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Steps to Self-Help Overview

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Apr 22nd 2016

Making a formal step-by-step self-help plan, as we're recommending above, might seem foreign and 'stiff' to you, but it is a good idea to work through the process step by step nevertheless. Doing so helps you to be clear on what your plan is exactly. It helps you to make sure that your plan makes sense.

Working through the creation of a self-help plan in step-by-step fashion is a formalization of the way you probably already approach problem solving. You probably already unconsciously go through many of these steps when making decisions that affect your mental health. For instance, you might already choose to avoid the stress of working with someone you find difficult by not volunteering to be involved on committees with that person. You may choose not to travel by air to visit family, but instead to drive, because you fear flying. You might choose to work in a job that doesn't involve much human interaction because you know you don’t have the psychological stamina to deal with a lot of human interaction. You are probably already taking steps to figure your problems out, running through alternatives on how you might handle though problems and then choosing to act on alternatives that make the most sense. By asking you to write your self-help plan down, we're just encouraging you to become more conscious of this self-help planning process so that your plans will be as solid and useful as they can be.

We make self-help choices and decisions all the time, big and small, and on a daily basis. Writing things down and making the process more formal and conscious is a good idea because we have learned from experience that when people do so, they tend to take the process more seriously, and then are able to create better self-help results for themselves. Much of self-help is common sense, but common sense is often exactly what we lack when we're under stress or other emotional strain. Creating a formal plan helps you stick to your own common sense during times when you wouldn't otherwise remember to do it or would otherwise become distracted by conflicting feelings and emotions.

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help to yourself - surekha - Mar 19th 2009

Due to stress and other region people have to suffer some mental problem they need mental help . but the help you can get only from your self without be an addicted of drug. you will get help from your self. that is the best solution from over come from the stress and problem.

nice - - Mar 6th 2009
Hi i am new comer to this site. I am very happy to join this site. I gathered lot of information from this site.

Addiction: Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Sydney - Feb 25th 2009
Yeah, absolutely true that the drug addiction is crime however the peoples are using different types of drug in form of alcohol. Now a day it is a very critical issue for us. Mostly the youngsters are doing these such types of things. I think it should be banned as soon as possible otherwise it may create so many problems for our coming generations. Well I don’t think I am alcoholic or dependant - yet. But I am surely approaching that and would love to stop. I drink every weekend and sometimes 3 times during the week. I drink and party with friends, and when I am sober I am a bore and useless with women. When drunk I am confident, and a player! Id love to stop completely but I need to build my social skills and confidence when sober. Anyone out there ever been on the same boat and got out?. Great Post i look forward to reading more! Sydney 

been there? - carol smith - Jun 23rd 2008

being an addict for once due to stress was one hell of an experince that i would not like to get back into.i am free again and i thank God for that.

Addiction Recovery - renemar - May 22nd 2008

An addiction is bad enough, but what is worse is that the addiction can drastically interfere with the normal working of an individual. A person does not realize this while he or she is getting addicted, but soon enough the addiction will begin taking toll on the work.

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