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Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D.Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D.

Mindfulness for Busy People

Mar 9th 2015

3 Ways to Know If You’re Saying Yes Too Much

Feb 16th 2015

What's YOUR Biggest Challenge for the New Year?

Jan 12th 2015

3 Simple Shifts for a Stress-Free Holiday: A Busy Person's Guide

Dec 15th 2014

The Truth About Stress

Nov 10th 2014

The Fastest Way to Boost Your Mood

Oct 13th 2014

The Key to Overcoming Procrastination

Sep 8th 2014

Antidote to Busy: 5 Simple Ways to Find Time for You

Aug 11th 2014

Drifting Apart and How to Reconnect

Jul 10th 2014

Does Worry Wake You Up? 5 Simple Ways to Help When You Can’t Sleep

Jun 5th 2014

How to Say No to People You Care About

May 7th 2014

Fear of Heights – Story of a Rock Climber

Apr 9th 2014

5 Ways to Stop an Argument in Less Than a Minute

Mar 5th 2014

Anxiety Free New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 23rd 2014

Can Neurofeedback Help Musical Performance?

Dec 5th 2013

The Trouble with Compromise

Nov 7th 2013

Insomnia: When Sleeping Pills Don’t Work

Oct 8th 2013

What We Fear More Than Death

Sep 12th 2013

“Am I with the Right Partner?”

Aug 28th 2013

Motivation: What to do When You Don't Feel It

Aug 12th 2013

3 Ways to Stop Worry

Jun 6th 2013

Take Back Your Time: How to Reduce Overwhelm in a Few Minutes a Day

May 8th 2013

How to Ground Your Fear of Flying

Apr 8th 2013

Test Anxiety – When Your Mind Goes Blank

Mar 13th 2013

Keys to An Effective Apology

Feb 13th 2013

Do We Need Anxiety? Thoughts for Entering the New Year

Jan 21st 2013

How Can I Forgive You?: First Steps When Your Relationship is On the Rocks

Dec 15th 2010

The Most Difficult Emotion: Shame, Disconnection, Courage and Love

Nov 22nd 2010

Whose Fault is It? How Blame Sabotages Relationships

Oct 4th 2010

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