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Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.Allan Schwartz, Ph.D.

Shame and Avoidant Personality Disorder

Apr 21st 2016

Compassion vs. Empathy

Feb 17th 2014

Can You Really Multitask?

Feb 11th 2014

Toxic Families Who Scapegoat

Jan 27th 2014

Parenting, Spanking and Later Aggression

Jan 15th 2014

Some Thoughts About Birthdays and Mindfulness

Jan 8th 2014

Is The Therapist Ever A Patient?

Jan 3rd 2014

Namaste, Greetings, Relationships and New Year Resolutions

Dec 31st 2013

Holidays and Family Conflict

Dec 27th 2013

It's A Matter of Faith: Mental Health and the Holidays

Dec 23rd 2013

Holiday Coping with ADHD Children

Dec 17th 2013

The Health Benefits of Psychotherapy

Dec 13th 2013

The Holidays and the Meaning of Giving

Dec 10th 2013

Be Careful About What You Read Online

Dec 6th 2013

Psychotherapy, Boundaries and Ethics

Dec 3rd 2013

The Psychological Importance of Gratitude and Gratefulness

Nov 26th 2013

The Problem of Premature Ejaculation

Nov 22nd 2013

Meditation and Anxiety

Nov 19th 2013

The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy: Making Expectations Come True

Nov 19th 2013

Why Do We Dread Sunday: The Power of Anticipation?

Nov 15th 2013

Is My Therapist Helping Me?

Nov 12th 2013

Teen Drinking and Binge Drinking

Nov 8th 2013

Optimism Bias, Ignoring Warning Signs

Nov 5th 2013

Homosexuality, Religion and Science, A Big Issue

Nov 1st 2013

The Issue of Coffee, Caffeine and Addiction

Oct 30th 2013

Psychotherapy vs. Medication for Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Illnesses

Oct 28th 2013

The Problem of Children and Blended Families

Oct 25th 2013

Psychotherapy, Skype and Videocam Technology

Oct 22nd 2013

Stress and Anxiety: The Impact the Government Shutdown and The Fiscal Cliff Had on People

Oct 18th 2013

Sports, Fans and Stress

Oct 16th 2013

When A Family Is Dysfunctional, The Deadlock in Washington

Oct 14th 2013

The Affordable Care Act, "Obamacare"

Oct 11th 2013

Non-Violent Drug Offenders

Oct 9th 2013

Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness Meditation

Oct 7th 2013

The Long Term Consequences of Being Bullied

Oct 4th 2013

Of Budget Cuts, Schools and Students

Oct 1st 2013

Older Adults and Owning a Dog

Sep 27th 2013

Sexual Fantasy, The Brain and Guilt

Sep 25th 2013

The Navy Yard Shooting: Can Violence be Predicted?

Sep 23rd 2013

The Elderly, Terminally Sick and Assisted Suicide

Sep 20th 2013

Parents, The Empty Nest and Grads at Home

Sep 18th 2013

Must You Win an Argument and Lose a Friend?

Sep 16th 2013

Are You Self-Blaming and Self-Critical?

Sep 13th 2013

The Continuing Problem of Stigmatizing Mental Illness

Sep 10th 2013

An Ode to Being Imperfect

Sep 6th 2013

The School Year Begins for Students and Families

Sep 4th 2013

Budget Cuts and Mental Health Care

Sep 2nd 2013

Of Mountains and Molehills and Worry

Aug 30th 2013

Of Self-Compassion and Connection to Others

Aug 27th 2013

Children and their Need For Sleep

Aug 23rd 2013

The Problem of Self-Esteem and Narcissism

Aug 20th 2013

Faith in God and Psychotherapy Outcomes

Aug 16th 2013

The Narcissist Versus the Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Aug 13th 2013

Of Self-Hatred and Self-Compassion

Aug 9th 2013

Alzheimer's, Memory, Cognitive Performance and Yoga

Aug 6th 2013

Relationships and the Meaning of Courage

Aug 2nd 2013

On Giving and Taking Advice

Jul 31st 2013

Coping With Retirement

Jul 29th 2013

Sleep and Marriage: Are You Compatible?

Jul 26th 2013

Violence Against Men

Jul 24th 2013

Parents Who Cannot Let Go

Jul 22nd 2013

Embracing An Ordinary Life

Jul 19th 2013

The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Case

Jul 15th 2013

Sibling Bullying

Jul 12th 2013

Celebrating the Ordinary

Jul 10th 2013

Family Life: Some Thoughts About the Role of the Father

Jul 8th 2013

What is Meant by The Self?

Jul 5th 2013

Gay and Lesbian Marriage: The Supreme Court and the APA

Jul 2nd 2013

Can a Behavior be an Addiction?

Jun 28th 2013

Why People do Not Agree: Attentional and Cognitive Bias

Jun 26th 2013

Sociopath Next Door

Jun 24th 2013

Paranoia and Conspiracy Theories

Jun 21st 2013

Aging and Video Games: Brain Plasticity

Jun 18th 2013

The Difference Between Grief and Depression, The DSM V

Jun 14th 2013

Psychotherapy For The Elderly

Jun 11th 2013

Family Meals and Adolescent Mental Health

Jun 7th 2013

Anxiety About New Guidelines for Asperger's Disorder

Jun 4th 2013

How Much is Too Much Alcohol?

May 31st 2013

The Impact of Small Stresses in Daily Life

May 28th 2013

Journaling and Mental Health

May 24th 2013

Teenagers, Drug Abuse, Marijuana

May 22nd 2013

Of Trauma and Psychological Resilience: The Cleveland Tragedy

May 20th 2013

Sadistic Personality Disorder: The Cleveland Tragedy

May 17th 2013

The Cleveland Tragedy, Complex PTSD

May 14th 2013

Of Anxiety and Stress

May 10th 2013

Imago Relationship Therapy

May 7th 2013

Overcoming Stress by Volunteering With Your Dog

May 3rd 2013

Marriage and "That Seven Year Itch"

Apr 30th 2013

When Fear Keeps Kids From School, School Phobia

Apr 26th 2013

Boston: Compassion During a Terrorist Attack

Apr 23rd 2013

Anger and Stress, Letting It All Out

Apr 19th 2013

The Family: Its Stories and Myths

Apr 16th 2013

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Another Type of Psychotherapy

Apr 12th 2013

ADHD in Adulthood

Apr 10th 2013

Abusive Parents: Some Thoughts About The Psychology of Forgiveness

Apr 8th 2013

What is Positive Psychology?

Apr 4th 2013

The Optimist vs. The Pessimist

Apr 2nd 2013

Depression and Learned Helplessness

Mar 29th 2013

Addiction: For or Against the Legalization of Drugs?

Mar 27th 2013

Habituation: Why Does the Initial Excitement Always Wear Off?

Mar 25th 2013

Depression and Drug Abuse

Mar 21st 2013

Stress and Shingles, Mind and Body are One

Mar 19th 2013

Acceptable, Cute Aggression

Mar 15th 2013

Childhood Television Viewing and Violent Behavior

Mar 13th 2013

The Helicopter Parent and the Dangers of Over Protecting

Mar 7th 2013

Making Your Relationship Work

Mar 5th 2013

Depression and Vitamin D

Mar 1st 2013

Trauma: Complex PTSD

Feb 26th 2013

Stress and The Older Adult

Feb 22nd 2013

Friending and Unfriending on Facebook

Feb 19th 2013

Abuse, Reproductive Coercion and Abortion Equal Depression

Feb 15th 2013

Loneliness, A Health Hazard

Feb 12th 2013

Some Thoughts About Guns and Gun Control

Feb 7th 2013

Stress and Depression, Those Monday Mornings

Feb 4th 2013

Gun Violence, Reporting and Listing Names of the Mentally Ill?

Jan 31st 2013

The Psychology of Road Rage

Jan 28th 2013

It's Called Onychophagia or Nail Biting

Jan 24th 2013

The SAD Time of Year

Jan 22nd 2013

The Importance of Forgiveness

Jan 18th 2013

Can Parents Teach Their Children to be Empathetic?

Jan 16th 2013

The Importance of Finding Meaning In Life: An Existential Crisis

Jan 10th 2013

Gun Violence, Crime and How We Raise Our Children

Jan 7th 2013

Does Your Child Have ADHD?

Dec 18th 2012

Men With Eating Disorders

Dec 14th 2012

The Loneliness of Alexithymia

Dec 11th 2012

Enabling Behavior and The Addictions

Dec 7th 2012

Relationships and The Role of Mutual Blame

Dec 4th 2012

A Pesky Problem With 12 Step Programs

Nov 30th 2012

On Having Hallucinations

Nov 27th 2012

Relationships and The Need to Fix Others: Are You A Fixer?

Nov 23rd 2012

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Nov 20th 2012

Separation Anxiety...From Your Smartphone

Nov 16th 2012

Treating Alcohol and Depression

Nov 13th 2012

Men, Women and Dysfunctional Relating

Nov 8th 2012

Democracy and Elections

Nov 5th 2012

On Being Selfish: Is It All About Me?

Nov 2nd 2012

Increased Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression

Oct 30th 2012

What Is Boredom?

Oct 25th 2012

Obesity, An Addiction?

Oct 22nd 2012

What Not to Tell a Loved One Who Has an Eating Disorder

Oct 18th 2012

Anorexia and Internet Dangers

Oct 16th 2012

Orthorexia, Another Kind of Eating Disorder

Oct 11th 2012

On Aging and Turning 70

Oct 8th 2012

Are You a Compulsive Shopper?

Oct 4th 2012

Politics and The Needs of Disabled People

Oct 1st 2012

Are Self-Hate and Prejudice Against Others Different?

Sep 27th 2012

Another Look at Alcoholic's Anonymous

Sep 25th 2012

Marriage, Are You Afraid of Emotional Intimacy?

Sep 19th 2012

The Psychology of Mob Violence, The Middle East

Sep 17th 2012

Feeling Depressed and The Importance of Voting

Sep 14th 2012

Suicide Prevention Week

Sep 12th 2012

News Coverage of 9/11 and PTSD

Sep 11th 2012

The "Assault" On The American Family and the 2012 Presidential Election

Sep 6th 2012

Living With Schizophrenia

Sep 4th 2012

Pros and Cons of a Longer School Year

Aug 28th 2012

Back to School and Teen Drug Addiction

Aug 24th 2012

Politics and the Issues of Rape and Abortion

Aug 22nd 2012

Some thoughts About Returning to School and Learning

Aug 20th 2012

Strangers and The Need For Personal Space

Aug 16th 2012

Living With Schizophrenia, An Inspiring Story

Aug 15th 2012

Radical Religious Belief and Child Abuse, "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child"

Aug 13th 2012

A New Form of Self-Injury, Self-Embedding?

Aug 10th 2012

Should I Divorce My Parents or Forgive Them?

Aug 7th 2012

Human Behavior, My Brain Made Me do It?

Aug 1st 2012

Stress and the Dangers of Alcohol

Jul 30th 2012

Helping Young Children Understand Death

Jul 26th 2012

"Love and Logic" Principles of Parenting

Jul 24th 2012

The Tragic Shooting in Colorado

Jul 23rd 2012

Sex and the Older Couple

Jul 20th 2012

Is My Depression Contagious?

Jul 18th 2012

Buried Alive: Saving, Collecting and Hoarding

Jul 16th 2012

Summer Heat and Human Behavior

Jul 12th 2012

Parenting and Child Development, Punishment and Its Result

Jul 9th 2012

Provocation, Anger and Reaction

Jul 5th 2012

Independence Day, the Importance of Democracy

Jul 3rd 2012

Parenting and Child Development

Jul 2nd 2012

It's a Man's World, or Is It??

Jun 22nd 2012

On Laughing and Laughter

Jun 20th 2012

Is Your Partner Still Relating to His/Her Ex?

Jun 19th 2012

The Importance of Family Pets, Grieving the Loss of my Best Friend, Bonnie

Jun 18th 2012

Why Are People in Such a Hurry?

Jun 15th 2012

What is the Mind and What Is the Brain?

May 29th 2012

On Being Optimistic

May 24th 2012

Is Alcohol Addiction a Disease?

May 23rd 2012

Homosexuality, Not A Matter of Cure

May 22nd 2012

Understanding Resentment

May 21st 2012

Depressed, Forgetful? Take a Walk in the Park

May 18th 2012

Fast Food, Health and Depression

May 14th 2012

Equal Rights for Gay Marriages

May 11th 2012

Families and Groups with Rigid Boundaries

May 10th 2012

Parental Depression and Children

May 9th 2012

Adoption, Finding the Birth Parents

May 8th 2012

My Mother/Father has Alzheimer's Disease

May 7th 2012

Olfactory Sensations (Smell) and Stress Reduction

May 2nd 2012

Aging and Drug Addiction

May 1st 2012

The Dangers of Online Therapy

Apr 26th 2012

So You Think You Can Multi Task?

Apr 24th 2012

The Transitional Objects and Self Comfort

Apr 23rd 2012

To Retire or Not, A Complicated Decision

Apr 18th 2012

Health and Mental Health, Should We Screen Children?

Apr 16th 2012

Does Past Abuse Signal Future Abuse?

Apr 13th 2012

Stress Reduction, Tropical Fish and Aquariums

Apr 12th 2012

Are You Superstitious?

Apr 10th 2012

Some Comments on Belief, Religion and Mutual Respect

Apr 9th 2012

Moving Back Home Again

Apr 5th 2012

Understanding Criticism

Apr 4th 2012

Helping Children Gain Self Control

Apr 2nd 2012

The Impact of Stress and Anger

Mar 30th 2012

Prejudice, Racism and Perception

Mar 29th 2012

PTSD and Violence, Can We Protect Our Soldiers?

Mar 22nd 2012

Guns, Gun Control, Violence, Children

Mar 21st 2012

Learning, When Failure Occurs

Mar 19th 2012

Preconceived Notions and Their Impact on Thinking and Behavior

Mar 16th 2012

Dental Phobia

Mar 15th 2012

To Circumcise or Not, That is the Question

Mar 15th 2012

Boundaries and the Addicted Family

Mar 14th 2012

Family Boundaries and the Parentified Child

Mar 13th 2012

Ohio School Shooting and The Random Nature of Life

Mar 1st 2012

Personality, Are You a Warm or Cold Person?

Feb 28th 2012

Am I Ugly? A Discussion of the Young Teenager in Trouble

Feb 27th 2012

Of Anxiety and Depression and Play

Feb 24th 2012

Parents, Students, Teachers and Academic Performance - Everyone Plays a Role

Feb 21st 2012

The Impact of Divorce on Families

Feb 20th 2012

The Mentally Ill, Fear and Misunderstanding

Feb 16th 2012

The Problem of Drug Addiction Relapse

Feb 15th 2012

Online Dating, Pros and Cons

Feb 14th 2012

Bipolar Disorder, Receiving the Diagnosis

Feb 13th 2012

Religion, What Should a Therapist Do?

Feb 6th 2012

Some "Views" of Everyday Life

Feb 4th 2012

Being Obsessive, Do You Second Guess Yourself?

Jan 31st 2012

The Importance of Saying "No"

Jan 30th 2012

Infidelity, Can A Marriage Be Mended?

Jan 24th 2012

Marriage and Infidelity

Jan 23rd 2012

Why Do Couples Divorce?

Jan 20th 2012

Divorce and Remarriage, the Blending of Families

Jan 17th 2012

Why do People Marry?

Jan 16th 2012

Sex, Marriage and Aging

Jan 12th 2012

Love, Marriage and Sex

Jan 11th 2012

Violence Within Marriage

Jan 9th 2012

How to Have a Happy Marriage

Jan 6th 2012

Relationships: The Road From Dating to Commitment

Jan 4th 2012

Depression and Positive vs. Negative Emotional States

Jan 3rd 2012

Children and Parental Role Modeling

Dec 18th 2011

Violence Against Women

Dec 16th 2011

Resentment vs.Forgiveness

Dec 14th 2011

Kids with Disabilities Want to be Included

Dec 12th 2011

Schemas: Single and Repeatedly Alone

Dec 9th 2011

The Pain of Breaking Up, Are You Self-Compassionate?

Dec 8th 2011

Will Power, Should I Make the Effort?

Dec 6th 2011

Mental Illness and Innocence?

Dec 5th 2011

Impulse Control, Wanting...Waiting...Savoring

Dec 1st 2011

It's the SAD Season

Nov 29th 2011

Finding A Psychotherapist, A Cautionary Tale

Nov 28th 2011

Why Did I Forget?

Nov 22nd 2011

Prostitution and Sex Slavery

Nov 21st 2011

Perception is Everything, Watch Out for Advertising Tricks

Nov 20th 2011

The Substance Abuser and Multi Family Systems Therapy, Part One

Nov 18th 2011

High School and Teen Suicide, A Connection?

Nov 15th 2011

Are Homosexuals Dangerous to Children?

Nov 14th 2011

Pornography: "As Porn Use Goes Up, Performance Goes Down."

Nov 10th 2011

Men and Eating Disorders

Nov 9th 2011

Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting, The Scandal at Penn State University

Nov 8th 2011

Resentment, Like Holding Onto Hot Coals

Nov 7th 2011

Pursuing a Job, Self-effacement is Self Sabotage

Nov 1st 2011

Providing "Help" to Survivors of Domestic Violence

Oct 25th 2011

Restoring Self Pride After Molestation

Oct 20th 2011

Toddlers and Television: Not A Good Mix

Oct 19th 2011

Do We Need Enemies?

Oct 17th 2011

Is it OK for Four and Five-Year-Old Boys to Sometimes Dress like Girls?

Oct 15th 2011

"Liar Liar, Pants on Fire," The Pathological Liar

Oct 13th 2011

Terrible Toddler Temper Tantrums

Oct 12th 2011

The Narcissistic Parent

Oct 9th 2011

Should I Change Careers During an Economic Recession?

Oct 6th 2011

"On Being Certain," A Wonderful book by Robert A. Burton, MD

Oct 5th 2011

The Slippery Slope of Dating

Oct 4th 2011

Children: A Plea For Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

Sep 20th 2011

Sensory Overload, Tension and Stress

Sep 19th 2011

Children: Are We Too Quick To Suspect Mental Illness?

Sep 16th 2011

Mental Illness, A Failure to Understand

Sep 13th 2011

RAD: Children, False Information and Dangerous Therapies

Sep 12th 2011

The Only and Correct Way to Parent

Sep 10th 2011

What is Asperger's Syndrome?

Sep 8th 2011

Clarifying and Understanding Those With Narcissism

Sep 7th 2011

Cognitive Consistency and Cognitive Dissonance

Sep 6th 2011

Work and Family, are Boundaries Fading?

Sep 5th 2011

Are You Sure It's ADHD?

Aug 30th 2011

A Learning Disability, Written Language Disorder

Aug 24th 2011

Is Your Relationship Making You Sick?

Aug 22nd 2011

Listening with Empathy

Aug 18th 2011

Eating Disorders and Health Insurance

Aug 16th 2011

We Love To Hate The Bully

Aug 15th 2011

The Impact of Divorce On...

Aug 12th 2011

National Debt, Stress and Perception, Is It Really That Bad?

Aug 10th 2011

Some Further Thoughts on Depression and Suicide

Aug 10th 2011

"Toddlers and Tiaras" Beauty Pageants: Are They Good For Our Children?

Aug 8th 2011

Finding That Significant Other, Why So Difficult?

Aug 5th 2011

Acts of Violence, Fear of The Unknown, Xenophobia

Jul 27th 2011

The Love of Horror Movies, Normal or Abnormal?

Jul 22nd 2011

Decision Making, Who Is In Control?

Jul 21st 2011

Some Commonly Held Myths About Rape

Jul 20th 2011

Should Women Breast Feed in Public?

Jul 19th 2011

Psychotherapy: Clarifying Some Misconceptions

Jul 18th 2011

NAMI: Help For Families of The Mentally Ill

Jul 15th 2011

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Jul 13th 2011

More on Sleep: Students and Grades

Jul 11th 2011

Children and Sleep Problems

Jul 9th 2011

A Discussion of Life, Ageing and the Denial of Death

Jul 7th 2011

Preventing Depression: Better to Try Than do Nothing

Jul 6th 2011

On Being Religious and Gay

Jun 27th 2011

Creativity and Bipolar Disorder, Is There A Relationship?

Jun 23rd 2011

Did My Parents Care Too Much?

Jun 22nd 2011

Anorexia Impacts the Whole Family

Jun 21st 2011

Mental Illness: The Bio-Psycho-Social Spheres of Influence

Jun 20th 2011

Fathers and Father's Day

Jun 17th 2011

Toddlers, Toys and Cognitive Development

Jun 16th 2011

The Frustration of Arguing About the Truth

Jun 15th 2011

Depression and the Pressure to Conform

Jun 13th 2011

Education and Reading and Parenting: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Jun 10th 2011

The Cycle of Life: War, Peace, Happiness, and...

May 30th 2011

Marital Infidelity, It's Women Too

May 19th 2011

Some Questions About How to Treat Children With Disabilities

May 18th 2011

I Wish I Had an Illness...Mental or Physical

May 17th 2011

On Superstitions

May 13th 2011

On Being Married and Loved to Death

May 13th 2011

The Frustration of Waiting

May 10th 2011

Is it Wrong to Celebrate the Death of Osama bin Laden?

May 9th 2011

To Succeed or Not to Succeed, That is The Question

May 5th 2011

Non Prescription Pain Medications, SSRI's and Depression

May 3rd 2011

Prescription Drug Abuse, Why So Few Responses?

Apr 29th 2011

The Brain Lock of Obsessional Thinking

Apr 22nd 2011

Revisiting Your Childhood Home, "Remembrance of Things Past"

Apr 20th 2011

Parents and Coping and the Terrible Twos

Apr 18th 2011

A New Cause of Depression

Apr 15th 2011

Why Do Women Become Prostitutes and Why Do Men Go To Them?

Apr 12th 2011

Teenagers, Drinking, Drugs and Parenting

Apr 11th 2011

Staying Busy and Being Happy

Apr 7th 2011

The Eating Disorder Called Obesity

Apr 6th 2011

When You Are Angry At Your Therapist

Apr 4th 2011

Some Reflections On Successful Marriages

Apr 1st 2011

Anorexia, Bulimia and Older Women

Mar 29th 2011

Teenagers, Technology and Parents

Mar 28th 2011

Are Men Really Childish Boys?

Mar 21st 2011

Family Dinner, Do Families Interact and Talk to Each Other Any Longer?

Mar 19th 2011

I Found Out My Husband Is Gay

Mar 17th 2011

What Are The Psychological Consequences of Surviving a Disaster?

Mar 16th 2011

Sex, Violence, Rage, Passion: "Being Human."

Mar 15th 2011

He Doesn't Feel the Same Way About Me...

Mar 15th 2011

Of Marriage, Money and Lies

Mar 8th 2011

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Insurance

Mar 7th 2011

Anxiety, Worry, Stress: Living in the Moment

Mar 4th 2011

Elder Abuse

Mar 3rd 2011

Always Predicting Disaster

Mar 2nd 2011

Unmasking The Deceiver...Myself

Feb 22nd 2011

The Pain of Rejection By Social Groups

Feb 21st 2011

Stress, Emotions and Body Response

Feb 18th 2011

Marijuana and Mental Health, Here We Go Again!

Feb 17th 2011

The Many Meanings of Smiling

Feb 16th 2011

"That's Not Fair,...."

Feb 15th 2011

Narcissistic vs. Antisocial or Sociopathic Personality Disorders

Feb 10th 2011

Playing Hard to Get

Feb 9th 2011

Clean Needles and...?

Feb 8th 2011

Marriage, Family, Stress and Finances

Feb 7th 2011

Professional Sports, Stress and Depression

Feb 3rd 2011

A Discussion of Male Masturbation

Jan 25th 2011

Of Apololgies, Forgiveness and Forgetting

Jan 24th 2011

A Debate Rages Over Education and Parenting

Jan 19th 2011

I Found That Story Very "Touching"

Jan 18th 2011

Autism and Fraud, Psychopathy Defined, Does Greed Have No limits?

Jan 17th 2011

No Slouching Here

Jan 14th 2011

Splitting: Bringing in That Third Party

Jan 12th 2011

Behavior Disorders, Learning Your Diagnosis

Jan 10th 2011

A Major Crisis, Eating Disorders and Children

Jan 4th 2011

PTSD, Veterans and Equine Therapy

Jan 3rd 2011

Those New Year's Resolutions, Do They Work?

Dec 27th 2010

Homosexuals in the Military, "Don't Ask Don't, Don't Tell" is Repealed

Dec 19th 2010

The Quick Fix

Dec 17th 2010

Newly Married Couples and Sexual Frequency

Dec 16th 2010

Are We Too Materialistic?

Dec 15th 2010

Drinking and Walking, A Deadly Combination

Dec 14th 2010

Childhood Mental Health Problems and Parental Embarrassment

Dec 13th 2010

The Holiday Season: When SAD and Grief Occur

Dec 12th 2010

Does the Modern World Promote Schizoid Personality Disorder?

Dec 10th 2010

Addictions and Co Occurring Disorders, The High Rate of Relapse

Dec 8th 2010

Sudden End to a Marriage

Dec 6th 2010

Choosing to be Childless, Is It Selfish?

Dec 3rd 2010

Student Academic Performance

Nov 23rd 2010

A Discussion of Disappointment

Nov 22nd 2010

Psychotherapy, Do We Really Want to Change?

Nov 19th 2010

Life, Death and Relationships

Nov 17th 2010

The Benefits of Yoga

Nov 16th 2010

Some Questions About Helping Others?

Nov 15th 2010

The Pleasure, Beauty and Power of Music

Nov 11th 2010

College Students, Studying and Drug Abuse

Nov 9th 2010

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," Why?

Nov 8th 2010

Insult, Revenge and Captain Ahab

Nov 2nd 2010

Ghosts, Spirits and Psychology, A Halloween Story:

Oct 30th 2010

Coping With People Who Are "Difficult"

Oct 27th 2010

"My Mother is Ruining my Life"

Oct 26th 2010

Autistic Disorders and Parental Advocacy

Oct 25th 2010

Do I Have Bipolar II Disorder?

Oct 24th 2010

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Oct 21st 2010

Is Schizophrenia Curable?

Oct 20th 2010

Resilience and Trauma

Oct 19th 2010

Transference vs. Encounter in Psychotherapy

Oct 18th 2010

Teaching and Learning

Oct 10th 2010

Boulder is Burning

Sep 10th 2010

Self Compassion

Sep 7th 2010

Perceptions of Life Today

Sep 3rd 2010

Toddler Spanking

Sep 1st 2010

Much Ado About Something

Aug 20th 2010

The Case of The Wayword Flight Attendant

Aug 17th 2010

Intolerance and Discrimination

Aug 13th 2010

Religion and Psychotherapy

Aug 11th 2010

Of Babies and Kisses and Hugs

Aug 3rd 2010

Pain Pills, A Real Pain

Jul 20th 2010

Children, Television, Video Games and Attention Problems

Jul 19th 2010

Empathy vs. Blame

Jul 13th 2010

Its Never Too Late

Jul 12th 2010

Shyness and Marital Problems

May 21st 2010

Religion, Morality and Homosexuality, A Real Conflict

May 17th 2010

Score Another One for Cognitive Therapy

May 14th 2010

Gauging the Effectiveness of One Component of Alcoholics Anonymous

May 5th 2010

Brainless, Then Mindless

May 3rd 2010

Random Thoughts About Addiction, Delusions and Hallucinations

Apr 27th 2010

Parental Suicide and Vulnerable Children

Apr 23rd 2010

Do You Fear Success?

Mar 23rd 2010

Huffing: Parents and Kids Beware

Mar 22nd 2010

Healing, Is It Just a Matter of Medication?

Mar 21st 2010

Twisted Thinking: Ideology, Delusions and Science

Mar 20th 2010


Mar 19th 2010

On the Question of Medical Marijuana

Mar 17th 2010

Alcoholic's Anonymous, Outcomes and New Research on Alcoholism

Feb 1st 2010

Defining and Understanding the Concept of Denial, Addictions and Otherwise

Jan 29th 2010

It Is Me, Vinnie's Mom: Intervention, ADHD and the Family Crucible Continued

Jan 21st 2010

Intervention, ADHD, Addiction and Enabling and the Family Crucible

Jan 20th 2010

Am I Co Dependent or Addicted to Love?

Jan 16th 2010

When Psychiatric Diagnosis and Culture Clash

Jan 12th 2010

Marijuana Makes it Worse, Revisited

Jan 7th 2010

Staying Sober: Dealing With Temptations

Dec 27th 2009

Troubled Marriages T.V. News Interview

Dec 13th 2009

Child Abuse and the Role of Parental Denial

Dec 11th 2009

Parenting, Children, and Observational Learning

Dec 1st 2009

Depression? Stress? How Sweet they Are? A Dissertation on Dark Chocolate

Nov 22nd 2009

The Brain, Nutrition and ADHD

Nov 18th 2009

The Need for Changes in U.S Health Insurance

Nov 13th 2009

Do I Have ADD?

Oct 29th 2009

Feeling Good, It's Not Just In the Brain

Oct 15th 2009

The Child is Father to the Man

Oct 6th 2009

Children, ADHD and Stimulant Medication

Oct 2nd 2009

An Evaluation of Self Help Books and Affirmations

Sep 21st 2009

Alzheimer's Disease, Can Brain Stimulation Prevent its Onset?

Sep 8th 2009

Brain Neuroplasticity and Treatment Resistant Depression

Aug 24th 2009

The Incredible Human Brain, Neuroplasticity, and the Power of Positive Thinking

Aug 14th 2009

Brain Traffic Jam and Schizophrenia: Possible New Treatments?

Aug 13th 2009

When Children Steal

Aug 11th 2009

Post Combat Suicide Rate Rising

Aug 9th 2009

Alzheimer's Disease, Would You Want to Know?

Jul 21st 2009

Post Partum Depression and The Importance of Sleep

Jul 14th 2009

"The Big Emptiness": Hoarding, OCD, Depression and the Quest for Meaning

Jul 7th 2009

Do You engage in Emotional Eating?

Jul 6th 2009

Diagnoses, Some Thoughts to Consider

Jul 2nd 2009

Women Who Love Too Much, Are You One of Them?

Jun 30th 2009

Does Psychotherapy Help Everyone?

Jun 29th 2009

Alcohol: Risks Outweigh Benefits

Jun 26th 2009

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and the Power of Sex in our Lives

Jun 25th 2009

Chronic Illness and Employment

Jun 20th 2009

I Blush, Therefore I...

Jun 16th 2009

Some Thoughts about Perception, Communication and Disagreement:

Jun 15th 2009

Of Parking Lots, Stress, Life and Psychotherapy

Jun 12th 2009

The Problem of Treating Addiction

Jun 11th 2009

Abuse of Special Needs Children in our Public Schools

May 29th 2009

Teenagers and Depression: Their Families and Psychotherapy

May 27th 2009

Tourettes Disorder

May 25th 2009

On Socializing, Making Friends and Meeting People: Strategies

May 21st 2009

On Demeaning, Devaluing and Bullying: Discussions of Points of View

May 17th 2009

Recognizing an Alcohol Problem in Yourself

May 15th 2009

On Alcohol and Alcoholics Anonymous: A Sober Conversation

May 13th 2009

Kristie Alley and the Problem of Obesity and Dieting

May 11th 2009

Faith versus Reason, Religion and Psychology

May 6th 2009

Making Friends, A Matter of Where You Live?

May 4th 2009

Its Enough to Make You Sick, News Coverage of the Swine Flu

May 1st 2009

Rejection, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Apr 30th 2009

Adult Circumcision, HIV and Pleasure

Apr 28th 2009

Learning While Fidgeting: ADHD

Apr 26th 2009

Child Abuse Prevention

Apr 21st 2009

How to Start Psychotherapy: A Nervous Time for Most

Apr 19th 2009

Gossip: A Form of Workplace Warfare

Apr 18th 2009

Work Place Climate, Depression and Job Searching

Apr 17th 2009

Some Thoughts About Marijuana and Alcohol

Apr 16th 2009

Anti Social Personality Disorder and Bernard Madoff

Apr 15th 2009

"Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Apr 14th 2009

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Post Heart Surgery Depression

Apr 7th 2009

Vegetarian Diets May Harbor Eating Disordered Youngsters:

Apr 6th 2009

Cognitive Distortions, also known as

Apr 2nd 2009

Married 40 Years....And We Never had ONE Fight

Apr 1st 2009

Family Therapy: A Different Approach to Psychotherapy

Mar 31st 2009

Young Yet Sad: The Social Phobic

Mar 23rd 2009

A Tragic Story of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Lowboy, by John Wray

Mar 20th 2009


Mar 12th 2009

5 Ways to Achieve Misery

Mar 9th 2009

Suicide, Self Injury and Hospitalization: Can your therapist have you hospitalized?

Mar 7th 2009

It Is Not All Psychological

Mar 6th 2009

Alcohol as the Cause of Depression?

Mar 5th 2009

Are You Emotionally Resilient?

Mar 2nd 2009

On the Family As A System and the Problem of Triangulation

Feb 27th 2009

Managing Anger and Emotional Stressors Could Save Your Life

Feb 24th 2009

Memory, Something you need to work at

Feb 17th 2009

Divorce: Five Mistakes Made by Divorced Parents.

Feb 16th 2009

Arguing and Marriage: Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Feb 10th 2009

Depression and Marriage

Feb 6th 2009

Do Homophobic Men Harbor Secret Homosexual Desires?

Feb 4th 2009

Stigma, Stereotyping and Schizophrenia

Feb 2nd 2009

"All Work and No Play Make Jack and Jill Dull...."

Feb 2nd 2009

Vitamin D and Health

Jan 29th 2009

How Do You Cope When A Loved One Has An Addiction?

Jan 23rd 2009

How Do You Feel After Sex?

Jan 22nd 2009

What Should I do Now? Recession and Unemployment

Jan 20th 2009

Borderline Personality Disorder

Jan 19th 2009

Should I Stay or Leave this Marriage or "When Is Enough Enough?"

Jan 16th 2009

The Importance of Recognizing Childhood Successes at School

Jan 14th 2009

Child Abuse and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jan 10th 2009

Drug Abusers and Close Court Supervision

Jan 9th 2009

College Stress and Pets:

Jan 8th 2009

Two Male Genital Disorders: Peyronies Disease and Cryptorchidism

Jan 6th 2009

Catastrophizing Illness: Mind and Body Revisited

Jan 5th 2009

Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD: Everyone is Vulnerable

Jan 4th 2009

The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Jan 4th 2009

What Is Normal and What Is Not? The New Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V

Dec 22nd 2008

Parents of Children with ADHD

Dec 18th 2008

Why Do Men Go To Prostitutes?

Dec 16th 2008

Handling The Stress of the 2008 Holiday Season

Dec 10th 2008

Fear, Hatred and Prejudice, When Someone Different Moves In.

Dec 8th 2008

Suicide: Does a Person Have the Right to Take His Own Life?

Dec 5th 2008

Tinnitus, The Annoying Sound Inside Your Head

Dec 2nd 2008

Deja Vu, All Over Again

Nov 29th 2008

Homosexuality and Intolerance: The Issue of Gay Adoptions

Nov 26th 2008

Denial and Drug Addiction, A Serious Problem

Nov 19th 2008

"Music Hath Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast"

Nov 15th 2008

Stuttering, Inherited?

Nov 10th 2008

Children with ADHD and their Families

Nov 5th 2008

Facing Economic Stress: women are taking it harder than men.

Nov 3rd 2008

Marijuana Makes It Worse: Severe Mental Illnesses

Nov 1st 2008

On Loneliness, Warmth and Making Friends

Oct 29th 2008

Itching, Another Example of Mind-Body Interaction

Oct 28th 2008

Depression and Spirituality

Oct 27th 2008

Suicide Among White Middle Class Increases

Oct 25th 2008

Birthdays, Graduations and Other Celebrations:

Oct 22nd 2008

What Makes Therapy Work?

Oct 21st 2008

Social Phobia and Self Concept and the Brain

Oct 20th 2008

Figures of Speech: The Mind, Body Connection

Oct 16th 2008

Adult Male Circumcision and Sexual Satisfaction

Oct 15th 2008

Long Term and Other Types of Psychotherapy

Oct 11th 2008

The new Technological Brain: Plusses and Minuses

Oct 10th 2008

Alcohol and Personality Changes

Oct 8th 2008

Are Your Children Over-Scheduled and Over-Stressed?

Oct 7th 2008

Gossip: Of Politics, People and Relationships

Oct 6th 2008

Sensation and Perception: Understanding our World

Oct 3rd 2008

How do you measure a man(or woman): Small Penis Syndrome?

Oct 2nd 2008

Infidelity, Why do people cheat?

Sep 20th 2008

ADHD Psychological Coaching: Learning to Cope without Medication

Sep 19th 2008

"Guns and Suicide" article and Comments: What about the anger?

Sep 18th 2008

Snurf Pills: A New Drug of Abuse for Teens

Sep 17th 2008

Regulating Brain Chemicals and Mental Illnesses with WINCS and DBS

Sep 16th 2008

Iraq, Afghanistan Wars and PTSD: Just Fraud?

Sep 15th 2008

Borderline Functioning: Are You the Family Historian?

Sep 14th 2008

Of U.S.Travels, Road Signs and Pornography, Moving Cross Country Part 3

Sep 13th 2008

Moving Cross Country, Part 2: Loss of a Home

Sep 11th 2008

Some Observations on the Experience of Moving and Relocating your Home: Part 1

Sep 9th 2008

The Problem of Sexual Fetishes and Marriage

Aug 13th 2008

Isolated Mothers and the Challenges of Newborns

Aug 12th 2008

The Stress of Returning to School

Aug 10th 2008

Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis): Getting Help

Aug 9th 2008

Dr. Bruce E. Nivins, the Anthrax Case and the Stigma of Mental Illness

Aug 7th 2008

On Drinking, Smoking and Depression

Aug 6th 2008

In Pursuit of Happiness, Part 3

Aug 5th 2008

In Pursuit of Happiness, Part 2

Aug 3rd 2008

Why Is Happiness So Difficult to Achieve? Part 1

Jul 31st 2008

On Returning to School and Our Nation

Jul 29th 2008

Bullying and Suicidal Ideation Linked Among Children

Jul 18th 2008

Coping with the Challenges of Daily Stresses

Jul 17th 2008

The Influence of Culture on the Expression of Depression

Jul 16th 2008

Education, Critical Thinking and Racial Hatred

Jul 15th 2008

Low Self Esteem: Eating or Spending to Escape

Jul 14th 2008

Some Thoughts About Multiple Births

Jul 11th 2008

Going to the Dentist: Fears and Phobias

Jul 10th 2008

Depression and Diabetes: A Deadly Combination

Jul 8th 2008

Freedom, July 4, 2008

Jul 3rd 2008

Under Age Drinking: Nothing New but Very Worrisome

Jun 30th 2008

Male Sexual Response: But, What if It's Not the Woman???

Jun 21st 2008

Stuff, Why Is It So Difficult to Part With?

Jun 19th 2008

Ageism and the Upcoming Presidential Election

Jun 18th 2008

On Fathers On Father's Day

Jun 15th 2008

Aging and Socializing, An Important Connection

Jun 12th 2008

Life: Are We Listening and Living?

Jun 10th 2008

Veterans, PTSD and Psychiatric Service Dogs

Jun 6th 2008

Veterans and PTSD: The Invisible Disorder

Jun 3rd 2008

Too Muchness: When Life Gets to Feeling Like it's All Too Much

May 31st 2008

Depression: A New Frontier in It's Treatment

May 27th 2008

Domestic Violence: The Hidden Story of Abused Men

May 26th 2008

Summer Vacation, Children and Adolescents

May 21st 2008

A Discussion of Sexual Fetishism and Masochism

May 20th 2008

Cheating vs. Values and Ethics: High School Sports

May 16th 2008

Some Thoughts on the Importance of Reading to Your Children

May 15th 2008

Abused as a Child: Permanently Damaged?

May 14th 2008

Economic and Mental Depression

May 13th 2008

Teenage Self Injury

May 9th 2008

Women and Disordered Eating Behaviors: A Media Problem?

May 8th 2008

The Sexual Harassment of Girls and Sexual Minorites In Our Schools

May 6th 2008

On the Issue of Sexual and Other Feelings Towards the Therapist

May 4th 2008

Blenophobia, The Fear of Needles

Apr 24th 2008

Growing Older: Don't Lose It, Use It

Apr 21st 2008

"I owe, I owe, so off to work I go," Spending, Debt and Stress

Apr 20th 2008

Humor and Mental Health: Are You Able to Laugh at Your Self?

Apr 15th 2008

Whisk Those Blues Away

Apr 11th 2008

Anxiety and Alcoholism and Stigma

Apr 9th 2008

Do You Have a Shy Bladder?

Apr 9th 2008

Teenage Substance Abuse, The Good News and the Bad

Apr 9th 2008

Memories: Who Is Correct?

Apr 8th 2008

Criminalizing Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Apr 5th 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Plagued by Doubt

Apr 1st 2008

Marriage and Pornography

Mar 25th 2008

A Nightmare for Some Families: Getting Children to Bed at Night

Mar 23rd 2008

The Family Role in Sex Education

Mar 19th 2008

Burnout, What It Is and What To Do About It

Mar 15th 2008

Should a Disabled Student Have the Right to a Service Dog in School?

Mar 12th 2008

Men, Women, Marriage and Sex

Mar 10th 2008

Suggestions, Binge Eating Disorder

Mar 9th 2008

I Thought I was Dumb: The Story of Ben Kilham, Bear Expert

Mar 8th 2008

Men and Women and Differences

Mar 7th 2008


Mar 4th 2008

What Can You Do When You Have No Idea of What to Do?

Feb 17th 2008

Our Geriatric Population and Their Need for Psychotherapy

Feb 17th 2008

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Iraqi Veterans

Feb 15th 2008

Psychotherapy and Murder in New York: Should We All Stay Home?

Feb 14th 2008

Mingo: Loss and Grief and Celebrating the Life and Work of a Service Dog

Feb 12th 2008

Sometimes Involuntary Hospitalization is Just the Right Prescription

Feb 10th 2008

Dangers of a Little Knowledge Revisited: Medications, Benefit or Just Money?

Feb 8th 2008

Heath Ledger: Drugs Equal Death

Feb 8th 2008

Marijuana, Just Harmless Fun? Revisiting an Issue

Feb 5th 2008

The Dangers of a Little Knowledge

Feb 1st 2008

I'm So Bored!

Jan 23rd 2008

Worried Sick

Jan 16th 2008

Psychotherapy: A More than Oncer Per Week Commitment

Jan 15th 2008

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Mental Illness

Jan 10th 2008

Criminalizing Distrubed Young Offenders

Jan 7th 2008

Rape: Its Emotional Consequences

Jan 7th 2008

An Additional Wish for 2008, Mental Health Insurance for Everyone

Jan 4th 2008

A New Year's Resolution, No More Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Jan 2nd 2008

A New Year Wish for 2008: Health Insurance

Dec 27th 2007

Transference, Countertransference and Finding a Good Therapist

Dec 26th 2007

Stereotyping and Its Damaging Effects

Dec 20th 2007

One Dog's Impact on a Family,Our Friend, Kimba

Dec 18th 2007

Coping with Post Holiday Blues and Other Transitions

Dec 18th 2007

Stay at Home Parent, What Are Your Attidudes? Gender Beliefs

Dec 17th 2007

What did you mean by that? Words, Meanings and Context

Dec 14th 2007

Denial: The Good and Bad of this Defense Mechanism for Relationships

Dec 13th 2007

Transference: The Patient's Love for the Therapist and an Answer to a Graduate Student's Question

Dec 10th 2007

Do You Remember?

Dec 9th 2007

Diabetes, Depression and Life

Dec 7th 2007

The Question of Diagnosis

Dec 6th 2007

An Additional Comment About ADHD, It's Really Real

Nov 19th 2007

ADHD, It's Really Real

Nov 16th 2007

Women and Depression

Nov 15th 2007

Mental Health, Memory and Social Interaction

Nov 14th 2007

Problems Connected with Anti depressant medications

Nov 13th 2007

The Long Lasting Negative Effects of Abuse

Nov 11th 2007

People Who Abuse, Are they Evil?

Nov 9th 2007

Drugs, Kids and Popular Songs

Nov 8th 2007

War, Hatred and Scapegoating

Nov 8th 2007

Pain and Depression

Nov 7th 2007

What is a woman to do? Age, Sex, Menopause

Nov 5th 2007

Fibromyalgia, It is not just in your head

Nov 5th 2007

Involving Fathers in the Treatment of Children with ADHD

Oct 31st 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder, A Personal Account

Oct 30th 2007

An Important Note on Taking Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications

Oct 11th 2007

School Shootings: So Now it's Cleveland, 10/10/07

Oct 10th 2007

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place, An ongoing problem

Oct 8th 2007

Aging, Depression and Suicide

Oct 6th 2007

Stress and Obesity,

Oct 5th 2007

It's Official: Relaxation is Necessary for Health

Oct 5th 2007

Dogs, Depression and Other Health Issues: Is there something to be gained from Illness?

Oct 1st 2007

Teenagers and Sleep, How to Help?

Sep 23rd 2007

Psychotherapy, Equally Available?

Sep 21st 2007

Marriage Today, the Latest

Sep 20th 2007

Failure, In Defense of:

Sep 18th 2007

Re-Invigorating Your Marriage

Sep 17th 2007

Anti depressants and young people: an issue revisited

Sep 11th 2007

September 11th, 2001, A Personal Memory

Sep 11th 2007

Rage and Its Consequences

Sep 10th 2007

Anniversary Reactions

Sep 8th 2007

But, It Still Hurts: Pain-Depression-Pain

Sep 6th 2007

On the Importance of Fathers

Aug 27th 2007

I Want to Forget

Aug 22nd 2007

The Health Dangers of Loneliness

Aug 22nd 2007

Separation Anxiety: A Normal Occurrence for Small Children

Aug 20th 2007

The Problem with Making Decisions

Aug 18th 2007

Couples and Quarrelling

Aug 16th 2007

Men and Anger and Heart Disease Revisited

Aug 15th 2007

You Mean Grandma and Grandpa Abuse Drugs?

Aug 15th 2007

The End of Vacation, Back to School and Work

Aug 14th 2007

Trauma and Culture, One Treatment Does Not Fit All.

Aug 13th 2007

Am I Influenced by People? Let Me Count the Ways

Jul 28th 2007

Young Adolescence, Twelve to Fourteen Years Old

Jul 20th 2007

What Is Trauma?

Jul 18th 2007

Women, College and Weight Issues

Jul 16th 2007

The Empty Nest, Or Is It?

Jul 15th 2007

Aging and the Question of Assisted Living

Jul 12th 2007

Do You Ask for Help?

Jul 11th 2007

Titles Presume Expertise but Should You Trust Them?

Jul 9th 2007

Elder Abuse

Jul 7th 2007

Aging and Mental Agility

Jul 5th 2007

Psychiatric Emergency

Jul 5th 2007

Conflicting Values, Diversity and Tolerance: Kegan's Fourth Order of Consciousness

Jun 23rd 2007

On Hearing Voices

Jun 22nd 2007

Are We Too Sensitive Today?

Jun 21st 2007

Addiction, the Hard Truth for Families

Jun 19th 2007

An Anxiety Disorder: Small Penis Syndrome

Jun 18th 2007

"Home Again," What makes for good psychotherapy?

Jun 15th 2007

Addiction and the Family

Jun 14th 2007

Correlation: Siblings and Depression?

Jun 12th 2007

Autism-Vaccine Link?

Jun 11th 2007

In the Middle

Jun 11th 2007


May 23rd 2007

Boys and Eating Disorders

May 21st 2007

What to Do In a Mental Health Emergency

May 18th 2007

The Politics of Divorce: When Children Become Pawns

May 16th 2007

Memory, Brain and Psychotherapy

May 15th 2007

Adult ADHD: The Importance of Learning Social Skills

May 10th 2007

Meditation: More Benefits

May 8th 2007

Our Fast Paced Lives

May 5th 2007

So, Ya Think Yer Smart, Huh?

May 2nd 2007

Teenagers, Their Brains are Different

May 2nd 2007

Let's Not Blame the Mentally Ill: The Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Apr 19th 2007

Do You Have Adult ADHD?

Apr 18th 2007

Violence and Trauma: Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007

Apr 17th 2007

Violence and Trauma: Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007

Apr 16th 2007

Guns and Suicide

Apr 12th 2007

Anti Depressant Medications and Suicide Risk Warnings

Apr 10th 2007

College and Mental Health Problems, They Go Together

Apr 6th 2007

The Borderline Personality Disordered Family, Part III, Healing

Apr 5th 2007

The Borderline Personality Disordered Family, Part II: The Children

Apr 4th 2007

The Borderline Personality Disordered Family, Part I

Apr 3rd 2007

Interfaith Dating and Marriage

Mar 28th 2007

Money and Marriage

Mar 26th 2007

Marriage, Sex and Shame

Mar 20th 2007

An Interesting Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Mar 20th 2007

Young Women and Sexual Victimization

Mar 19th 2007

Marriage, Family and Adult ADHD

Mar 16th 2007

That Other Addiction, Gambling

Mar 15th 2007

Is This the Right Person for Me?

Mar 14th 2007

If Not Now, When?

Mar 13th 2007

"But You Can Choose Your Friends"

Mar 12th 2007

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Mind-Body Connection

Feb 26th 2007

Gaining Control So as Not to Gain Weight

Feb 21st 2007

The Sexualization of Girls and the Development of Emotional Problems

Feb 19th 2007

Eating Disorders and Family Boundaries

Feb 15th 2007

Smoking and ADHD

Feb 14th 2007

Why Do You Wash the Dishes?

Feb 14th 2007

The Death of Anna Nicole Smith and the Epidemic of Prescription Drug Addiction

Feb 11th 2007

Depression and Heart Disease

Feb 8th 2007

Just Too Mean for Psychotherapy?

Feb 6th 2007

Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Feb 5th 2007

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: What Is A Dialectic?

Jan 29th 2007

Codependent and Enabling Behaviors

Jan 27th 2007

Marriage and Friendship

Jan 23rd 2007

Humor Is A Laughing Matter

Jan 23rd 2007

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Jan 22nd 2007

Good News, Bad News: Drug Abuse Now

Jan 15th 2007

Marijuana, Just Harmless Fun?

Jan 11th 2007

Binge Eating Disorder

Jan 10th 2007

Understanding Anorexia Nervosa

Jan 7th 2007

Teenagers and Suicide: What to Look for

Jan 5th 2007

My Ten New Year Resolutions

Dec 27th 2006

Eating Disorders, Self Mutilation and Unexpressed Emotions: A Deadly Relationship

Dec 27th 2006

The Tragedy of Drug Abuse

Dec 27th 2006

Dealing With Difference and the New Year

Dec 26th 2006

Use It or Lose It: The Brain

Dec 22nd 2006

Coping With Holiday Cheer or How To Reduce the Risk of Depression

Dec 20th 2006

Complicated Grief

Dec 18th 2006

The Amazing Maze of Health Insurance

Dec 17th 2006

Points of View

Dec 13th 2006

Non Verbal Communication

Dec 10th 2006

Is Happiness Good For Your Health?

Dec 3rd 2006

Dogs, Emotional Problems and Medication Compliance

Nov 30th 2006

Bulimia Nervosa and Impulsiveness

Nov 30th 2006

The Why of Psychological Testing

Nov 27th 2006

Patient Assessment: Can We Have A Loved One Committed?

Nov 24th 2006

PODCAST: Dying To Live - Interview with a heart transplant patient

Nov 21st 2006

Bulimia Nervosa

Nov 17th 2006

It's Enough to Make You Pull Your Hair Out

Nov 13th 2006

"Why Didn't I?"

Nov 9th 2006

Stalemate: When Couples Get Nowhere Fast

Nov 5th 2006

Why People Remain In Abusive Relationships: Another Point of View

Nov 5th 2006

Stuffing It: The Culture of Not Speaking

Oct 27th 2006

Stuffing It: The Culture of Not Speaking

Oct 27th 2006

What Kind of Father Are You?

Oct 23rd 2006

The Story of A Psychiatric Service Dog Team

Sep 28th 2006

Being Gay: A Life Style Choice?

Aug 16th 2006

College, Rape, Alcohol and Secrecy

Jul 21st 2006

Internet Pornography, Harmless Fun?

Jul 8th 2006

Feeling Depressed: Influenced by the Attitudes and Opinions of Others?

Jun 21st 2006

Young People and Self Abuse

Jun 14th 2006

The Persistent Stigma of Mental Illness

Jun 2nd 2006

That Psychotherapeutic Question: WHY?

Jun 1st 2006

On Being A Perfectionist

May 23rd 2006

Meditation: A Treatment for Depression?

May 10th 2006

Addiction: Is Moderate Alcohol and Drug Use Possible?

May 8th 2006

Spending Money and the Search for Happiness

May 5th 2006

Bipolar Disorder and the Need for Psychoeducation

May 3rd 2006

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

May 2nd 2006

Single and Satisfied: Is Marriage Still In?

Apr 28th 2006

How Our Thinking Affects Our Feelings

Apr 26th 2006

Americans and the Issue of Weight

Apr 24th 2006

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Genetics and Stress

Apr 23rd 2006

The Deleterious Effects of Child Abuse

Apr 6th 2006

Adult ADHD: Difficult to Diagnose and Often Misunderstood

Apr 5th 2006

Dogs, Social Support and Health: A Winning Combination

Apr 1st 2006

The Midlife Crisis: A Case of Extreme Stress

Mar 31st 2006

A Doggone Good Therapist

Mar 20th 2006

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