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Bipolar Disorder
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Tell Me About Bipolar Disorder

Individualized Depression Treatment
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Psychiatrist Mark Frye, M.D., discusses individualized depression treatment and antidepressant induced mania. Dr. Frye tells the story of a patient struggling with bipolar disorder who became manic after taking an antidepressant. Cases like this are not frequent, but have potentially disastrous consequences. The Mayo Clinic Depression Center has identified risk factors for switching from depression to mania.

Bipolar Disorder
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Psychiatrist Mark Frye, M.D., discusses how the work at the Mayo Clinic Depression Center is focused on providing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendations for patients who struggle with treatment resistant depression and bipolar disorder. It can be a challenging diagnosis to make and the treatment options can be limited,but research is moving to optimize those options.

Optimizing Lithium Treatment
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Psychiatrist Mark Frye, M.D., discusses how to best optimize lithium treatment. Lithium is a mainstay in bipolar disorder treatment and is commonly used to augment antidepressants for major depressive disorder. Research has found lithium to be quite helpful in stabilizing mood. Minor fluctuations in thyroid function due to lithium use and generally within the range of normal and not cause of concern.

Treating Youth with Bipolar Disorder
Effective Child Therapy Resource Library
Dr. Mary Fristad discusses evidence-based treatment options for children with bipolar spectrum disorders.

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