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Carrie Steckl, Ph.D.Carrie Steckl, Ph.D.

Helping Employees with Mental Health Issues Get Back to Work

Oct 20th 2015

Secrecy at Work: A Growing Phenomenon

Oct 15th 2015

Life Goals and the Perception of Time: Do It Now!

Oct 1st 2014

Tackling Mental Illness Stigma at the College Level

Sep 24th 2014

Social Workers in Emergency Rooms: An Idea Long Overdue

Sep 17th 2014

New Biochemical Research Points to Five Types of Depression

Sep 10th 2014

Challenges Increase for Family Caregivers when Cognitive and Behavioral Issues are Present

Sep 5th 2014

Are You a Caregiver?

Aug 29th 2014

To Age with Joy, Be True to Yourself

Aug 26th 2014

Eight Ways to Take Care of Yourself During a Health Crisis

Aug 22nd 2014

It's Not Only Okay to Reach Out During a Health Crisis - It's Recommended

Aug 19th 2014

10 Things You Might Not Know About Your Brain

Aug 15th 2014

What Does the Latest Research Say About Brain Health?

Aug 12th 2014

Intuitive Eating Helps Dieters Manage Emotional Food Cravings

Aug 8th 2014

Would You Bare Your Soul to a Virtual Human?

Aug 5th 2014

What Keeps A Family Together?

Jul 29th 2014

The Cultural Dimensions of Family

Jul 15th 2014

Ignorance Is Not Bliss When It Comes To Our Health

Jul 8th 2014

Does the Air We Breathe Affect Cognitive Health?

Jul 1st 2014

What Happens During Group Therapy?

Jun 27th 2014

Can You Truly Be Yourself At Work?

Jun 24th 2014

March Against Eating Disorders to Take Place on September 30th

Jun 20th 2014

What Do You Value in a Therapist?

Jun 17th 2014

Which Type of Therapeutic Group is Right for You?

Jun 13th 2014

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Jun 10th 2014

The Damaging Effects of Repeated Sexual Victimization

Jun 6th 2014

What Makes People Compassionate?

Jun 3rd 2014

Older Americans Month: Medication Safety Often Overlooked

May 30th 2014

Older Americans Month: Ensuring Safety on the Road

May 27th 2014

Older Americans Month: A Safe Home is a Happy Home

May 23rd 2014

Is It Normal for Older Adults to Think about Death?

May 16th 2014

Older Americans Month: Preventing Falls to Enhance Wellbeing

May 13th 2014

Volunteering in Later Life: Rewarding or Stressful?

May 9th 2014

Honoring Older Americans Month in May

May 6th 2014

Making Fitness Environments More Inclusive

May 2nd 2014

Domestic Violence: Is Resisting a Political Act?

Apr 29th 2014

Would You Let a Crowd Diagnose You?

Apr 25th 2014

Staying Active Improves Wellbeing for Older Adults, With or Without Memory Problems

Apr 22nd 2014

Landmark Event Addresses the Role of the Church in Mental Health

Apr 18th 2014

U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Program Aims for Multifaceted Wellness

Apr 15th 2014

Male Survivors of Military Sexual Assault Need Support Too

Apr 11th 2014

For College Athletes, Long-Term Wellbeing Depends on Smooth Transition

Apr 8th 2014

What Do Running And Knitting Have in Common? Both Can Make Us Feel Better

Apr 4th 2014

Competition Teaches Sportsmanship Among Youth

Apr 1st 2014

Orthorexia Nervosa on the Rise in the Quest to Eat Healthy

Mar 28th 2014

Celebrity Suicides Highlight Importance of Knowing Red Flags

Mar 25th 2014

"Hope Dealers" Inspire Youth to Achieve True Wellbeing

Mar 21st 2014

Brain Games Might Make You Sharper - At Brain Games, That Is

Mar 18th 2014

10 Ways to Honor Brain Injury Awareness Month

Mar 14th 2014

Everyman's Dance Troupe Teaches Lessons about How to Live Well

Mar 11th 2014

Brain Research Shows We Really Do Feel Another's Pain

Mar 7th 2014

How the Three Pillars of Exercise Benefit Mental Health

Mar 4th 2014

Do Life Challenges Make Us More Creative?

Feb 28th 2014

Survivorship Planning for Cancer Survivors

Feb 25th 2014

Helping Adult Children Affects Well-Being of Older Parents

Feb 18th 2014

Binge TV Watching on the Rise

Feb 14th 2014

Cardiac Psychology: A Creative Field to Address Heart Disease

Feb 11th 2014

Being Sedentary Changes the Brain (And Not for the Better)

Feb 7th 2014

Are Workplace Wellness Programs Worth It?

Feb 4th 2014

Why Do We Fail to See Beauty? Thoughts on the Joshua Bell Experiment

Jan 31st 2014

Beware of Secondhand Stress

Jan 28th 2014

Conquering Inertia

Jan 24th 2014

How Social Ties Affect Disability in Later Life

Jan 21st 2014

What Does the Latest Dream Research Tell Us? Not Much

Jan 17th 2014

Don't Reduce Services If You're Going to Expand Coverage

Jan 14th 2014

Retreats for Wounded Warriors Enhance Well-Being

Jan 10th 2014

A Multidimensional Approach to Depression

Jan 7th 2014

Five Ways to Escape the Cycle of Rumination

Jan 3rd 2014

When Self-Focus Becomes a Hazard

Dec 31st 2013

Do Violent Criminals "Turn" Violent, or Do They Just Stay That Way?

Dec 27th 2013

U.S. Government Website on Mental Health Offers Basic Information in Plain Language

Dec 20th 2013

Taking the High Road to Beat Alzheimer's

Dec 17th 2013

How Will You Use Your Gifts?

Dec 13th 2013

PTSD: Using a Seasoned Approach in a New Way

Dec 10th 2013

The Beauty of Saying "No"

Dec 6th 2013

Creative Arts Therapy Can Help Veterans

Dec 3rd 2013

Protecting Against the Widowhood Effect

Nov 29th 2013

IV Drip Bars: Is This the New Path to Wellness?

Nov 26th 2013

Late-Onset PTSD a Growing Concern

Nov 22nd 2013

Late Sociologist Warned About Multitasking's Effect on Wellness

Nov 19th 2013

Obamacare Expands Mental Health Care Coverage

Nov 15th 2013

Hospice Can Enhance Well-Being for Everyone Involved

Nov 12th 2013

Nurses Can Help Ease Health Anxieties

Nov 8th 2013

Why Research Matters to Mental Health Care

Nov 5th 2013

How Diabetes Impacts Mental Health

Nov 1st 2013

Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Oct 29th 2013

Reframing: Finding Solutions Through a New Lens

Oct 25th 2013

Older Adults Thrive in Shared Community

Oct 22nd 2013

The Government Shutdown's Impact on Mental Health Programs

Oct 16th 2013

Five Ways to See a Problem in a New Light

Oct 15th 2013

Two Powerful Ways to Reduce Emotional Arousal

Oct 4th 2013

History Shows that Exercise Boosts Mood

Oct 1st 2013

National Depression Screening Day is October 10

Sep 27th 2013

Scientists Develop Blood Test for Suicide Risk

Sep 24th 2013

Throw Hygiene to the Wind to Reduce Alzheimer's Risk?

Sep 20th 2013

Lifestyle Changes after Heart Attack or Stroke in Short Supply

Sep 17th 2013

Fearless in Seattle - A Vulcan Mind Meld Achieved

Sep 13th 2013

Live Longer By Believing You Will

Sep 10th 2013

Is Depression Really More Common in Women?

Sep 6th 2013

Tackle Fear of Diseases with Knowledge

Sep 3rd 2013

Psychotropic Medications: Too Many Choices, Not Enough Innovation

Aug 30th 2013

Introversion Gaining the Respect It Deserves

Aug 27th 2013

Embrace Your Introverted Self

Aug 23rd 2013

Taming Our Inner Dialogue

Aug 20th 2013

The Emotional Needs of Older Adults

Aug 16th 2013

How to Cultivate Gratitude

Aug 13th 2013

When Nostalgia is a Good Thing

Aug 9th 2013

When Loneliness Makes Elders Steal

Aug 6th 2013

Tell Yourself You're Worth It!

Aug 2nd 2013

Try Something New to Boost Self-Esteem

Jul 30th 2013

Two Keys to Self-Esteem

Jul 26th 2013

Legal Clinic Creates Therapeutic Environment for Veterans

Jul 16th 2013

Want to Change Careers? You're Not Alone

Jul 12th 2013

How to Create Great Personal Goals

Jul 9th 2013

It's Not Just Whether You're Stressed - It's Whether You Think You're Stressed

Jul 5th 2013

Sports without Numbers: Good or Bad for Kids?

Jul 2nd 2013

What Makes People Happy?

Jun 28th 2013

The Mozart Effect: Fact or Fiction?

Jun 25th 2013

Learn, Challenge, Explore, and Reach Out: June 27th is PTSD Awareness Day

Jun 21st 2013

Conquer Snoring, Help Your Brain: Sleep Apnea and Cognitive Decline

Jun 18th 2013

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Jun 14th 2013

Does Parental Longevity Impact Children's Personality?

Jun 11th 2013

The Importance of the Relationship in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Jun 7th 2013

Chronic Pain Linked to Increased Risk of Suicide

Jun 4th 2013

Are Good Surprises Ever Harmful?

May 31st 2013

A Summer of Advocacy: Fun Ways to Raise Awareness about the Importance of Mental Health

May 28th 2013

A Sense of Place: Helping Victims of Natural Disasters

May 24th 2013

Stressed at Work? You're Not Alone

May 21st 2013

New York City's Correctional System Gets a Clue about Treating Mentally Ill Inmates

May 17th 2013

Change How You Think and Change Your Life

May 14th 2013

Dementia Affects the Whole Family

May 10th 2013

Booster Breaks at Work: Hit or Bust?

May 7th 2013

May is Older Americans Month: It's Time to "Unleash the Power of Age"

May 3rd 2013

Personal Identity: Meanings over Memories

Apr 30th 2013

How Social Norms Affect Our Decisions

Apr 26th 2013

Clinical Trials in Mental Health: The Basics

Apr 23rd 2013

Coda: The Boston Marathon Attack

Apr 22nd 2013

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Apr 16th 2013

Can Cognitive Reserve Combat Depression as Well as Dementia?

Apr 12th 2013

Hospitals Take Notice of Bedside Manner - Finally

Apr 9th 2013

Social Isolation May Affect Mortality More Than Simply Feeling Lonely

Apr 5th 2013

New Research Shows Chronic Stress Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease

Apr 2nd 2013

Should Psychologists Be Allowed to Prescribe Medication?

Mar 26th 2013

Funding Cuts Spare VA but Not Veterans' Mental Health Programs

Mar 22nd 2013

Kids, Cupcakes, and Guns: How Our Cognitive Distortions Suffocate Our Children

Mar 19th 2013

Sister Jean is a Picture of Wellness at 93 Years

Mar 15th 2013

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Mar 12th 2013

Hormones and Mental Health: It's Okay to Talk about It

Mar 8th 2013

Mediterranean Diet May Benefit Your Noggin as Well as Your Heart

Mar 5th 2013

How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health? It's Complicated

Mar 1st 2013

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Feb 26th 2013

Be Kind to Yourself: You Just Might Age Better

Feb 22nd 2013

Taking It Easy Can Actually Boost Your Productivity

Feb 19th 2013

The Greater the Effort, the Sweeter the Reward (and the Harder the Loss)

Feb 15th 2013

Prediction: Older Adult Mental Health Needs Will Exceed Available Services

Feb 12th 2013

Integrative Health Care: The Prince of Wales is Right on the Money

Feb 8th 2013

Mindfulness Research Makes Us Take a Deep Breath

Feb 5th 2013

CTE: The New Face of Dementia?

Feb 1st 2013

Facebook and Emotional Well-Being: Three Ways to Keep Things Positive

Jan 29th 2013

Five Mental Health Resources for Veterans

Jan 25th 2013

Frailty is Not a Normal Part of Aging: 3 Ways to Age Well

Jan 22nd 2013

Reaching Out: Strategies for Addressing Loneliness

Jan 18th 2013

Telehealth: A Modern Path to Wellness

Jan 15th 2013

Teen Rejection Hurts More than the Heart

Jan 11th 2013

Does Anxiety Plus Depression Equal Depression Plus Anxiety? How Clinicians Really Think

Jan 8th 2013

Attention Restoration Theory: Was Thoreau onto Something?

Jan 4th 2013

Can Feeling Younger Actually Make You Stronger?

Jan 2nd 2013

Wellness Resolutions for the New Year

Dec 28th 2012

Twenty Ways to Promote Peace in Our World

Dec 26th 2012

Therapy and Medication May Be More Effective than Drugs Alone

Dec 21st 2012

Another Reason to Save the Arts in Schools

Dec 18th 2012

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Affects Animals, Too

Dec 14th 2012

A Caring Request to Keep Your Feet (and ALL of your toes) on the Ground

Dec 11th 2012

The Intricate Ties between Depression and Insecurity

Dec 7th 2012

Empathy: It's About Happiness, Too

Dec 4th 2012

Believe It Or Not: Skeptics Brains Are Different

Nov 30th 2012

Life Cannot Be Reduced To Numbers

Nov 27th 2012

Do Patients' Views Matter When Measuring Health Care Quality?

Nov 23rd 2012

The Anatomy of a Poker Face

Nov 20th 2012

When the Holidays Aren't So Jolly - Tips for Coping

Nov 16th 2012

How to Make an Anti-Bullying Program a Bad Thing (Do Not Try This at Home)

Nov 13th 2012

Community Development: An Untapped Resource in Mental Health Treatment

Nov 9th 2012

Should Doctors Prescribe Lifestyle Changes?

Nov 6th 2012

Now and Then, Stress Is a Good Thing

Nov 2nd 2012

Don't Let Waiting Become Regret

Oct 30th 2012

Three Errors in Judgment We are All Too Inclined to Make

Oct 26th 2012

To Caffeinate or Not to Caffeinate? Making Personal Health Decisions Must Remain Personal

Oct 23rd 2012

The Roots of Stigma

Oct 19th 2012

Cultivating Patience in Everyday Life

Oct 16th 2012

Catch the (Brain) Wave: Can EEG Therapy Help Us Focus?

Oct 12th 2012

New and Old Friendships Alike Help Us Age Successfully

Oct 9th 2012

Be Proactive: National Depression Screening Day is October 11

Oct 5th 2012

If You're Happy and You Know It…Wag Your Tail?

Oct 2nd 2012

Cognitive Technology: How Far Do We Go?

Sep 27th 2012

The Art of Routine

Sep 21st 2012

Ways We Think That Can Make or Break Us - Part 2

Sep 18th 2012

Ways We Think That Can Make or Break Us - Part 1

Sep 14th 2012

How Our Brains Adapt to Trust and Betrayal

Sep 11th 2012

Do Brain Games Really Work?

Sep 7th 2012

What are the Real Roots of Workplace Stress?

Sep 5th 2012

Are Compassion and Pride Mutually Exclusive?

Sep 3rd 2012

When Mental Illness and Homelessness Collide

Aug 29th 2012

Behold the SuperAgers!

Aug 23rd 2012

Mental Health First Aid: A New Concept Helping Communities

Aug 21st 2012

Can "Nurture" Temper "Nature"? Environment, Genes, and Alzheimer's Disease

Aug 16th 2012

Bottom-Up or Top-Down? How We Generate Emotions

Aug 14th 2012

The Thoughts that Hold Us Back - And What to Do About Them

Aug 9th 2012

Turning Anger into Advocacy

Aug 6th 2012

Taming Anxiety's Effect on Memory

Aug 2nd 2012

Cultivating Everyday Spiritual Experiences

Jul 30th 2012

Conscientiousness and a Happier, Longer Life

Jul 26th 2012

How to Be Emotionally Aware - No Cat Ears Required

Jul 19th 2012

Self-Advocacy vs. Hypochondria: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Jul 13th 2012

Five Things to Know about the Affordable Care Act

Jun 28th 2012

The Cascade Effect of Emotional Stress

Jun 21st 2012

Our Obsession with "More"

Jun 14th 2012

Generativity as a Path to Wellness

Jun 7th 2012

Cultivating Resilience before Mental Health Problems Begin

May 31st 2012

The Protective Effect of Having a Purpose in Life

May 24th 2012

Are Mental Health Apps the New Generation of Self-Help Books?

May 17th 2012

The Significance of Mental Health Month

May 10th 2012

Clean Air = Clear Thinking (Or How Pollution Undermines Cognitive Health)

May 4th 2012

More Evidence That Staying Active is Good for the Brain

Apr 30th 2012

Defining Your Own Spiritual Path

Apr 20th 2012

Are You an Engaged Workaholic?

Apr 13th 2012

Multidimensional Wellness: Powerful Concept and Practical Tool

Apr 6th 2012

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