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Gratitude: The Antidote To Desire

Jun 8th 2016

Some Thoughts about Victimization, Anger and Abuse

Mar 16th 2016

Yoga For Mental Health

Feb 25th 2016

Loughner's insanity is not separate from the culture's insanity

Jan 12th 2011

California Proposition 8 Overturned: Yay!

Aug 6th 2010

My Mother Has Schizophrenia: Von Allan's "the road to god knows..."

Jan 27th 2010

Walk To Washington: Raising Awareness about Major Depression

Jan 11th 2010

Milder Depressions Don't Appear to Benefit From Antidepressant Treatment

Jan 7th 2010

Amber Osterhout's Artwork Combats Mental Illness Stigma

Mar 5th 2009

Suspended From College For Expressing Suicidal Ideation (a reaction to an NPR radio story)

Dec 2nd 2008

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device for treatment-resistant Major Depression just approved by the FDA

Oct 15th 2008

Mental Health Parity legislation passes; Now headed to President's pen

Oct 3rd 2008

National Depression Screening Day is just around the corner (October 10th!)

Oct 2nd 2008

United States Congress moves closer to passing mental health parity

Sep 24th 2008

Psychologists decide it is never ethical to assist torture

Sep 19th 2008

Liberal morality versus conservative morality: Understanding the difference can help you avoid arguments

Sep 15th 2008

Army suicide rate is climbing rapidly

Sep 10th 2008

Help Develop a PTSD Etiquette Guide

Aug 1st 2008

A Suicide Barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge

Jul 29th 2008

Randy Pausch and Death Anxiety: It's okay to feel terror in the face of death

Jul 26th 2008

The Tragic Suicide of 1st Sgt. Jeff McKinney

Jun 16th 2008

Mood Change Doesn't Happen Quickly

Jun 10th 2008

The Proper Name for Eliot Spitzer's brand of hypocrisy is Reaction Formation

Mar 13th 2008

Why so much fuss over Eliot Spitzer's affair?

Mar 12th 2008

U.S. House of Representatives passes Wellstone Mental Health Parity Act

Mar 6th 2008

In Treatment: Understanding how patients 'lie' to themselves and others is at the heart of dynamic psychotherapy

Feb 13th 2008

Exorcism: When is it appropriate?

Feb 12th 2008

Retail Therapy, Sadness and Spending: The Study Behind the Story

Feb 9th 2008

A Funeral

Feb 2nd 2008

Managing Game Griefers and Other Community Trolls

Jan 29th 2008

FDA now requires suicide assessment of new drugs prior to approval

Jan 25th 2008

Actor Heath Ledger helped people empathize with the pain of homosexual identity conflict

Jan 23rd 2008

The very model of a modern psychopharmacologist!

Nov 20th 2007

Dementia: What Gets Damaged; What Gets Saved

Aug 16th 2007

Concerning Problems Within AA

May 7th 2007

Diagnosing Seung-Hui Cho

Apr 21st 2007

Post-Cognitive Psychotherapy

Mar 23rd 2007

Have you come to understand the objections (to AA)?

Mar 12th 2007

"...and yet Ted Haggard still moves"

Feb 7th 2007

Email: 'Christmas Carols' for the Psychologically Challenged

Dec 20th 2006

Why are people criticizing James Kim?

Dec 9th 2006

The Paradoxical Sinclair Method For Treating Alcohol Dependence

Dec 1st 2006

Recognizing emotion gets harder or easier depending on your mood

Nov 28th 2006

Happy Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 23rd 2006

Understanding Perfectionism

Nov 3rd 2006

Child Porn Seeking predicts real Pedophilia

Oct 21st 2006

Good article concerning 'Spiritual' Abuse

Oct 16th 2006

How To More Easily Feel Forgiveness

Oct 12th 2006

A Possible Future Brain

Oct 6th 2006

National Depression Screening Day is Tomorrow!

Oct 4th 2006

What Clients Find Helpful in Psychotherapy

Sep 25th 2006

Dose-Response Curves and Treatment of ADHD, Addictions

Sep 19th 2006

Behavioral Therapy May Be Better Than Cognitive Therapy for Severe Depression

Sep 11th 2006

The New Science of Lie Detection

Sep 7th 2006

Stockholm Syndrome and Regular Old Abuse

Sep 3rd 2006

Humanistic Psychotherapy

Sep 1st 2006

So - why'd he do it then?

Aug 29th 2006

New drug warnings for ADHD stimulants

Aug 22nd 2006

Recounting PTSD diagnoses

Aug 22nd 2006

Nature, Nurture and Psychopathy

Aug 15th 2006

How We Know

Aug 3rd 2006

Boundaries and Dysfunctional Family Systems

Aug 1st 2006

Save 1-800-Suicide

Jul 29th 2006

Perfectionism probably creates a Vulnerability for Depression

Jul 20th 2006

Self-Control and Success (and how to learn better self-control too)

Jul 17th 2006

The Dark Side of Positive Psychology

Jul 11th 2006

A Better Meeting

Jul 1st 2006

Yay for stem cells! Boo for research obstructions!

Jun 21st 2006

Personality Disorder Diagnoses not all that stable over time.

Jun 20th 2006

Attending pre-marital counseling classes really does pay off

Jun 16th 2006

How to better motivate weight loss

Jun 14th 2006

Heavier bulemics have an easier time staying in therapy.

Jun 7th 2006

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a Cult ?

Jun 1st 2006

Exercise promotes happiness and can have an antidepressant effect

Jun 1st 2006

Bipolar kids see aggression when it isn't there

May 30th 2006

Botox fights Depression?

May 27th 2006

A New Way to Buffer Amphetamine For ADHD Treatment

May 26th 2006

Early verbal abuse results in more adult depression

May 23rd 2006

How Prozac gets its groove on.

May 16th 2006

Chronic cortisol exposure causes mood disorders

May 16th 2006

Emailed your doctor recently?

May 9th 2006

Gene for intelligence identified

May 5th 2006

Disease Mongering

May 3rd 2006

Teachers as Brokers for ADHD

May 2nd 2006

Cognitive Restructuring

May 1st 2006

Cell Phone Radiation Slows Reaction Time, Improves Memory

Apr 30th 2006

Heart Attacks and Young Women == Depression

Apr 27th 2006

'Marijuana not an appropriate medicine' says FDA

Apr 22nd 2006

Treating PTSD with Beta-Blockers

Apr 18th 2006

Structure vs. Spontaneity in Psychotherapy

Apr 17th 2006

Playstation Neurofeedback Hybrid for ADHD Treatment

Apr 12th 2006

Daytrana skin patch for ADHD just approved

Apr 8th 2006

SSRI antidepressants raise risk of premature birth

Apr 8th 2006

How Trauma Memories Form

Apr 7th 2006

Recognizing Sarcasm

Apr 6th 2006

Learning Theory

Apr 5th 2006

NYTimes has story on Deep Brain Stim for Depression

Apr 4th 2006

David Beckham has OCD

Apr 4th 2006

Brain Scan Predicts Who Will Benefit From Cognitive Therapy

Apr 3rd 2006

The brain's cortex matures faster in intelligent kids

Mar 31st 2006

Steve Jobs Channels Carl Rogers

Mar 30th 2006

Cortisol May Be an Anxiety Treatment

Mar 29th 2006

Lonliness leads to High Blood Pressure ...

Mar 28th 2006

Treating Mother's Depression Helps Protect Their Children

Mar 24th 2006

Steven Hayes (and ACT) for President!

Mar 21st 2006

Genetic contribution to OCD may have been identified

Mar 20th 2006

Maintanence medications ward off senior depression relapse

Mar 17th 2006

Depression predicts mental decline in seniors

Mar 14th 2006

Interpretation of Repression on the Sopranos premier

Mar 13th 2006


Feb 1st 2006


Nov 3rd 2005

Clinical Privacy and Insurance Application Rejection

Jun 10th 2002

A New Look & Feel For MHN

Jan 21st 2002

State Of The WebSite Address

Nov 6th 2001

A New MHN Is Coming Soon

Oct 5th 2001

A Primer on Coping (and some Holiday applications)

Dec 1st 2000

Mental Help Net Online Community

Sep 1st 2000

Website Privacy Revisited

Mar 1st 2000

Reflections on change: Part III

Jul 1st 1999

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