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Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

Discovering Love in the Face of Imminent Death

May 5th 2014

Tickets To Paradise: A Good-Hearted Tale

Apr 2nd 2014

It's Far Too Simple: An Adapted Zen Parable

Mar 19th 2014

Incessant Drip, Drip, Drip — A Universal Story

Mar 10th 2014

How Socrates' Students Chose Themselves

Feb 19th 2014

Saying It's So — A Moral Teaching Tale

Feb 12th 2014

The Fun House of Mirrors — Seeing Light in Everyone

Feb 3rd 2014

Freeing the Sculpture From the Stone

Jan 20th 2014

A Beautiful Mind — Saying Goodbye to What Cannot Be True

Jan 9th 2014

My Cup Overflows: A Zen Tale Adapted

Dec 26th 2013

Three Favorite Ego Games

Dec 20th 2013

Seeing Through the Ego's Fantasy-Reality Gap

Dec 12th 2013

The Ego's Way of Handling the Now

Dec 4th 2013

Types of Stress and Their Symptoms

Nov 18th 2013

The Benefits of Suffering and the Costs of Well Being: Secondary Gains and Losses

Nov 6th 2013

The Evolution of Our Species

Oct 30th 2013

A Walking, Talking, Breathing Miracle—Y-O-U! A One-In-Several-Billion Shot

Oct 23rd 2013

Questions To Live By

Oct 15th 2013

Three Components of a Commitment: A Universal Tool

Oct 8th 2013

Meaning Depends Upon Context, Egos Make Up All the Meanings & the Context of All That's Real is Being Aware of Awareness Itself

Sep 23rd 2013

Possible Direct Control - Staying on the Playing Field

Sep 16th 2013

What Do You "Have To" Do in Life?

Sep 9th 2013

The Five Businesses and an Inner Meter on Manipulation

Sep 2nd 2013

Seeing Three Domains - Illusory, Empirical World, and Absolute

Aug 15th 2013

Being Presence Itself - Enliven the Quality of Your Life

Aug 7th 2013

The Power of Witnessing: How Would a Fish Know It is in Water?

Aug 1st 2013

Seeing Through the Unreal, Reveals Purely What is Real

Jul 23rd 2013

Who is Unhappy? What is Natural Happiness?

Jul 11th 2013

Choice - Level III: The "Will" without a Willful Doer Chooses

Jul 3rd 2013

Choice - Level II: Developing a Workable Structure For Choice

Jun 26th 2013

Choice - Level I: Seeing Through Obstacles to Living by Choice

Jun 19th 2013

Feelings Are Authentic and Valid — Perceptions and Beliefs Are Suspect

Jun 10th 2013

Critical Thinking is Not Critical, Just Looking for Truth & Reality: The Heart of Asking Questions That Reveal "What Is"

May 20th 2013

Being an Outstanding Steward of Life Itself — What We Can Learn From Animals

May 13th 2013

Healthy Feeling Processing

May 1st 2013

The Sixteen Laws of Emotions: Recognizing Moods and Emotions to Return to Healthy Feeling Processing

Apr 22nd 2013

“Let’s Just Wait and Watch It” — Let’s NOT! The Mentality of “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” Can Kill You

Apr 15th 2013

Ego Can Be a Superb Servant and a Tyrannical Master: Recognize Four Functions of Ego

Apr 1st 2013

“Good Enough” Isn’t Even Close

Mar 9th 2013

Will's Five Dynamic Laws of the Universe

Feb 28th 2013

Social Traps and Beyond: The Situation is Hopeless But Not Serious

Feb 18th 2013

The Greatest Barrier and Passageway to Effective Communication at Work: “You”!

Feb 7th 2013

Own Being Responsible? — Absolutely, Make Others Responsible? — You Must Be Kidding!

Jan 30th 2013

Insisting on Fairness & Justice is a Recipe For Conflict, Misery & Suffering

Sep 18th 2012

Garbage Detection and Brilliance Spotting

Sep 3rd 2012

"Off With Their Heads!"—Danger! Danger! Guillotiners Ahead! - Identifying and Protecting Yourself From Expediency-Driven Guillotiners

Aug 8th 2012

Peeling the Onion—Uncovering Our Wounds in Therapy

Jul 18th 2012

Rule-Bound Adjustment is Deadening - Rule-Flexible Adaptiveness is Enlivening

Jun 27th 2012

The Essence of Healing, Governing, Service, Judgment and Contribution

May 29th 2012

Complacency, Apathy and Resignation Be Banished and Transformed

May 10th 2012

Steps Back are Not Setbacks: Finding Solid Ground Can Be Essential

Apr 24th 2012

Being Positional, Non-Positional and Taking a Stand

Apr 12th 2012

What Can I Do? The Seven Options Available For You In Any Situation

Mar 23rd 2012

Three Components of a Commitment: A Universal Tool

Mar 13th 2012

The Grammar of Committed Action: Speaking That Brings Forth Being

Feb 22nd 2012

Catch A "Wild Pitch?" You Must Be Kidding!

Jan 27th 2012

Are Reasons Complete Nonsense? A Three-Minute Course

Jan 18th 2012

It's Shocking How Little People Settle For, How Much They Put Up With and How Much Better They Deserve

Jan 5th 2012

Withdraw Attention, Interest and Feeding Unhappy Thoughts,and Natural Happiness Arises and Blossoms

Dec 16th 2011

Pattern Recognition: A Key to Success in Doing Anything Well

Nov 10th 2011

The Architecture of All Change Processes

Oct 12th 2011

The Top Seven Sources of Stress and Their Remedies

Sep 29th 2011

Basics of Living: Breathing, Standing, Walking and Sitting: Safeguards of Well Being and Listening Within

Sep 16th 2011

Keeping It Real — Do You Get It?

Sep 8th 2011

GROKKED: Being Seen, Heard and Known For Who You Are

Aug 26th 2011

Self-Responsibility/Self-Accountability Qualifies You as an Adult

Aug 8th 2011

Acknowledgment Transcends Pride and Humility

Jul 21st 2011

Developing An Inner Meter on Manipulation — A Critical Life Skill

Jun 24th 2011

Beliefs, Roles and Stories Can Be Useful At Times or Create Suffering: Recognition, Disillusionment, Disidentification & Surrender is Freedom Itself

Jun 6th 2011

Beliefs Are Not to Be Believed

May 26th 2011

Straight Feeling Talk: "I Anger Myself", "I Delight Myself"—It's All An Inside Job

May 13th 2011

The Greatest Gift a Parent Can Bestow Upon Their Children

Apr 28th 2011

Resolving Guilt Once and For All, Time After Time

Apr 18th 2011

Awash in Harm, Do No More Harm: The First Law of All Health, Healing, Wellness and Well Being

Mar 31st 2011

What an Apparent Poor Sense of Direction Revealed about the Mind

Mar 22nd 2011

Withdraw Attention, Interest and Feeding Unhappy Thoughts, and Natural Happiness Arises and Blossoms

Mar 3rd 2011

Three Components of a Commitment: What Qualifies as a Commitment and a Committed Person

Feb 18th 2011

Needless: You Can Have Almost Anything You Want(So Long As You Don't Need It!)

Jan 24th 2011

Excellent Self-Programming with the Unconscious

Jan 7th 2011

Recognizing and Working Well with the Unconscious

Dec 30th 2010

Speaking Male, Speaking Female—Communicating into Another's Listening

Dec 9th 2010

Setting Healthy Limits—It Can Be an All-Win!

Dec 1st 2010

The Art of Pacing - Live Long and Prosper

Nov 11th 2010

Dissolve Frustration — Three Strategies You Can Begin Using Right Now

Oct 27th 2010

The Hammer Theory of Pleasure and Pain: Rediscovering the Wisdom of Moderation

Oct 14th 2010

Four Strategies to Invest Trust Wisely

Sep 30th 2010

Nothing To Prove and Nothing To Explain

Sep 16th 2010

Psychological Jujitsu/Aikido/Alchemy — "Conversation Stoppers"

Aug 5th 2010

Common and Mature Defenses, and Beyond

Apr 29th 2010

ACCEPTANCE—Even LESS than Meets the I!

Apr 15th 2010

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