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Recommended Anger Management Readings

Harry Mills, Ph.D. Updated: Mar 8th 2016

The following books and workbooks are recommended readings for learning more about Anger Mangement and related concepts.


  • McKay, Matthew, Ph.D. & Rogers, Peter, Ph.D. (2000) The Anger Control Workbook. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


  • Semmelroth, Carl, Ph.D. & Smith, Donald E.P., Ph.D. (2000) The Anger Habit. Writer’s Showcase Press.


  • Semmelroth, Carol, Ph.D. (2002) The Anger Habit Workbook. Writer’s Showcase Press.

Reader Comments
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Islamic point of view - Shahzad - Sep 6th 2010

Have gone through these pages... No need to say that the writer has done a tremendous job to find the facts about the Anger and solutions to over come it. 

Being a Muslim i follow Islamic codes of principles and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) gave solutions of this in just one sentence:

"If you are standing (at the time of wrath or anger) just sit down, if you are sitting, just lay down for a while.  It will decrease your temper tremendously"  Drinking of water is also recommended."

Wantng to Change for the Better - - Mar 30th 2010

thank you for all 26 pages.  wanting to change for the better and ensure that the next generation learns from what I can learn about AM.


Hopefully - no-name - Mar 20th 2010

After I have read al this, I have the hope that it could work for me to.

I have never had AM before but lately I asume I really need it.

The article is great, I hope I will succeed.


Queen B*tch - - Sep 25th 2009

You were born that way but hopefully in the process somebody taught you about God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  The gift of the spirit is what makes us better then the natural man.  if I was you, I would seek out some kind of religious guidance to soften the spirit and let the good in you come out.  I know this sounds probably too weird but it truly is the spirit of God that each of us is promised that brings the best in us out to share with the world.  I am so thankful for the spirit I feel and how it has softened my prospective of how I want to treat others.

Effectiveness of anger managment treatment - Colleen - May 14th 2009

What does the latest research say about the effectiveness of anger management treatment? Is the jury still out about whether the outcomes are significant, especially with regard to court-mandated treatment and reoffenses?  Last I saw, the National Center for STate Courts was saying there's no conclusive evidence of its effectiveness. If you could point me toward some research that'd be great (please cc my e-mail). Thanks!

Finally - - Jan 1st 2008

To the writer of this piece,

I believe your advice will help me tremendously in my personal life, more specifially with my partner - but also towards friends and the people I know.

I did already realise that I was a rather 'angry' person at times, but I did not know that the knowledge you describe could help me so concretely.

Thank you for your help.


Change your career - - May 3rd 2007

If you have these stong feelings toward your customers, it would be a good idea to look at changing careers and get into something that you enjoy doing rather than in an environment that is constantly aggitating you.


I am a career counselor and I help people look at optional careers.  Check with your local community college and see if you can get a start on changing careers.  People of all ages return to school or train for new careers.



It Hurts When I Smile - Queen Bitch - Dec 16th 2006
I have an overwhelming compulsion to kill all of my customers. I know it's wrong, but I can't help feeling that the world would be a much better place without them in it. Of course, I can't really kill them, unfortunantely, but I can be very rude, curt, short-tempered, and condescending. And that's on a good day. I don't know what makes me so mean. I was just born that way. How can I ever undo 36 years of hate and hostility? I want to be good, but it's hard. I want to be sincere, but deep down inside, I really don't give a flying s**t sideways. Any helpful suggestions before I go postal and end up on the news (not)? Have an icey X-Mas and a negative New Year, QB

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