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Chapter 1 - Self-help: What is it?Chapter 2 - Understanding the Nature of your ProblemChapter 3 - Overview of Bio-Psycho-Social TheoriesChapter 4 - Meeting Basic NeedsChapter 5 - Changing Behavior and ThoughtChapter 6 - Changing Your MoodChapter 7 - Changing Your KnowledgeChapter 8 - Changing Your RelationshipsChapter 9 - Changing Your Identity and MotivationChapter 10 - Your Unique Self-Help PlanChapter 11 - Dependency
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Chapter 10 - Index

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Updated: Apr 26th 2016

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seriously helpful- have question - sixtyone - Jun 16th 2008

I am exhausted but loving it-gettin sooooo much serious help from your site!! Will build up to getting more involved after i absorb some of this and after I do the section on not procrastinating.

Could use some technical help-- with a site so full - so many directions to go and having to come back to a section later- I'm not literate enough to know if there is a way to" tag" a section that I would like to find the next time I can log on? other than writing myself an old fashioned note-( ex. Chapter 10?)

A second ? after I submit this, If I don't give out my e-mail do responses appear here? Must I leave the computer on Yes uh duh

Thanks to anyone brave enough


Editor's Note: There isn't anyway to tag a page within our system, but all browsers have some way to store page bookmarks, which really is much easier.  You can generally create a folder within your "favorites" and save your favorite pages there in an organized fashion. You can also create an account on a web service like and save your bookmarks there.  That is especially nice becuase then other people can benefit from what you've found (as bookmarks are viewable by other people).  Hope this helps!

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