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Chapter 1 - Self-help: What is it?Chapter 2 - Understanding the Nature of your ProblemChapter 3 - Overview of Bio-Psycho-Social TheoriesChapter 4 - Meeting Basic NeedsChapter 5 - Changing Behavior and ThoughtChapter 6 - Changing Your MoodChapter 7 - Changing Your KnowledgeChapter 8 - Changing Your RelationshipsChapter 9 - Changing Your Identity and MotivationChapter 10 - Your Unique Self-Help PlanChapter 11 - Dependency
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Life Domains Conclusion

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Apr 22nd 2016

Having surveyed the various life-domains presented above, it is hopefully now clear to you (or clearer to you at any rate) which domain (or domains) of your life is hurting the most. Keep in mind that you may be dealing with a complex, complicated problem, and more than one aspect or domain of your life may be hurting. Knowing what parts of your life have been affected by your problem helps point you towards a better understanding of the nature of your problem. However, knowing what hurts is not quite the same thing as knowing what is causing the hurt in the first place. It remains for you to use what you've learned about how the world works to come up with an explanation of what is wrong exactly, and how your problem may best be addressed.

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