me. The worst thing of all is the music being stuck in my head, and also when I get feelings that something horrible is going to happen if I don't do this or that.

I do feel that I have had some success in controlling this with forcing myself into certain thought behaviors.  However, I am thinking about talking to a doctor.  I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

OCD - Allan N. Schwartz, PhD - Dec 24th 2010

Yes, based on what you describe there is a good chance you have OCD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best approach to treating it, in my opinion.

Dr. Schwartz

Maybe? - Amelia - Dec 24th 2010

I count to eight over and over, all the time. I find myself constantly having to tap out the same pattern until I get it exactly the way it should be, and I have to end flights of stairs on my right foot. I also have to step over lines with my right foot and brush my teeth all the time. I don't have any recurring worries or obsessions, though. Could I still have OCD?

I feel so out of control - Kristen - Dec 15th 2010

I believe I have OCD too.  I am constantly scared of me or my family getting sick.  Mostly my kids, I feel like everything is covered in germs and I constantly wash my hands.  I have a hard time in public because everyone I look at I feel is covered in germs.  I have 3 little girls and I am constantly worrying that their hands are  dirty.  I have a hard time holding my husbands hand or kissing because of this.  I wash my hands everytime I touch something.  I don't like to go out in public or to family events because I am so worried about germs.  It may sound really crazy and I feel like it is but I can't control it.  It feels like it is my thoughts all day.  If I go out I have to change my clothes take off my shoes before I walk into my house wash my hands at least 3 times.  I am so afraid that my daughter starts kindergarten next year and I won't be able to keep the germs away.  this is just the beginning.  I need help with this it is ruining my life and my family.

Dear "Fighting For My Life" - TLS - Nov 29th 2010

As a religious person with OCD, I've been in the same place. This website really helped me, maybe it'll do the same for you.

OCD is an illness that causes excessive and irrational anxiety, guilt and doubt, and for a spiritual person, it can manifest itself as an over-sensitive conscience, or it can cause one to question their beliefs, their worth and their ability to be saved.

An important thing to remember is that OCD's causes are biological. There is something out-of-whack in your brain chemistry that is altering the way you process information and perceive reality. Even though you are 22, you were born with the genetic potential for this disease to manifest at any time. It is no different from someone being born with another genetic illness, such as down syndrome, or blindness. Therefore it is not a punishment. The most important thing to remember is that God loves you, and He knows you have this illness. Illnesses are a part of life, and in some cases, they are challenges to overcome that can make us stronger.

No matter how much you have sinned, remember that all humans are not perfect - we've all sinned, and fall short of the glory of God. You just feel yours more keenly because of the nature of your illness. What matters is that Jesus' sacrifice and God's grace cover all sins, no matter how many or how great. He died for everybody -including people with mental illnesses, or physical disabilities, or those who are healthy.

If you've lived with this disease, as I have, you know that there are stretches of time when its easy to quiet these fears, doubts and guilt, and other times when it's bad. You have to prepare yourself for the fact that this illness may stay with you your whole life. You have to be willing to fight through it, to tell yourself that it's the OCD talking, until it gets better again. And then do it again the next time it reappears. Part of having this illness is the need for constant reassurance, so I still go back to that website and read it whenever I need a boost. Remember that God loves you, and He knows what you're going through. Remember that there are other people out there going through the same thing- that you're not alone. Don't be afraid to ask loved ones for help, and most of all, don't give up!

I Need Help! - Carolyn - Nov 26th 2010

I obsess about things I say or do long after I do's constantly in my mind that I may be rejected or hurt someone else's feelings..self-esteem is shot and dealing with a eating disorder just tops it off..what is it from?

I ve friend who suffers from OCD- - Prayash P - Nov 16th 2010

He suffered from OCD when he was 15yrs of age. No one in the family believed until he started showing serious symptoms of OCD and suddenly bursted out crying infront of everyone.He soon got into the habbit if drugs and making the matters more worse he was addicted to drugs for about 4 yrs.He was then sent to a he is out of it ,however I still find few symptoms of it even though he finished taking medications for OCD.I fear if this mental disorder will stay his entire life...

I have OCD - - Nov 16th 2010

I graduated from a top high school in nyc, and I am in my first year of college. I just found out I had OCD from my psychiatrist. I always had these symptoms ever since I was in 9th grade, and im 18 now. I thought that irrational thinking, negative self-talk and thoughts about not being "good enough" was normal for teens. But for some odd reason it never went away. I always thinking about what job im going to get when I am older and It is very difficult to live with this condition, but I am on treatment for it. You know I learned about OCD in my health class, ok but I was actually experiencing the worst symptoms when I graduated from high school. You know... knowing about a disease and having it are two completely different things. I hope that everyone suffering from it will find the strength to persevere and stay positive in life.

ocd - lewis - Nov 14th 2010

yeah i can relate to this certain thoughts and images i get in my head give me severe phsical stress is a horridble thing to have i have even turnt to drink certain times to cope with this its like its contstantly there, iv got this weird obsession with amrican things think its cos when i had a holiday to the us i had a bad flight and i think i got ptsd from it wich has lead to this grrrr makes me so fu**ing angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OCD - - Nov 14th 2010

I think OCD is absolutely the worst. I have to have everything perfect regarding my spending habits and I could check items on the computer all day long. I am constantly afraid that I will overspend I have lost a significant amount of weight due to this disorder.  ANybody else in this predicament-Solutions maybe one is just realizing that your behavior is ridiculous! can't think of any other solutions at this point

In need of help - kimontie - Nov 14th 2010

Im not violent, but the repetative thought of slapping someone pops into my mind almost constantly. Any way I would like to communicate with others like myself who understand how dibilitating this disorder is. (especially girls) I havent been able to be in a serious relationship in years. I stoped seeing my therapist,but I think I will  start back, because I dont know what to do. my e-mail is

Fighting through each day - - Nov 7th 2010

I am a 22 year old girl living with OCD. My grandma has it and I have other relatives who have some forms of mental illness.

I have always exhibited minor signs of this disorder but it did not become a major issue until a year and a half ago. I began having constant panic attacks and obsessing about everything. I thought I was going crazy. I literally thought I was possessed by the devil. I was raised in a religious home and I believed that since I had not followed my religion perfectly that I was being punished by having my mind tormented by negative thoughts and feelings. I thought that I had ruined the girl that I was meant to be because I had strayed from my parents morals and religion. I am not a terrible person by no means. But I have done dishonest things in my life and they now haunt me, no matter how stupid the thing was. Whether its lying to my parents growing up, sneaking around behind their backs, cheating on a test in junior high or hurting a friend or family member. Most of the things from my past that haunt me are things that most people have done growing up and who have either rebelled against their parents or simply been "a teenager". I feel guilty about EVERYTHING. I cant drop a small piece of paper on the floor and walk away from it because I would be up all night thinking about it. I am reminded of thousands of little things that I have done growing up that I now feel guilty about, which are things that others joke about having done. I feel so guilty sometimes that it makes me gag, even throw up sometimes. I have trouble going through each day, worrying about if I'll do something that i will regret later. As soon as these thoughts enter my head, I feel my whole body weaken and i feel a panic attack coming on. I cannot live like this. Its not a matter of admitting to these people what I have done because I KNOW my guilty thoughts are irrational, unreasonable and would only hurt the other person by telling them. Yet I cannot live this way. I wake up and my stomach is already in knots. I feel that the only way I could continue living was if I was given a chance to go back to being 5 years old and reliving my life. THis way i could make all the right choices, not hurt anyone, not sin, basically me perfect and thus not have anything to feel guilty about. Yet every human is imperfect, every human makes mistakes.... why can't my brain get this!!! Im suffering each day over matters that others dont think twice about. I admitted myself into the local psych ward on christmas eve last year and spent almost my entire christmas holidays there. It was horrible. The psychiatrist told me I had OCD and prescribed me citalopram, but I knew that I had not even touched the surface of my problems. I was too scared to tell anyone what really was going on in my head. Whether it's my fault or the lack of quality of care I received in the psych ward, I wasn't told how to deal with my OCD. Partly because I was too scared to open up, but also because I didn't understand the severity of OCD. Leaving the psych ward, I still thought that I was just crazy and the only one thinking the thoughts that were tormenting me. To this day, I still have not told anyone, out of fear that people will look at me differently and feel weird around me.

I think about death almost daily. The concept of death brings me the feeling of relief. I do not want to commit suicide because it would destroy my family and shock people, but there is no way I can live on like this. I realize I need to seek help again. I didn't feel comfortable and was not able to open up to the staff at the psych ward and now I am looking for another option. I am in university, so it's hard to take time away to get my illness sorted out. I can't drop out because I would lose my student loan and any scholarships that I may get. I am already in debt from being in university for 4 years and I am paying my way through school.

I want to be normal!! I grew up with so much hope and expectations for my future and now I dread the thought of living each day. I can't imagine any man being willing to put up with someone like me and it breaks my heart because I am a hopeless romantic and love is the biggest dream of mine. Ive been in love once and I want to know that there will be someone out there who will love me for who I am. I fear everyday for my future. I put on a smile for people and just get through each day hoping that i won't have too many panic attacks or that my mind won't wander too far. But this is not living. This is torture each day. What can I do? I don't enjoy anything anymore and fear being around other people in case my thoughts start haunting me again.

I have started to look into my faith again and have asked people to pray for me. I want to combat my OCD!! I deserve to be happy and I want a chance to prove myself that life really is a blessing. Please help me god.  

Thanks! - - Oct 25th 2010

This is really cool to hear about This . Im doing an English Project about OCD . And you guys have helped , Alot . Thaaaanks (:

OCD will not overcome me - choirgirl79 - Oct 16th 2010

I don't talk much about this besides to my family and doctor, hoping my story could help.  I showed signs of OCD at 11 years old, I would have bad thoughts about hurting a loved one which frightened me so I told my mom who got me a doctor who claimed it was an anxiety disorder and put me on meds that made things worse.  It got worse when I was 14 and my sister made a joke and told me I had aids which freaked me put so bad that I really believed that I had it, I really believed I was dying and that my blood was poison I was terrified I waisted two years of my life until my doc agreed to give me the test to ease my mind.  I am no longer in that fear but still have trouble with the topic and other diseases that cause death.  I also still suffer with unwanted thoughts of hurting others or vise versa, I am not a person of violence I am very compassionate and sensetive to others so its very traumatic for me I do talk to my mom about them and that helps I am blessed to have a mom that understands the illness.  As for rituals I do the throat clinking thing or I always have to turn my tv/computer/cell phone off with my right hand not my left, three and four are bad numbers cause hiv has three letters and vise versa for aids.  I am a nanny and very successful at it and the children keep me busy and that is what helps me the most I am medicated with a new drug that works but with less side effects then others.  One of my worst fear is no guy will understand this illness or want to marry me, I live a normal life but there is this heart ache of unwanted thoughts but it does not run my life and most of my support comes with my faith in God and prayer.  If you have ocd just know your not a freak your not a weirdo you have an illness its up to you how to fight it and live your life <3

ocd - belle - Oct 14th 2010

i have to underline the number that is 2 more than twenty. if i see it, hear it, say it, or even think it i have to scratch my thumb. sometimes i see a word and my brain tells me to repeatedly look at it. i blink unevenly, like, my right eye has to blink more often to get a certain feeling, like i have to squeeze that eye tighter than the other one. i make little clicking nnoises in my mouth and have to repeat it until i do exactly the same click with the right part of my tongue until my brain lets me stop. there are other thibgs too.

very relieved - Estela - Oct 8th 2010

wow i am very relieved just to see that i am not the only one that has these kinds of thought and feelings everyday. I think i have been having ocd for almost 12 yrs and it is very stressful and would like to get help but just dont have anyone to guide me through this and dont know where to start... i would appreciate any kind of help.

OCD - abc - Oct 5th 2010

I have had difficulty sleeping as of a young age, which got worse since i was 15 (im now 22). Initially I would pray X number of times, having to repeat it several times to "make sure" i got it right...and other sort of rituals....lately i have a horrible habit, that takes hours of my day...but pretty bad at night time, i sit in the loo and i think i have to pee when i dont...i go back to bed...but get up again...this can go on for about 1h or more, in bad days. how can i get feels like its taking over everything...

eating disorders and ocd - tanya - Aug 31st 2010

i have an eating disorder, i cant tell if this is also and ocd issue. I count calories all day, exessivley wieght and mesure myself, i have purchased three different sacales becuase i am afraid one of them is off or maybe two. I am consantly wondering about how many calories i ahve burned evne on my walk to the car for example. are these two things related in any way??

thanks - Robert - Jul 1st 2010

I'm glad this site is up.

Most people don't want to hear about these issues.

I have to pick myself up off the floor, and it's heartening to see that you guys are still fighting.

ocd - piyush bountra - Jun 30th 2010

i am an ocd patient  iam aoalso living  with it  dont give it it up  fit it up  od wiill well uedicen will also will help one way keep spirit one way pray to god

checking things - - Jun 14th 2010

i dont know if i have it but i always check my blanket if it falls or if my chair is dirty. Will this effect my life in the future? Like will it make me bad in school?

reference to "jack" - matt - Jun 4th 2010

I have read a few comments regarding Jack's comment that he takes even steps. I have bad ocd with things being symetrical. I know a lot of people want to arrange things....this is the same thing for me I need things to be "even". Volumes for tvs and radios need to be on an even number. If I brush up against somthing I need to turn and brush the other side of my body. similar to what Jack wrote I have a new thing where if I walk over a door jam, rug, or somthing that changes level I need to step on it with both feet on the edge and have them line up perfectly with the edge under the middle of my feet. I don't think jack was making a joke....ocd rules everything I do. sometimes it is unbearable....

fear - Elizabeth - May 10th 2010

I feel I am out of control.  Like there is no hope.  I am cleaning to my husband it has gottn so bad that I follow him around.  I feel I haven't learned any thing.  I sit here and watch my husband on the computer.  When I do something it is a mess.  I have problems concentrating.  I feel everyone is smarter than I am the simplest things are difficult.  I am afraid Suicide enters my mind. I don't want to die.  I cant even talk anymore I am robbed.  My husband does  all the work.  He is a genious. I acant get on his level.  Everyone io see seems to have it altogether

Unlucky - Tanya W - Apr 14th 2010

I am in an Exceptionalities class and chose to do research on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I chose this due to the fact that I have many of the indicators for OCD.  My most prevalent obsession concerns the number 5.  When I watch TV or listen to the radio, I can not leave the volume on any level that adds up, multiplies, divides, or subtracts to 5.  For example 13 is okay, but 14, 15, and 16 must all be skipped when adjusting volume because 1+4=5, 5 is in 15, and 1-6= -5.  THis interferes with my driving because I am constantly checking the volume to make sure it is not on any "unlucky" number.  THis strange thing is, my lucky number is five, but if I am in control, nothing can land on 5.  Associated with this number obsession, I can also not do anything an odd number of times.  If my blinker light, for example, clicks seven times and then turns off, I have to click it an additional time so that the total number of blinks is 8, an even number.  This is just one example of my many obsessions that produces extreme anxiety and fear, and every single time I must "fix" the number to temporarily relieve my stress.  If I know something adds up to five, I can not focus, relax, or concentrate until I correct it.  I do realize my thoughts are irrational, and that no one will be harmed if I let things go, I just do not like living with the fear if I do not adjust something correctly.

Realization - - Mar 12th 2010

Until not long ago until i didnt realise what i had was an actual disease.  I always assumed i was just "different" or thought a bit more strangely then other people.  I seem to have a mixture of symptoms - i am a re arranger so i need to make sure that everything is in line and sometimes i'll unalign them just to line them back up again , everything from items on my dresser to certain places around the house,  im a checker i feel the need to check things such as the oven to ensure its off sometimes this can be over and over in the end i turn it off at the wall to stop having to check, i have become slightly obsessed with the food in the fridge ensuring nothing is rotten or expired .  and over the last year i have noticed my rituals stronger and stronger ie i come home i must empty my gym bag before i do anything.  there are lots of little things im doing all the time and they are starting to take over to much of my thoughts. it is great to see sights like this around with people in the same boat.

Do I have OCD? - DJB - Feb 24th 2010

I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having OCD. I do not have any compulsions other than biting the skin around my finger nails when I'm nervous. I don't have specific obsessions, but troubling past memories have a way of popping into my head and making me feel bad about myself. In many ways I'm a perfectionist, but mostly in my work and not the order of my room, look of my clothes, etc. I know for sure that I have social anxiety and panic disorder in performance situations, and this has lead to major depression, but I still have trouble believing that I have OCD. My psychiatrist says not to trust what I read on the internet, but I've been to many reputable websites, and I don't think I fit the mold for OCD. Maybe just pure obsessional OCD. I would like to know, because my current medications are based on this diagnosis (and the multitude of side-effects are tough to live with). Please help!

Equal Measures - Cheryl - Feb 6th 2010

Hello! I was just reading the form and I am not sure if I missed something. I read a young guy who said he likes to take equally measured steps and someone said he is making fun of OCD? I have a similar issue so I was just wondering if I missed an old post. I have many OCD tendancies but one is like that would taking steps or blinking my eyes or other things that have to be even. I think that is part of OCD as well.

i repeat - rebecca - Jan 28th 2010

i have a problem with repeating words and movements..i know its not normal but i have such a strong urge to do it anyway. i need help but im so embarressed to tell anyone. who can i contact for help?

Dr. Dombeck's Note: This behavior may be a symptom of OCD or a tic disorder or something similar.  Best to seek out an appointment with a psychiatrist for appropriate and accurate diagnosis.  Treatment may take the form of medication, behavioral therapy or both. 

I think I have OCD but im not really sure - ashley - Jan 7th 2010

I think I have OCD but im not really sure.  I am always obessing over death or like something bad will happen. I cant drive out of town because i am afread i will die in a car wreck.  I cant let my children stay with people very often because i worry so much that something will happen. I am always afread at night to go to sleep because im afread someone will break in or i will die in my sleep. I am always checking family members when they are asleep because I am afread the will die. I have alot of thoughts of violance not me doing violance but that someone will hurt me and my family. I always have crazy thoughts of someone killing us or the end of the world. I check my doors twinty times because I think I dident lock themor making sure the oven is off 20 times. Iam scared when I am alone  just all kinds of stuff. Someone please help.

nothing better to do - Yeah, having OCD sucks - Dec 28th 2009

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about people like "Jack"; People like that aren't even real people on the inside, and they have nothing better to do than make fun of other people to make themselves feel bigger and stronger. Once you realize that, all their actions and comments become obsolete because they really don't matter.

you'll regret poking fun at this - Mike - Dec 13th 2009

You know Jack, if u ever fall in love with someone like this, you'll regret poking fun at this.  It isn't funny.  it's serious for people who have it and people in their lives.  But you know, i didn't use to appreciate knowing this until now.  there are a lot of sad diseases out there.

should I ask for help ? - jack taylor - Dec 2nd 2009
I'm 13 and think I may have a form of OCD, if I take a step with one foot, I want to take a step with the other foot and I feel an urge for everything to be equally spaced out and correct. Should I seek help ? Jack.

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