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Mark Gorkin, LICSWMark Gorkin, LICSW
A Blog about reducing Stress in our lives.

BULLY Boy/Girl

Mark Gorkin, LCSW ("The Stress Doc") Updated: Dec 30th 2014

This is a variation on, yet in the tune of, the children's song/camp favorite, "B-I-N-G-O"; can be sung as BULLY Girl.

In this version, the four (or five lines) of each stanza are sung with the same melody as in the original; specifically, the last two lines of each stanza have the same melody as the first two lines. The same rules apply to the B-U-L-L-Y chorus as in the B-I-N-G-O chorus.

In my school there is a kid
And Bully Boy's his name, oh
He blames me for what he did
And tries to make me cry, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy's his name, sigh.

Chasing me after school
Bullying's his game, oh
Calling me a "little fool"
My oh my oh why, oh?

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy's his name, sigh.

Why does he pick on me?
The Boy should be ashamed, oh
Is he green with jealousy?
Or just a red bull guy, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy's his name, sigh.

I must learn to take a stand
And nurture my heart's flame, oh
Not give in to his demands
And look him in the eye, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy's his name, sigh

I will find one trustworthy
To talk out all my pain, oh
Then stand tall as an oak tree
Or walk away, nothing to say
But with my head up high, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
And Bully Boy's his name, sigh

Now I see a scared boy like me
Who hides his pain and shame, oh
If he wants to talk to me
I'll share how I wrestled free
But he must want to try, oh…

B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y… B-U-L-L-Y…
I won't play his bully game, oh
B-R-A-V-O… B-R-A-V-O… B-R-A-V-O…
I stood up for my own name, OH!


Mark Gorkin, LCSW (

Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc , acclaimed Keynote and Kickoff Speaker, Webinar Presenter, Retreat Leader and Motivational Humorist, is the author of Practice Safe Stress and The Four Faces of Anger. A former Stress & Violence Prevention consultant for the US Postal Service, the Doc leads highly interactive, innovative and inspiring programs for corporations and government agencies, including the US Military, on stress resiliency/burnout prevention through humor, change and conflict management, generational communication, and 3 "R" -- Responsible, Resilient & Risk-Taking -- leadership-partnership team building. Email for his popular free newsletter & info on speaking programs. Check out his popular website -- -- called a "workplace resource" by National Public Radio (NPR). Stress Doc Mantra: "Think out of the box, perform outside the curve (the Bell Curve) and be out-rage-ous!"

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